Best Carpal Tunnel Brace for Sleeping

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Your sleeping position can help determine the wellness of your wrist. When you sleep awkwardly, your wrist may be more prone to different repetitive injuries.

Symptoms such as numbness, pain, and tingling are common and may mean you’re suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

While a carpal tunnel brace doesn’t cure this condition, it can provide you with dependable support and relief through improved hand and wrist alignment. In this article, we give you our picks for the 4 best carpal tunnel braces for sleeping. 

But first, how can you stop carpal tunnel pain at night?

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How can I Stop Carpal Tunnel Pain at Night?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that comes about when the median nerve in hand to the forearm becomes compressed, causing various unpleasant symptoms, including numbness, tingling and inability to perform delicate motor tasks.

The pain may also disrupt your ability to have a good night’s sleep. However, you can stop carpal tunnel pain at night by observing the following simple tips:

Wearing a brace is one of the easiest ways to stop carpal tunnel

The brace will prevent you from bending and flexing your wrist when asleep. Depending on the kind of activities you do during the day, you can wear a brace to minimize the pain. You can get a brace from any drug store and get the doctor’s suggestion on how you can custom make it.

You can also minimize carpal tunnel pain by avoiding sleeping on your side

Sleeping on the side can be associated with a higher risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. It is mainly because the wrist is more likely to be compressed in this position. Therefore, try sleeping on your back to avoid further compressing your wrist as you sleep.

Supporting your arms while you sleep can help relieve carpal tunnel syndrome 

Instead of putting your arm underneath your pillow to worsen your carpal tunnel syndrome, you can prop them on the pillow while you sleep to relieve tension and reduce pain. When you sleep on the side, ensure the arm affected by the carpal tunnel is always on top.

Keeping your arm straight is also an excellent way to reduce carpal tunnel pain

When bending your arm, you increase the compression on your nerve, thereby worsening the symptoms. Therefore, as much as possible, maintain your arm straight by wrapping a towel around your elbow. It will make it difficult to bend when in sleep.

Is it OK to Wear a Wrist Brace at Night?

Most physical therapists agree that it is ok to wear a brace. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when you put too much pressure on your median nerve that is found in the wrist.

At night, there are high chances that you will compress, bend, and put more pressure on your wrist, thereby increasing or worsening the carpal tunnel symptoms. 

The best wrist splint for carpal tunnel will help you keep your wrist straight and in a neutral positing, thereby relieving pressure on your median nerve. 

What is the Best Brace for Carpal Tunnel? ComfyBrace-Premium Lined Wrist Support

The ComfyBrace-Premium Lined Wrist Support is designed to be an ergonomic hand splint that will give your carpal tunnel hand support during sleep or rest. It is designed for premium pain relief as well as customizable comfort.

This doctor recommended carpal tunnel brace is designed to fit every hand. Whether you want to fit the right hand or the left hand, this adjustable ComfyBrace provides them all. It comes with a Velcro closure that allows you to tighten or loosen your hand splint for maximum, hand-hugging comfort.


The ComfyBrace is made from a soft, flexible material that is durably stitched for securely hug your hand and wrist. It is also made breathable so that you don’t have to worry about the unpleasant pain and numbness occasioned by the carpal tunnel syndrome.

This wrist brace can be used even during the day, regardless of your duties and responsibilities. You can wear it and comfortably carry out activities such as typing, driving, carrying objects and much more.

With the ComfyBrace, prepare for your pain, numbness, and tingling to subside quickly. This wrist brace is the best non-surgical solution to your wrist and hand pain brought by carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Mueller Fitted Wrist Brace


The Mueller Green Fitted Wrist Brace is designed to offer all the benefits that come with a wrist brace. Even with its affordable price, the brace isn’t cheaply built.

It is one of the most widely used wrist braces that offers users the full support, comfort and the exact amount of compression to manage your carpal tunnel for a more great night’s sleep.

The Muller fitted wrist brace is designed to deliver maximum comfort as it is made for premium quality materials. These materials are highly breathable and it is made to be lightweight, thus suitable to wear all day long or at night when sleeping.

It doesn’t hold any unnecessary heat and removes excess moisture for great coolness to bring in maximum comfort. Moreover, it is antimicrobial treated to help manage the odors while preventing it from deteriorating due to bacterial and microorganism growth.

This wrist brace from Mueller comes with an ergonomic design the supports and gives you the control you want. It is even better as it comes with almost all controllable features.

It means that you can control and customize this wrist the way you want. For instance, the strap is adjustable for better fitting in all wrist sizes. The hook on the strap and the look closure offers a custom fit for better-controlled compression. It means that you get the compression as per your need.

Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace

Are you looking for a wrist brace that will help manage your carpal tunnel syndrome? The Night Wrist Sleep Support Brace could be your best pick. This wrist brace features an ergonomic hand splint that will give your injured wrist the support and comfort it needs for a good night’s sleep or rest.

This wrist brace is designed for not only those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome but also those with arthritis, tendon and those who need support for their weak and post-cast wrist.


It is made to be adjustable for a perfect fit. Forget about the conventional wrist braces that are either too loose or too tight, this one from ComfyBrace is designed to fit everyone perfectly without any major reconstruction. With the hook and loop fasteners, you can rest assured that this wrist brace will fit your arm perfectly for full support and comfort.

This wrist brace from ComfyBrace comes with a strap that is designed to be perfect for both hands. It fits the right and the left hand to accommodate your every need. Moreover, the ergonomic design can be used on both the right and left hand.

The hand splint is so easy to use and with the slip-on sleeve design, you can say goodbye to the hassle of wasting time and effort to wear this wrist brace.

The ComfyBrafe Night Wrist Brace is primarily designed for ultimate support and comfort. It is designed with cushioned beads that make the brace very comfortable.

The material used to make the entire brace is breathable and doesn’t hold moisture. Moreover, it is made from premium quality material to be durable. If you are searching for the best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping, then this is the perfect pain-relieving fit.

Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel: Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace Night Support


If you are looking for the best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping, this is a great choice. The Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace Night Support is designed to offer the most comfortable feeling for carpal tunnel pain relief or reduce Ulnar Nerve Pain Support and Compression to keep your wrist and joint free from pain. This wrist brace also stabilizes and allows your wrist to recover faster from injuries.

This wrist comes with a wrist splint for joint support and comfort. If you are looking for a computer typing brace to reduce the pain occasioned by prolonged typing, then this could be your best bet.

It is also designed to offer more excellent protection for a sprained wrist or fractured ulna. If you are suffering from wrist arthritis and tendonitis, this brace can significantly help relieve you of the pain.  It speeds up recoveries and rehabilitation from injuries, stiffness, inflammation, and swelling caused by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

This wrist brace is not only designed to be fully adjustable, but also it is made to fit your wrist like a glove. It is made from premium quality materials that are double stitched to make the brace long-lasting. The brace comes at an affordable price and a 100% risk-free guarantee.

Does a wrist brace for carpal tunnel help on the computer?

Wearing a wrist brace can help alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that is caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist.

The median nerve is responsible for providing sensation to the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and half of the ring finger, as well as controlling some of the muscles in the hand. When the median nerve is compressed, it can cause numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand and wrist.

Wearing a wrist brace can help reduce the pressure on the median nerve by keeping the wrist in a neutral position, which can help reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wearing a wrist brace may also help reduce the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome if you are prone to developing the condition or if you work at a job that requires repetitive hand movements. However, it is important to note that a wrist brace is not a cure for carpal tunnel syndrome, and it is typically used in conjunction with other treatments, such as physical therapy and medications.

Can you wear carpal tunnel wrist brace for weightlifting

Yes, it is possible to wear a wrist brace for weightlifting if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or are at risk of developing the condition. Wrist braces can help reduce the pressure on the median nerve by keeping the wrist in a neutral position, which can help alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and reduce the risk of developing the condition.

However, it is important to note that a wrist brace may not be suitable for all types of weightlifting exercises. For example, some wrist braces may restrict your range of motion or make it more difficult to grip the weights. It is also important to listen to your body and take breaks as needed to avoid overuse injuries. If you are concerned about the effect a wrist brace may have on your weightlifting routine, you may want to consult with a physical therapist or sports medicine doctor for guidance.

Best wrist brace for ulnar pain

Ulnar pain is pain that occurs on the side of the wrist nearest the pinky finger and is often caused by ulnar sided wrist pain (USWP), a condition that is characterized by inflammation and swelling of the tendons and ligaments on the ulnar side of the wrist. Some common symptoms of USWP include pain, tenderness, and swelling on the ulnar side of the wrist, difficulty gripping objects, and a weak grip.

To help alleviate ulnar pain, it is often recommended to use a wrist brace that is designed to support the ulnar side of the wrist. Some wrist braces that may be helpful for ulnar pain include:

  1. Neoprene wrist wraps: These wrist wraps provide compression and warmth to help reduce inflammation and swelling.

  2. Ulnar deviation splints: These splints are designed to keep the wrist in a neutral position to help alleviate ulnar pain.

  3. Dynamic splints: These splints are designed to provide active support to the wrist and allow for some movement.

It is important to note that a wrist brace is not a cure for ulnar pain, and it is typically used in conjunction with other treatments, such as physical therapy and medications. If you are experiencing ulnar pain, it is important to consult with a healthcare provider for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.


If you are experiencing wrist pain linked to carpal tunnels  syndrome, you know that it can be a very frustrating situation, especially when trying to sleep. The pain and discomfort take away your sleep, leaving you tossing and turning in bed with frustration.

However, with the best carpal tunnel brace for sleeping, your wrist will be supported and relieved from the chronic pain that occurs with this condition. With the carpal tunnel braces for sleeping we have reviewed in this post, we believe that any of them will give you all the support and comfort you need for your wrist at an affordable price.

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