Nest Bedding Review: Best Sleep Ever with the Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress?

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The Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid may just be the one you’ve been looking for!

With top-notch quality and some serious thought into designing the mattress, how can you go wrong?!

Check out our Nest Bedding Review below!


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Is Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid a Good Mattress?

Nest Bedding scored an overall rating of 82%! 

Scoring within the 80-89% range means that it’s almost perfect – you can’t go wrong with this one!

Brownie points assigned to Nest!

Points for having own physical showrooms where customers can go and test out the products, and for offering an industry-first lifetime comfort guarantee.


Layer by Layer: Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress

On the higher end of the Nest Bedding mattress offerings, we have the Alexander Signature Hybrid that comes with a lifetime warranty. There are different firmness options to pick from and it’s made-to-order!

Yes, this 13.5” thick Nest Bedding mattress is built specifically for you when you buy it. That’s how they can afford to give you so many customizations! 

In this review, we look at the good, the bad and the ugly of the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress.

nest bedding review: how is the mattress?

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

In short, a hybrid mattress is made of more than one material. It’s typically a combination of innerspring coils and some sort of foam. It could be memory foam, latex or any other type of foam.

When I was chatting with Nest Bedding’s customer service team, they gave me a great tip:

The most important parts in a hybrid are 1) the coil system – this is the support, 2) the foam layer – this is the softness and comfort, and 3) the quilted cover – this is the surface that your body comes in contact with. The rest you don’t really feel.”

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

Here’s my breakdown of the Alexander Signature Hybrid’s 5 layers, so we can easily understand what it’s made of.

That sounds pretty sweet cover, but what does that mean?

Let’s break it down.  

What does Quilting mean?

Sewing layers of fabric together to make a thicker, padded material.

Quilting is usually done with at least three layers: the top fabric, batting or insulating material and the bottom fabric.

Nest Bedding Review: Quilted cover

In terms of a mattress…

The quilt is the top layer of a mattress that you can touch.

Quilting secures the surface layer to the layers under it by sewing them together – this keeps the insides of a mattress from shifting out of place.

What is Thermic Phase Change?

Well, thermic means heat. Phase change means you’re transitioning from one phase to another.

We all it’s meant for cooling, so you’d be changing from a hot phase to a cool phase.

This fabric has the technology to keep you cool, at your ideal body temperature, throughout the night.

Because we all know that overheating and waking up in a pool of your own sweat at night sucks!

Titan-what? Exactly.  

I couldn’t really find too much about it, so I’ll take an educated guess.

It’s a fancy name for your everyday polyurethane foam (polyfoam). At 1.5 lb density, an average density range, it also has some sort of ‘chilling’ effects so you don’t sleep too hot at night.   

As with all Nest bedding foams, the TitanChil endurance foam is CertiPUR-US certified.

What is CertiPUR-US Certified?

It’s a certification program that specifically looks at foam used in products.

Essentially, if a product is certified, then healthier for us. 

Certified products are considered low emissions for indoor air quality and made without:

  • ozone depleters
  • PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants
  • mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • formaldehyde
  • phthalates

Also not much information on SmartFlow out on the interweb, so I’ll make another educated guess.

The SmartFlow is another CertiPUR-US certified polyfoam that serves to cushion the pocket coils from the layers of copper-infused memory foams above it

The really cool thing about the SmartFlow is that this 3-pound layer has holes in it.

Sounds a bit weird, right?

But it actually makes sense. Holes are punctured in the foam for better promote airflow, so you can continue to sleep cool at night.

Look at all these layers working hard to prevent you from overheating! No wonder why it’s one of the coolest mattresses on the market! (pun intended)

Last but not least, we have the innersprings!

Here is what’s good about the Quantum Edge Pocket Coil system:

Less Motion Transfer

All the pocket coils are individually-wrapped.

This means only the coils with weight on them will move and compress. They won’t be affecting the springs around them.

So you can toss and turn all you want, and the individual coils will absorb your movement without waking up your partner. Win-win!  

More Edge Support

Instead of using foam to encase the edge of the mattress, the pocket coils extend all the way around the perimeter.

This gives you better edge support so you won’t roll off the mattress.

In fact, when comparing to foam, the Quantum Edge is 26% more durable on the edge and bends 24% easier on adjustable bases.


It’s always a nice feeling when you know you’re using products that are better for our planet.

Not only are these coils sustainably made from recycled scrap steel, but you’re also helping our planet!

For every 100 queen mattresses that use pocket coils instead of foam-encasement for the edge, we’re saving the environment 40~ gallons of crude oil!

Imagine that. Being a superhero while you sleep.

Fun Fact: These coils are made with flexibility in mind and can be compressed, folded or rolled for easy shipment, so you don’t have to worry about any damages!

Your basic polyurethane foam.

Not too much to talk about here!

Nest Bedding: Return, Warranty, Shipping & More!

Let’s go over some important things!

Nest ships around the world!

United States

Cost: Free!

If you live in the contiguous states, that is.

Usually, it takes around 4-8 business days for most of their products to be delivered. Our fellow Alaskans and Hawaiians will, unfortunately, have to pay a bit extra 🙁

All mattresses ship out from their manufacturing factory in Phoenix via FedEx with a tracking number.


Some Nest Bedding products are available to our friendly neighbors in the north!

The shipping cost is 50% subsidized and there are no additional fees, duties or taxes on mattresses.

The cost depends on where you live – for instance, Vancouver, BC will still run you around $75 USD. It’s shipped out by FedEx International Ground with a tracking number.



Nest has partnered up with International Checkout to fulfil these orders, including APO and FPO addresses.

Shipping is charged at full price but you’ll get a tracking number so you know where your package is at all times.


Yes, Nest offers white glove delivery!

Only in certain areas within the contiguous US though. This depends on if their partnered delivery company offers that service.

Unfortunately, it’s not available internationally yet.

Just call Customer Service to request for it to be added to your order. 

This premium service means they will:

  • carry the mattress up to your bedroom,
  • set it up, 
  • take away all the garbage (Eg. plastic wrapping and cardboard box), and
  • remove your old mattress – for an extra-extra fee – for you!

The cost for will range quite a bit because it depends on where you live and if you want your old mattress removed, but you’re probably looking at shelling out an extra $150-300.

It’s a great option if you don’t have the time, don’t want to or can’t do it yourself!

Nest offers a 100-Night (& Day) Sleep Trial.

Your sleep trial starts the day it’s delivered.

Just like anything else, your body takes time to adjust to something new. So, Nest asks that you give it at least 30 nights before contacting them about exchanges and returns or else, there may (read: will) be a restocking fee.

Now, remember that there might be other factors why you aren’t sleeping well or waking up with soreness or pain. It could be your old pillows or slated base, or maybe the mattress is too firm or soft for you.

After 30 nights, if you still haven’t adjusted well to it, then it’s time to give Nest a call!

They will try to offer you discounted or complimentary solutions first, like exchanging your bed for a different model or firmness, or gifting you a topper, before issuing a refund.

Unfortunately, with the exception of Canada, all international sales are final and don’t qualify for an exchange.


The Alexander Hybrid comes in the 6 standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King & California King. Their Queen size is the most popular choice (like most mattresses).

Standard means that you can put any Twin bedding on their Twin bed and it should fit. So, no worries about having to go out and buy special-sized or custom-tailored bedsheets.

Pretty normal stuff here.

Moving on…


The bed itself is already pretty firm.

Even on their own website, Nest advertises it for people who want “firm but not too firm.”

It is available in 3 firmness options: Medium, Plush and Luxury Firm.

What do these fancy words mean? Well, according to their own mattress firmness scale (1 = firmest & 10 = softest):

  • Medium (7 to 7.5) – this is the SOFTEST one
  • Plush (5.5 to 6) – this one is “medium”, pretty much right in the middle.
  • Luxury Firm (2 to 2.5) – this is the firmest one

Which Firmness to Choose?

According to Nest Bedding, their medium firmness option is a universal firmness level.

With that said, remember that every body is different and we all have our unique needs and may be sensitive to certain things. So, the medium is scored on the soft side, as a 7-7.5/10, to Nest Bedding mattress testers, but it could be a 9/10 for you and a 3/10 for your spouse.  

If you do have a partner who likes it a bit more firm or soft than you, then you’re in luck with their split firmness option!

Split Firmness

This is where it gets interesting!

Nest offers 3 options for those that want split-firmness.

What is split-firmness? It’s exactly what it says. You can have half of the bed one firmness level and the other half another level.

Feel free to mix and match. In this case, Medium/Plush, Plush/Luxury Firm or Medium/Luxury are your options.

This is AWESOME for couples who sleep on the same bed but prefer different levels of firmness. This evolutionary customization can end all fights!

Take note that split firmness is ONLY available in the larger mattress sizes like the King and California King.

Why? Because it’d be too hard to half beds if they were any smaller.

Imagine half of a Twin mattress is firm and the other half is soft… It just wouldn’t make any sense.

Twin, Twin XL & Double are meant for only one person to sleep on.

Even the Queen, I would argue that it’s not enough room for two average-sized people. Sure, you can probably both physically fit on there, but it feels a bit cramped, doesn’t it?

Instructions for Refund:

  1. Email customerservice @ explaining your situation and request a refund.
  2. Once you have been authorized for a refund, you will have 30 days to complete the request on your end.

    They will ask you to donate the mattress to a local charity of your choice.

    Nest can help you find a charity in your area. If there aren’t any, they will come to pick up your mattress at no cost to you.

  3. Show the receipt for your donation, and they will refund you 100% of the purchase price.

    As with all important things, remember to read the policy over carefully to fully understand the terms.

Lifetime Warranty

It’s important to read the fine print, but I also know that legal stuff is pretty boring…so I read it for you!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Lifetime for mattresses and foundations ONLY; Pillows & Toppers = 2 years and Bed Sheets = 1 year
  • It’s not YOUR lifetime, it’s the lifetime of the mattress for as long as you own it – BIG difference
  • Only applicable to original purchasers – warranty is not transferable
  • Normal wear and tear, improper use and damage done by yourself/pets/children are NOT covered
  • ONLY covers the following defects:
    • Visible sag of more than 1 inch that is NOT due to improper use or bed base, including flexing or bowed slats (which is a popular IKEA base!)
    • Manufacturing defect in the cover zipper
    • Physical defect in the cover, like tearing of fabric or unraveling of stitch

Alas, Nest has the final say on accepting your claim or not.

How to make a warranty claim

Send an email to customerservice @ with:

  1. The full name of the person who made the purchase, along with the order number
  2. A short description of the situation
  3. A photo or video of the issue for evidence

    You should get a response within 7 business days. 

I haven’t seen other brands offering this (yet). It might just be a Nest Bedding thing, which is another smart move on their part to differentiate themselves.

What does that mean?

Another legal document, which I’ve also summarized for you:

  • Basically, any time after the 100-night trial period for the lifetime of the mattress (all except the BKB – Big Kid Beds), if you want to upgrade for a different size or model, you get 50% off discount. Not bad!
  • The product must be in good condition – not damaged or stained, or have bed bugs or mold – and “used on a non-flexing box foundation or slat surface (maximum 4″ gap).
  • There may be a restocking fee involved – it’s not super clear how they’ve written it.
  • You can only exercise this guarantee ONCE, and the product you get at half-off is final sale.

Available 7 days a week, you can connect with customer support in 4 ways:

  • Phone – 1-888-992-2001

I called their customer service line twice. Both times no one picked up and I was sent to voicemail – I didn’t bother leaving a message.

  • Email – customerservice @

I emailed them instead.  An autoresponder told me my request was received and a ticket was created. I got a reply to my email back about 4 hours later. Response time could be quicker, but I’m not complaining.

nest bedding Customer service & contact details

  • Live Chat

I used their live chat on their website thrice now at different times during the day.

The representative has always been quick to respond, helpful and willing to escalate to the next level when they couldn’t help me themselves

If you’re looking for a quick response, live chat definitely is the way to go! 

nest bedding customer service live chat

  • In the Showrooms

Unfortunately, I don’t live close to one!

However, based on their website, Nest’s philosophy is to hire nice people and teach them how to sell, instead of hiring salespeople and teach them how to be nice.

So, you should be able to walk in and out of their brick and mortar pushy salesman-free!

Nest Bedding FAQ

Curious about their sleep trial period? Industry-first lifetime comfort guarantee? If you can test it out in person?

Keep reading to find out! 

Headquartered in Albany, CA, all mattresses are 100% made in the US and out of their new partner, Brooklyn Bedding’s 45,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Nest mattresses are made-to-order.

This means they don’t actually make the mattress until you order it, so it’s created just for you! It takes about 1-3 business days to manufacture and prepare for shipping.

Yes, all Nest Bedding mattresses are non-toxic and eco-friendly. But only their latex models – either full or hybrid latex – have organic versions. 

Nest has gone through some stringent testing with different authorities to be awarded certifications like:

  • an industry standard for low-emission foam material
  • independent test results state that there are no harmful chemicals in their foam like lead, mercury, formaldehyde, ozone depleters and others
Greenguard Gold
  • another industry standard for low-emitting products in general
  • Greenguard GOLD is an even higher standard – the product is deemed safe for children and seniors and can be used in places like a school or hospital
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  •  the world-leading textile processing standard for organic fibers
  • certifies process of the entire textile supply chain – from production and processing to manufacturing and quality assurance to labeling of the product
  • only applies to products that use organic cotton – like Nest’s bed sheets and covers of the latex mattresses
  • Pretty rigorous – it requires 1) all major parts, 2) final manufacturing process, and 3) final assembly of the product to be sourced from or carried out in America
  • Two options to certify – A) through Made in USA Brand (which is what Nest did!) or B) self-certify, which the brand does not verify

Yes, Nest mattresses are fire resistant!

Instead of using chemicals, more natural and safer alternatives are used as a fire barrier:

Wool– used on latex mattresses

  • A naturally flame-resistant material, as wool fiber needs more oxygen than a fire needs to start
  • Does not melt, drip or stick to the skin when burnt

Hydrated Silica– used on all other mattresses

  • Entire mattress cover fabric is dipped in silica – a naturally-occurring mineral found in everyday items, like toothpaste and our Earth’s crust!
  • When silica catches on fire, it will melt on itself and consume the oxygen needed for a flame to exist

The US government require all mattresses to pass an open flame test, so rest assured that there is a baseline for fire protection on all mattresses.

For those that live in a colder climate, you’ll be happy to know that heating pads will not damage the mattress.

Nest has 11 stores and they are located in: 

  • New York
  • Studio City
  • Chicago, Denver
  • Minneapolis
  • San Francisco
  • Palo Alto
  • Santa Monica
  • Costa Mesa
  • Albany
  • Berkeley
  • Phoenix

There’s 3 more on the way in Vegas, Miami, and Seattle.

After merging with Brooklyn Bedding, Nest announced their long-term plan to open another 50 to 70 physical locations in major cities across the nation.

Yes, you can track your nest order.

You can expect your mattress to be made, shipped and delivered to your address within 4-8 business days from purchase if you live within the contiguous US.

Once you’ve ordered a mattress, you can check on the package with the order number here.

For International Orders:

Email International Checkout, Nest’s fulfillment partner, for any customer service inquiries at support @

To check on your international order status or track your package, log into your account here


Nest Bedding Story

Established in 2011, Nest Bedding Inc. was one of the first to sell direct-to-consumer in a bed-in-a-box style!

Known for their customer service, made-in-USA sustainable products and great prices, they have 10+ physical showrooms across the US and are continuing to expand.

The founder of Nest Bedding, Joe Alexander, was a mattress salesman who lost his job during the economic downturn and used his severance money to fund the startup venture.

It was a gamble but it paid off big time – within a few months, the company became profitable. 

Since then, Nest has grown rapidly!

In January 2017 they merged with Brooklyn Bedding, another leading mattress provider and one of Nest’s major suppliers.

This allowed this little-engine-that-could to become a true manufacturer-direct retailer and be in more physical stores for you to try-before-you-buy.

Another smart move was partnering up with Airbnb!

They supply mattresses, pillows and bedding to 60+ Superhosts, so these hosts can create the ultimate home-away-from-home experience for their guests. What a creative way to increase awareness of the brand!

This makes me wonder why don’t more mattress providers partner with places like hospitals, summer camps or even military bases to get the word out?

An Open Letter to Nest Bedding

Dear Nest Bedding,

Overall, I think you have a good range of products and a reputable brand. I quite like that you are a family-owned-and-operated business; it gives me a more relatable and homey feeling over bigger corporations. 

I love that you have showrooms that we can go to and try things out, but you’re not quite in my neighborhood yet 🙁 

In my humblest opinion, here are some ways I think Nest can improve:

A) Faster response time

Customer service was terrific…when I was able to get a hold of someone.

With four different channels to make contact, I found myself always going back to the Live Chat, because all the other methods took too long. 

B) More meaningful info on the website

It’s vague and just a touch confusing how it’s written right now. For example, “1.5” 4 lb. Visco Memory Foam” doesn’t really mean anything to me.

A side benefit of fixing this would be a lower volume of inbound customer inquiries, which translates to a quicker response back to customers! 

C) Smoother refund process

Based on the 1 and 2-star reviews, almost all had to do with the return policy.

Perhaps, make the refund process easier, or require customer signature as an acknowledgment of reading the return policy?

Just my two cents!

Top 3 Alternatives to Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

ir?t=thesleepsavvy 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B01NBOZPZFSerta Perfect Sleeper MattressDo you toss and turn? Sleep too hot or too cold? Do your partner’s movements wake up you at night?

Try the Perfect Sleeper Mattress!

It’s made from Serta – a longstanding and reputable brand in the bedding industry – and is the official mattress partner of the National Sleep Foundation.

With a sophisticated coil system and layers of memory foam, it’s designed to tackle the most common sleeping problems, it has won many awards like Consumer Digest Best Buy and Women’s Choice Award.

100% made in the USA, Serta offers a 10-year warranty but no sleep trial. But you can always go into any physical store to try before you buy.

Recommended for people who suffer from:

  • Tossing and Turning
  • Lack of Support
  • Sleeping Too Hot or Too Cold
  • Partner Disturbance
  • Mattress Roll-Off & Sagging

Lull Mattress

Lull Mattressir?t=thesleepsavvy 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B016P0OYX2Recommended for people who are of a small to medium build that have a co-sleeper, easily overheats and sleeps in different positions throughout the night.

A newer established boxed-bed e-retailer, Lull started in November 2015.

They are known for their innovative 3-layer foam that regulates body temperature, pressure point relief and solid support for your spine.

Based in Santa Barbara, CA, they exclusively sell online with free shipping to all 50 states of America. Unfortunately, it is not available for purchase outside of the US just yet.

They offer a 100-day sleep trial along with a 10-year warranty. If you want to return your purchase within 100 days, they will come and pick up the product from your residence free of charge.

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid Memory Foam Mattressir?t=thesleepsavvy 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B0099X7E2QLooking to furnish your guest room, kid’s bedroom or a college student’s dorm room?

This Lucid Memory Foam Mattress could be the one! 

Recommended for people who are back and side sleepers with smaller frames, and want to be economical.

Established in 2003, Lucid offers a variety of firmness options – Firm, Medium Firm, Medium Plush and Plush – as well as mattress types – Memory Foam, Hybrid and Latex. People all over North America are able to easily access this brand as they have partnerships with giant retailers in every major city.

The only thing that’s a bummer is that their sleep trial is only 30 days, but at least it’s no questions asked. Oh, and they are designed in the US but made overseas, if you care about that.

Liked our Nest Bedding Review?

Unfortunately, the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid currently out of stock.

In the meantime, check out the Nest Bedding Flip instead. A great substitute and an exclusive deal for you

ir?t=thesleepsavvy 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B07HBRG683

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07NYVP8KS&Format= SL800 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=thesleepsavvy 20&language=en US

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