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Hey, I’m Breanna! For more than half a decade, I suffered from sleep problems – I’d consistently go to sleep tired, wake up tired and lack the energy to do anything.

At first, I thought it was because I just didn’t get enough sleep, so I started to sleep earlier. That didn’t work.

Then, I thought it was because of my diet. I eat pretty clean already (no junk food, no caffeine, no sweets and no alcohol), so maybe I was lacking some sort of vitamin. I got some allergy testing done and bought the supplements recommended by a Naturopath. Didn’t work eithe


My mission is to help others sleep better so they can enjoy more of life

Sleep aids to help me at nightSometimes, I couldn’t fall asleep, couldn’t stay asleep or woke up with body pains.

I read that exercising works wonders, so I jumped on the bandwagon and became a regular at my local gym. Falling asleep was fine, but staying asleep and waking up with more energy was still a battle.

Perhaps, I had sleep apnea. I went to see a Sleep Specialist to get an at-home testing kit. Results came back negative.

I went on to see a myriad of health specialists – including Family Doctor, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Bioenergy Healers, Psychologists, and even a Hypnotist – and tried many different sleep products on the market. 

I’m no expert, but I think I picked up a thing or two over the years and want to share my learnings with you.  

How Content is Created

Quality is key.

Although freelance writers may be used from time and time, all articles on the site are planned and edited by me before publishing to ensure both accuracy and quality of the information is held to a high standard. This way you know you can trust the content and make informed decisions on your own accord.

Here are the main ways I’ll create content:

  • I try to get my hands on as many products as possible so I can try it out myself (That’s actually me below!) and give you first-hand commentary.  
  • When I’m not able to, I thoroughly and extensively research the item online and gather feedback from real-life customers to report on. 
  • I also frequent my local stores to talk to the staff to get the scoop on the latest items and see which ones may be interesting to you to feature next.

Overall, my aim for TheSleepSavvy is to be one of the trusted resources you can use and refer to while making good decisions to better your sleep experience.

Natural is Best

One thing that I value most, especially regarding my health, is going about it in the most natural way possible. This includes products, tools, methods and more.


Because it typically is the healthier, safer and more eco-friendly option. This means that while I review all items on the market, I will highlight features that fall under these core values:

1 – Natural Material Used

With today’s complex process of manufacturing, we don’t really know how it’s done, what the material used to make the item really is or even wholeheartedly trust a ‘100% Natural’ label. My goal is to investigate and uncover these mysteries, so you can make an educated decision.

2 – No or Low Chance of Dependency

I don’t even drink coffee because I don’t want to risk developing a dependency! Needless to say, I will be thoroughly looking into all products to determine if forming any bad habits are encouraged and will bring it to your attention.   

If these values also hold true to you, then please use this site to help you find your most healthy sleep solution!  

“Sleep is the best meditation.”

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama Tweet
Sleep is the best meditation says the dalai lama

Why Check Us Out?

Because you want to improve your sleep experience in a healthy, natural way.

You’ll enjoy this site if any of the statements below speak to you:

  • You want to be able to fall asleep faster, stay asleep during the night and wake up refreshed
  • You want sleep product recommendations based on real customer experience rather than commercial advertisements
  • You want to stop feeling so tired and have energy that lasts you throughout the day
  • You are health-conscious and want to use products on the market that are natural and overall better for you

If this resonates with you, I invite you to start your sleep savvy journey with me today!

Sleep Well,


Chief Editor at TheSleepSavvy