Best RV Mattress Short Queen: Top 5 Reviewed & Compared – Complete With Buyer’s Guide (2022)

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Picking out a mattress for your RV?

Wondering why all the beds are shorter than normal?

Frustrated and confused?

Don’t be!

We did the research for you and came up with the 5 Best RV Mattress Short Queen.

5 Best RV Mattress Reviews 2022

Dreamfoam Bedding Doze Plush Pillow TopBest Price Mattress Air Flow Memory FoamZinus Ultima Comfort Memory FoamLive & Sleep Resort Classic Memory FoamDynasty Mattress CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam
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Pillow TopMemory FoamBio Foam Air-Infused
Memory Foam
Memory Foam
Medium Soft
3 layers, 55lbs
Medium Firm
3 layers, 47lbs,
Medium Firm
3 layers, 55lbs
Medium Firm
2 layers, 60lbs
Medium Firm
4 layers, 55lbs
10-Year Warranty10-Year Warranty10-Year Warranty20-Year Warranty30-Year Warranty
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Read ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead ReviewRead Review
Best Overall Mattress AwardBest Value for Mattress AwardMost Green Natural or Organic Mattress Award

Want to find out more about choosing the right mattress for your RV?

Take a look at the buyer’s guide below!

Here are the reviews the top 5 RV mattress short queen in 2022:

Dreamfoam Bedding RV Mattress Sister brand to Brooklyn Bedding, Dreamfoam Bedding’s manufacturing plant is in Phoenix, Arizona.

Since they build their beds locally, the price is usually quite affordable.

This Doze Plush mattress is a good motorhome bed replacement without the heavy price tag.

Why It’s Our Top Choice Best Overall Mattress Award

Dreamfoam is simple and affordable.

No frills, no bells-and-whistles, just the essentials you need.

Little to no sinkage so you aren’t engulfed in a hole. A comfortable pillow top layer cradling your body. Foam is CertiPUR-US certified and safe for the family to use.

Weighing in at only 55lbs, you’d get the best gas mileage with this bed in tow.

You get to pick from 2 height options – 9” or 11”. Regardless of thickness, this bed gives you universal medium-firm support, which suits most people. So you don’t have to worry about your co-sleepers complaining about the bed being too hard to too soft.

Aside from the bed itself, other factors like their 120-days trial (that’s 4 months!), 10-year warranty, easy-to-follow return policy, and responsive consumer service ​​​ made Dreamfoam our favorite!  

You’ll love this simple and inexpensive comfort!

Think of this extra top layer of cotton as a built-in mattress topper. It’s extra cushioning to cradle your body with enough support from the foam base underneath.

Perfect for side sleepers who want pressure relief for their shoulders and hips.

The trial starts when the bed arrives at your home.

Their only requirement is to sleep on the bed for 30 nights in a row.


Because your body needs time to adjust to new things, including a mattress.

Best case, you end up loving bed! Worst case, you get a refund after a month. Sounds fair to me!

It’s got the same great support system for your back but you’ll enjoy plush comfort with the pillow top.

This bed comes in 9” and 11” to fit your needs.

9” is your standard, comfy pillow top with firm support that’s great for all sleeping positions.

But, if you want to go for the luxury, sleeping-on-a-cloud feel, go for the 11”.



Best Price Mattress RV Short QueenJust like their name, this company offers you exactly that. Best Value for Mattress Award

An affordable and simple mattress.

By taking away all unnecessary expenses (Eg. show rooms, sales commission, wholesale markups), Best Price gives you a high-quality bed at 25% of the price of another brand.

They even offer a lower-price guarantee. This means if you find a similar mattress somewhere else that’s more affordable, they’ll match that price.

Is that customer-service at its finest or what?

This Air Flow Memory Foam is for you if you’re only using your RV for the occasional trip. Perhaps, about 3 months out of the year.


Sharing your bed with your kids? Worried about your little mess-makers spilling here and there?

Don’t be!

The active charcoal in this mattress keeps it fresh for longer.

Did you know that activated charcoal is used in emergency rooms to treat drug overdoses because of its magical toxin-absorption powers?

So, go ahead, let kids be kids!

Just keep in mind to dry up those wet spots as best as possible when mistakes do happen.

Night sweat no more!

Made from a poly-cotton blend, this cover is moisture-absorbent, quick-drying and lightweight.

A Jacquard fabric weave is a right idea since memory foams tend to keep in more heat than other mattresses.

What’s a Jacquard?!

Not a what but who. A quick history lesson:

Joseph Marie Jacquard invented a system to weave fabric together that is intricate in design, stronger and thicker than others.

Because the design is woven into the fabric (not stamped, printed, or embroidered on top), some jacquard fabric are reversible, with the negative pattern on the back.



Most Green Natural or Organic Mattress Award

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam - Best Mattress for your RVFounded in Korea, Zinus has been in business for 14+ years and is located across 6 continents.

Their success comes from keeping customers’ best interests in mind.

Always listening for feedback to improve their services, and not sacrificing principles for profit.

Zinus continuously works on creating quality products that even other major mattress companies come to them for help.

Many foam mattresses aren’t environmentally-friendly.

Made with the first biological foam in the world – BioFoamthis Zinus mattress is non-toxic and replaces the traditional petroleum material with biodegradable, plant-based oils.

BioFoam is durable, rot-free and fungal-proof, so you won’t have to bother about molds. Especially if you have a travel buddy whose deathly allergic to it.

Thanks to the open cellular structure of this foam, you can say goodbye to nighttime sweats and sleeping too hot. This bed is meant to keep the heat off your body.

Great for all sleeping positions, this mattress provides the ultimate comfort with 3 layers of foam.

The base layer is the high-density support foam, the middle is a layer of pressure-comfort foam and the top is memory foam.

In terms of height, you have two choices: 8” or 10”.

The 8” is great if you need something more firm and an even surface to support your lumbar (lower back).

While the 10” is the most popular and easiest to get in and out of bed.

If your kids (or you) are prone to spills and making a mess, having a launderable sheet is a must.

You can conveniently unzip, unwrap and throw that sucker into the wash.

While that’s getting cleaned, it’s probably best to stay away from your unprotected mattress.



Live Sleep Resort Classic - Short queen mattress for your RV

Based in the US and known for mattresses that don’t break the bank, Live & Sleep (L&S) primarily sells directly to customers.

They believe in giving back, so you can feel good about a part of your purchase going to the National Alliance to End Homelessness. Win-win!

Shipped bed-in-a-box style to lower carbon footprint, you can easily set up this in your motorhome.

Want a bed that cradles you and won’t let you sink in?

Consider this 10” RV Mattress.

The top 2.5” is memory foam that quickly conforms to your body while the bottom 7.5” Certi-PUR US certified, high-density polyurethane foam keeps your body comfortably aligned.

Even with long term use, many S&L customers are surprised at how the bed has kept its shape with no dents or dips.

As a nice touch, it also comes with a free memory foam pillow!

Baby-soft against your skin.

Cool and dry throughout the night.

This removable, stretch-knit cover promotes airflow and can be easily cleaned by tossing it in the washer.

What more can you ask for?

Ever wonder what it feels like to sleep soundly throughout the nighttime and NOT be woken up by your SO’s tossing and turning?

Well, with this with open-cell structured memory foam, you may get the best sleep in your life!

This bed isolates all motion transfer, so you both can get restful sleep with no disturbances.



This Bedding has also been a big player in the RV mattress world for some time now.

Their mission is to bring customers the most comfortable nights’ rest at competitive prices.

The Cool Breeze is a bigger investment, so we recommend this one if you’re living full-time in your RV.Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze - Mattress for RV

Some companies only offer 30 days, while others offer more.

You get 120 nights to try out this new mattress!

Not satisfied in the first few weeks? Just return it within the test period! Ask for an exchange or refund – no big deal.

Just don’t forget that your trial starts the time your bed arrives.

Sensitive to heat?

Then this is the mattress you want!

The gel beads inside the foam opens up the pore, which “reduces trapped body heat, speeds up spring back time and helps the mattress feel softer.

Compared to a traditional memory foam, what you get is cool, dry and restful sleep.

Durable yet pretty.

You can machine-wash this white cover with brown suede.

What?! You can wet suede?

Yes, this mattress says so.

Suede is typically a luxurious, decorative fabric, so make sure to set it on gentle, don’t add fabric softener and air dry only. Try not to wash it that often though.



Buyer's Guide: What to Look For in an RV Mattress Short Queen

There are actually quite a few things for you to consider when you’re out shopping for your RV short mattress.

Here’s a quick checklist for you:

Memory Foam

While these beds are a little more money than your standard mattress, they offer comfort for a range of sleepers: back, stomach or side sleepers.

They offer maximum pressure point relief while minimizing motion transfer, so you won’t feel your co-sleeper’s movements during the night.


The safe alternative to traditional memory foam.

It’s also the first foam made from renewable resources and doesn’t emit fossil CO2, like other petroleum-based foam.

BioFoam is also hygienic, rot-free, fungal-proof and UV-resistant. This means it doesn’t lock in moisture for mold to grow or discolor when exposed to the sun.


If you’re a hot sleeper or traveling through warm climates, get a mattress with a gel-infused layer.

Inside the foam are beads of gel that react with temperature by changing from a solid to a liquid to achieve the cooling effect.

This will help you get a pleasant night’s sleep by keeping you and your partner cool throughout the night.

We know how important it is to be well-rested when the next moment you’re back on the road and have another 12 hours to drive to your next destination.  

Polyurethane Foam

Just your regular run-of-the-mill foam, but make sure it’s CertiPUR-US certified.

What’s that?

It’s a certification process for products made with polyurethane foam to make sure it’s safe for public use, in terms of minimal toxins released and better indoor air quality. Typically this means it’s

  • Made with no ozone depleters
  • Made with no heavy metals (including mercury and lead)
  • Made without prohibited phthalates
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds
  • No Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (found in fire retardants)
  • Made with no formaldehyde

Have you thought about what kind of support your body needs? There are typically 3 same firmness levels to choose from.

Medium Soft

This firmness level quickly conforms to your body while giving you a plush feel and minimal sinking. Great for petite to average-sized woman weighted around 120-190lbs~.


An even balance between firmness and conforming to your body with little sinkage.

Medium Firm

Not much conforming ability with this one but you’ll have an even-surface for better back support instead.

Make sure your new bed is durable enough for your lifestyle.

Whether you’re only using it 3 months out of the year or living full-time in your RV, your bed needs to withstand the test of time and climate.

So how do you know that it’s durable enough?

You look at what its made of, the quality of the material, how thick it is among other product specs.

You also need to factor in things like how often you’d be using it, how many people will be sleeping on it, how much you take care of it and whatnot.

Be reminded, to keep your short queen mattress in good condition, make sure you have a sturdy base to lay it on top of.

10” mattresses are popular, but there are all sizes on the market.

It’s important to choose the height best for your comfort level.

Here’s a general rule of thumb:

The thinner the mattress the more firm it feels.

Makes sense as there is less material to act as a cushion for your body.

The reverse is true too. So if you like a softer feel, grab a thicker mattress.

A taller mattress is easier to get into and out of too. Keep that in mind if you’re traveling with senior citizens.

Maybe spring for a thinner mattress if you’re with young children. It’d be easier for them to climb in and out of and it wouldn’t hurt as much if they accidentally fall out of bed at night.

This one is important and it depends on how many people will be sharing your bed with you.

RV Twin (Single)

Measuring 38” x 75”, an RV Twin is the same dimensions as a standard Twin mattress size.

Perfect for smaller trailers where optimizing your space is essential, or for small children to share a bed.  

RV Full (Double)

Also the same size as a regular Full (53” x 75”), this size is 11” more narrow than a Twin.

It’d be a tight squeeze for couples to share,  considering you’d only have 27” of space on each side.

For a single sleeper, it’d be just enough room.

Short Queen Mattress Size & Dimensions

This popular RV bed size measures 60” x 75”.

If you need to share your bed in your motorhome with small children or a partner, this is the size for you!

Or even a partner and a small pet. Any more people and you’d probably run out of space.

Short Queen vs Queen:
A regular Queen-sized mattress is 60″ x 80″ (WxL), whereas a Short Queen is 5″ shorter at 60″ x 75″.

RV Short King

Ah, the King.

Mostly for larger campers, RV Short King mattresses measure 72” x 75”.

For this amount of space, you can easily share with your partner AND small children (including fur-babies).

Or just take the whole space up yourself!

Keep in mind that the warranty period is not equal to the lifetime of the mattress.

10, 20, 30 years may sound like a long time, but most warranties are limited to manufacturer defects, so read the fine print.

Things may get damaged during shipping, so it’s good to know if your warranty covers damages out of your control.


Savvy Tip!

Remember that you'll be driving this bed around with you everywhere you go. So, regardless of the size, get a lighter mattress so you aren’t using as much gas throughout your trip.

RV Mattress Short Queen FAQs

Not too familiar with RV mattresses?

Check out some of the frequently asked questions below!

Use RV mattress cover to use to avoid coffee spills

The kind of cover you should get for your RV mattress should be waterproof and can be taken off to be cleaned.

Some come with a cover already, but they’re not all made the same.

Did you know that most warranties are void if your mattress becomes soiled, stained or ripped?

Yup! So, put a cover on.

It’ll extend the life of your new mattress by protecting it from allergens, bed bugs, daily wear-and-tear and any mold growth.

Especially cool if you, your spouse, children or pets are prone to accidental spills.

Life gets messy. You’re traveling in an RV. There may not be any laundromats for miles away.

And do you really want to waste money and time to just throw that one thing in the wash? Didn’t think so.

Waterproof means one less thing to worry about.

Yes, you do need to buy different sized sheets for your RV short queen.


Because a RV Short Queen is 5” shorter than a standard Queen bed.

But if you’re a seamstress (or know of one), your normal Queen bed sheets can transform into fitted Short Queen bedding.

Or try this no-sew DIY hack with suspenders!

This is how to clean your RV short queen mattress: 
  1. Unzip and throw the mattress cover in the wash
  2. Vacuum the surface to remove food crumbs, dirt, dust mites or bugs
  3. Spot clean – use your favorite cleaner or just mix 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap with 8 ounces of warm water
  4. Blot the wet spots with a dry paper towel
  5. Deodorize by sprinkling baking soda all over and let it sit for 1-3 hours
  6. Vacuum up the baking soda
  7. Put on the cover back on with clean sheets 

You’re all done. Now go enjoy a great night of freshness!

How often you should clean your RV mattress depends on the situation.

  • Obvious Stains: Always clean your mattress after a spill.
  • Funky Odor: Need we say more?
  • Allergy Flare-ups: If you haven’t been sleeping well or experiencing more allergic reactions, it might be the dust buildup or mold.
  • Full-time RV Living: Clean your mattress every 2-3 months.
  • Seasonal RV Living: Clean your mattress before AND after storing.

It’s important to clean before you put it in storage. This way you’d remove any lingering bugs or food crumbs that might attract bugs.

Imagine walking into your motorhome, ready to go on your next adventure only to find an infested mattress.

No one wants to deal with that nightmare!

Better secure than sorry – clean before storing.

Overall, when in doubt, just give it a wash. You’d feel better.

You should replace your RV mattress in these scenarios:

  • When it’s Old

According to mattress experts, the general lifespan of a mattress is 7-10 years.

If you’ve had yours for that long, you should probably get a new one.

  • When there’s Mold

This is why you clean up your wet spots and spills as soon as possible.

So mold can’t use the moisture to grow. It isn’t easy to get rid of and unhealthy to breathe in.

Time to get a new mattress!

  • When you have Bed bugs

The most common sign is the 3-in-a-row bites.

If you catch them before infestation and treat your mattress, your bed can be saved.

If it’s too late, burn it and get a new bed pronto!

You’ll know if it’s beyond saving because your mattress will be covered with tiny specks of blood and insect waste.

Before setting up your new mattress, remember to treat everything in your RV because they can move around. From clothing to furniture to curtains so you can triple-confirm that every last one is dead.

How do you treat for bed bugs?

There are many different ways. From manual extraction with a brush to heavy-duty vacuuming to commercial steaming to designated pesticide sprays (not recommended!).

Please hire a professional, especially if you have limited experience or knowledge dealing with bed bugs.

You probably won’t catch 100% of the bugs and eggs if you do it yourself. And not all will stay on the bed. They have legs, they can move around.

Most doctors say ‘prevention is the best medicine’ and that applies to this situation too. Invest in a waterproof, bed bug-proof protector before you regret it.

A gel-infused mattress can be left in the RV throughout winter in sub-zero temperatures. Though we wouldn’t recommend it. 

It shouldn’t be a problem, because the gel beads inside the mattress only freeze in extreme conditions.

The gel is phase-change material (PCM), meaning that it turns into liquid only when it comes in contact with heat to absorb it.

That’s why gel-infused mattresses typically lets you sleep cooler.

A few things to note though.

If you’re using the bed throughout the winter, it’d be a non-issue because your body will warm it up within minutes. If you don’t want to crawl into a cool bed, put an electric blanket on top.

If you’re not living in your RV during colds, find an indoor shelter to shield it from the elements.

You’ll thank yourself come spring.

Let’s hit the road!

With the buyer’s guide and our review of the 5 Best RV Mattress Short Queen,
I’m sure you’ll pick the right one for you and your RV.

Remember to keep us updated and let us know how your new bed fares on your road trip across the country!

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