My Lull Mattress Review: Should You Buy It?

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My Lull Mattress Review: Should You Buy It?
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Why is mattress shopping so hard? How do I do it?  What do I need to know beforehand? 

These are all great questions!

And, I totally agree:

It can be challenging! You may be wondering things like: 

  • How can you fit a mattress in a box?!
  • How do I trust that I would like it if I haven’t tried it out first?
  • If I don’t like it, how do I return it? 

Well, I got you covered!

One, read about the 10 things you should consider before buying a boxed-bed.

Second, let me tell you about Lull Mattress.

Proudly American with a generous sleep trial and warranty coverage, it’s no wonder this magical tri-layer memory foam technology is a crowd pleaser! 

Best For People Who
  • Easily overheat at night
  • Like to sleep in all different positions
  • Are of light to medium body weight
  • Have a or multiple co-sleeper(s)

Not For People Who

  • don’t like memory foam
  • like to try before they buy
  • are side sleepers with a heavier frame
Night Sleep Trial
Year Warranty
FREE Bed-in-a-Box Shipping

Editor's Rating: Is the Lull Mattress Any Good?

Lull scored an overall rating of 73%! Scoring within the 70-79% range means, it’s an awesome product!

Categorized between Product (6 factors) and Company (4 factors), each of the 10 factors is rated below.

Unfortunately, no bonus points for Lull for now.


Lull Mattress 10” Premium Memory Foam - Layer by Layer

Rated BEST BUY and RECOMMENDED mattress by Consumer Reports, no wonder why people love the Lull!

The outside hand-crafted fabric that wraps around the tri-layer foam is made of polyester and rayon (wood pulp!) – both of these fabrics are soft, breathable, stretchy and durable.

Lull does NOT recommend removing it for washing, because there is fiberglass on the fire-resistant sock that covers the entire mattress.

” If a fire does occur, the sock will melt on itself and suffocate the fire.”

Hey, at least they aren’t using chemical fire-retardants!


Just spot-clean using cold water and gentle detergent. Whatever you do, do NOT machine wash or dry. 

Remember to wait until the cleaned area is 100% dry before putting the sheets back on.

Provides relief for pressure points by contouring to your body and distributing body weight evenly, so you won’t wake up with any aches and pains.

Especially, in the lower back, neck, and joints!

Regulates your sleep temperature by promoting airflow and transferring heat away from the body with the open cell structure, so you won’t wake up all hot and sweaty.

CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam


CertiPUR-US is a certification program that is administered by Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam Inc., a not-for-profit.

They don’t sell any products; they just certify foam.

They require organizations to re-certify each year and also conduct random testing on participating companies.

Being CertiPUR-US certified means that all foam material used are without any harmful chemicals – like formaldehyde, mercury, and lead – and meet the high standard that is set out for minimal off-gassing.


On a related note, Lull also shows an environmentally-conscious side.

They are a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council – actively take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and minimize the impact to our planet, as well as the Mattress Recycling Council – give back by donating mattresses to local communities.


The level of support from this proprietary foam blend help keeps your spine neutral, which means your muscles aren’t working overtime.

This prevents waking up with body aches, pain or soreness.

Dread sinking into your foam mattress and getting stuck trying to claw your way out?

This mid-layer is responsive enough to give you just the right amount of bounce-back, so you won’t get that “sinking” feeling.

Sleeping with a partner usually means you get woken up when they move around or get up in the middle of the night and vice versa.

With Lull’s multiple layers of movement-absorbing foam, motion transfer is isolated, so both you and your partner, children or pets can all sleep soundly at last.

This high-quality base foam acts as an extra layer of structure that will prevent mattress sagging in the long run.

Lull Mattress Story

Founded in November 2015, Lull Ventures LLC “Lull” quickly made a name for itself by being known for:

  • an innovative 3-layer foam, claiming to be perfect for any sleeping position
  • body temperature regulation,
  • pressure relief, and
  • solid support to keep your spine in neutral alignment.   

Here’s the story.

Sven, the founder, was looking to buy a new bed with his wife. It was such a painful experience that he set out to start his own mattress company.

Lull’s sole reason for existence is wanting

“people to sleep better so they can live better.”

This really speaks to me, because I believe that sleep is a necessity of life, so it makes perfect sense that with better sleep, we can have better lives.

The Fantastic Four

Sven & Tom have known each other since they were 12, and Matt & Brad met back in college.

All four are family men, fitness-enthusiasts and have had quite the successful careers in their own field.

Looking at their background, career paths, current life stage and how long they’ve been friends for, I feel confident in the leadership team and expect Lull to be around for the long term.

Too bad they aren’t listed on the NYSE, or else I would buy some of their stocks!

Lull Mattress FAQs

Where is Lull Mattress made?

Lull is headquartered in Santa Barbara, with the foam manufactured locally in California, the mattress assembled in Illinois, and materials – like threads and fabrics – sourced and made in the USA as well.

A 2018 update on their website says that they are now

“proudly manufactured at various locations across the United States and China. United States – California, Indiana and Pennsylvania. China – Shanghai.”

Some people might be bothered that they aren’t 100% American made anymore, but I don’t blame them.



1) They’re probably still around 90%(?) made-in-the-USA, and
2) It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there; a business either cut costs or charge more to make money.

Consider this.

The iPhone is designed in the US but made in China. I still see people lining up to buy their latest release.

My point is: a good product is a good product, no matter where it’s made.

It’s another story if the product is being made under disgusting work conditions and employees aren’t given fair wages. I’ll get into that another time, and save you my rant.

I don’t mind as long as the quality stays the same.

If you’re curious about how things are made, this video will give you a  glimpse!

How Much is Shipping for Lull Mattress?

Free! Ah, one of my favorite words.

They also ship to Alaska and Hawaii for FREE too. However, they do not ship to Canada or other countries yet. Boo!

Lull ships from one of their four warehouses – located in California, Indiana, and Pennsylvania – that is closest to you. It should arrive at your doorstep in 2 to 7 business days! 

The free shipping doesn’t include set up, so you’ll need to pay for the extra service or have someone be there with you upon delivery unless you know you can handle up to 100 pounds yourself. 

How Long is the Sleep Trial Period for Lull Mattress?

100 night!

The first night starts the day the mattress is delivered.

If you aren’t satisfied and want to return the mattress, you can get a full refund and a complimentary pickup and removal.

You can also request for a mattress exchange within the 100-night trial, but you won’t get another 100-night trial for the second mattress.

You can sleep well knowing that Lull generously donates returned products to charities and non-profit organizations.

How Long is the Warranty for Lull Mattress?

10 years!

I read the whole warranty policy – it’s super boring.

This is what you need to know:

You are protected from a defined list of product defects for 10 years from the day you bought it.

The warranty ONLY applies to the original purchasers and cannot be transferred. For example, if you bought it second hand (is that a thing?) or if someone gave it to you, too bad!

What’s a Defect?

Generally speaking, if it’s normal wear and tear or if you damaged it by using in a way it’s not intended for, the warranty is void. I nabbed this off their website.


How to Make a Claim

Send an email to support @ with:

1) A description of what’s wrong
2) Proof of payment – receipt or confirmation email
3) A photo of the defect

Lull has the final say, but if they accept your claim, they will either repair or replace with a comparable model and size.

Know that Lull have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A+ is the highest rating and means that they don’t have any complaints filed against their company, product or customer service. You can trust them! 

What are Lull Mattress’ Sizes and Weight?

Weighing from 48 to 94 pounds, Lull offers their mattress in all the standard sizes from Twin to California King.

The box size is 19” X 19” x 43”, so you know the vacuum-sealed mattress can fit through your home’s hall and doorways!


How Thick is the Lull Mattress?


The thickness for all the sizes is still 10 inches. 


Can I Sleep on my Lull Mattress Right Away?

You can probably sleep on it the same night you got it, but you may not want to.


A few reasons:

a) The foam may not be fully inflated yet.

When an entire mattress is compressed by vacuum-seal, rolled into a box that’s 1/5 of its actual size, then placed in storage for who knows how long before being shipped out, it needs time to inflate.

It might take a while for the layers of foam to inhale all the oxygen it needs to reach maximum height.

I’d suggest waiting at least 24 hours, just to be sure. If you’re in a hurry, then overnight or at least a good 8 hours during the day.

b) You can’t stand the smell.

Are you familiar with the new car smell?

Well, it’s the same thing – new mattress smell.

It’s true – it might stink up your room.

What can you do about it? Air it out! Open all the doors and windows, put it in the sunlight, turn on the fan.

Lull says it’s because the foam is packaged and that the mattress does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Anything will smell if kept in the same tiny space for a long time – even you!


They also suggest that you rotate, not flip, your mattress every 3-6 months to extend its life.

Is Lull Mattress Toxic?


It might have a slight new mattress smell when you first unbox it, but it’s not toxic. 

All the foam used to make the bed are all CertiPUR-US Certified.

This badge of approval means that there are no harmful chemicals used and that it meets the standard for the least amount of off-gassing as possible.


Lull is also a Sustainable Furnishings Council Member as well as part of the Mattress Recycling Council.


Trust that Lull has done their duty in making a safe product for you and your family to use.

How do I Clean My Lull Mattress?

Spot clean only! 

Just like how you would with any other mattress. 

Even if you CAN take off the cover of the mattress, don’t do it! I know this from personal experience.

I made a boo-boo and accidentally spilled OJ all over my bed. I thought ‘Oh, no problem. I’ll just take the cover off and put it in the wash’. 

What I didn’t know was that…it shrank. It was so hard to put on afterward, I couldn’t zip it up again. I really had to stretch it…over several days before it was semi back to the right size again.

Lesson Learned:

Get a mattress protector or even a mattress topper can act as a buffer. Or watch this video here.

Does the Lull Mattress Need a Box Spring?

If you don’t have one, don’t sweat it.

The Lull mattress is very flexible and works with all bed frames, including adjustable ones, or none at all!

No need to throw away your existing box spring if it’s still in good condition.

Did you know?!

You can customize your sleeping experience with Lull’s own line of related accessories: mattress protector, pillow, duvet and bed frames.

This way you won’t have to worry about things like your new mattress not fitting with your current bed frame.

Using a mattress protector will also extend the life of your mattress – something to think about if you haven’t invested in one already.

An Open Letter to Lull Mattress

Dear Lull,

All in all, you made a very good product! 

Your mission and vision of creating a simple yet effective mattress that empowers “people to sleep better so they can live better” really speaks to me.

How much you value customers is evident by your actions of subsidizing the entire cost of the freight to Hawaii and Alaska, so people who live there are able to enjoy free shipping too.

Kudos for bringing that level of service to us!  

I like how it was designed to be compatible with any base and that related sleep accessories – like bed frames, pillow, duvet, bed sheets and mattress protector – were produced to support the use of the main product.

It’s awesome that you received an A+ rating from the BBB and is one Consumer Report’s Recommended & Best Buy Mattresses. 

In my humblest opinion, here are a few things you can do to improve:

A) Partner up with physical retailers or have showrooms so that I can go and test it out before I buy it.

B) Start shipping internationally, so our friends around the world can also experience better sleep.

C) Perhaps come out with a few options of firmness, so those with differing preferences can also be lulled to sleep with your mattress.

That’s it for now! 

Top 3 Alternatives to Lull Mattress

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

Looking to furnish your guest room, kid’s bedroom or a college student’s dorm room with a simple yet effective bed?

This Lucid Memory Foam Mattress could be the one! Recommended for people who are back and side sleepers with smaller frames, and want to be economical.

Established in 2003, Lucid offers a variety of firmness options – Firm, Medium Firm, Medium Plush and Plush – as well as mattress types – Memory Foam, Hybrid and Latex. People all over North America are able to easily access this brand as they have partnerships with giant retailers in every major city.

The only thing that’s a bummer is that their sleep trial is only 30 days, but at least it’s no questions asked. Oh, and they are designed in the US but made overseas, if you care about that.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

Do you toss and turn? Sleep too hot or too cold? Do your partner’s movements wake up you at night?

Try the Perfect Sleeper Mattress!

It’s made from Serta – a longstanding and reputable brand in the bedding industry – and is the official mattress partner of the National Sleep Foundation.

With a sophisticated coil system and layers of memory foam, it’s designed to tackle the most common sleeping problems, it has won many awards like Consumer Digest Best Buy and Women’s Choice Award.

100% made in the USA, Serta offers a 10-year warranty but no sleep trial. But you can always go into any physical store to try before you buy.

Recommended for people who suffer from:

1)  Tossing and Turning
2)  Lack of Support
3)  Sleeping Too Hot or Too Cold
4)  Partner Disturbance
5)  Mattress Roll-Off & Sagging

Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid

Headquartered in Albany, CA, all Nest Bedding mattresses are made-to-order in their 45,000 sqft manufacturing plant in Phoenix, AZ.

They offer a lifetime warranty, 100 nights for you to test the bed out and created the industry-first lifetime comfort guarantee! There are also 10+ physical showrooms throughout the country for people can go and try it out first.

Nest makes many different models, but one worthy to note is the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid

Try it out!

I mean, how can you go wrong with the support of the innerspring coils and the soft, quick-to-bounce-back ability of memory foam?!

Recommended for people who typically sleeps hot, prefers to lie on their side or back and want firmness options. 

You just know that the Lull Mattress the one for you?

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