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Here’s our detailed Live and Sleep mattress review. We look at the good and bad points, and why you might consider these most popular mattresses over alternatives.

Getting a fulfilling night’s sleep should not be a luxury. The Live and Sleep have taken the responsibility to provide comfortable and supportive mattresses for all kinds of sleepers at an affordable price.

The Live and Sleep Mattresses come in three primary models that are the Classic, Elite, and Luxury, so that you can find your ideal level of support and firmness regardless of your sleeping style. Not only are the Live and Sleep mattresses manufactured in different degrees of comfort and stability, but also all the three models are made with non-toxic and sustainable materials.

Sleep To Live Mattress Reviews

Live and Sleep Luxury Review

The Live and Sleep mattress is a luxury all foam mattress that comes with a combination of different foam layers to provide a supportive and comfortable sleep surface for a perfect night’s sleep. If you get a chance to sleep on the Live and Sleep Luxury mattress, you will acknowledge that your effort and money to buy this mattress are worth it. I am sure you are eager to know what makes the Live and Sleep Luxury Mattress stand out among the many mattresses in the market. Read on for more!

The Live and Sleep Luxury material is a 12-inch mattress that is made up of three different layers of memory foam. At the top, it features a comfort layer that is 2.5-inches of responsive memory foam that is designed and made to provide a comfortable body hug while ensuring effective pressure relief.

The second layer is a 1-inch transition layer that features gel-infused memory foam to provide a cooling effect and aid in transitioning motion between the upper and lower layers. The third layer is the 8.5-inch supportive layer that features high-density performance base foam for maximum support of the mattress and deep compression support for your body.

The Live and Sleep Luxury mattress cover is made from a soothing fabric that is hand-selected to ensure a pleasantly soft touch, flexibility and perfect contouring to your body shape. The cover is removable and washable. Moreover, it is designed to complement the compatible memory foam mattress construction.

The Live and Sleep Luxury is a general comfort mattress and therefore comes in one firmness option that is felt at 5-6 out of 10 – 10 being the firmest. If you are heavier, the mattress will compress down more than a lighter individual. When it comes to supporting, the Live and Sleep Luxury mattress provides useful enough support in all sleeping positions. If you are a side sleeper, you are most likely to get enough help, while great firmness will be perfect for stomach and back sleepers.

The Live and Sleep Luxury Mattress is an all-foam mattress that gives the body an excellent hug while the body contours with the memory foam without the feeling of being trapped in. The foam comfort layer combines with the transition layer to provide a perfect classic memory foam feeling while offering some degree of responsiveness. The underlying supportive layer is excellent at providing support to bodies while providing deep compression support.

The Live and Sleep Luxury mattresses are good at providing a calm sleep; however, due to the all-foam construction with no cooling technology in the layers, it is bound to have heat retention. And if you live in a warm environment, then heat retention can be a big issue.

The Live and Sleep Luxury Mattress does great in sinkage and motion transfer. However, this is mostly dependent on weight. So if you are heavier, you will most likely experience compression and sink lower than a lighter person could. The edge support is relatively good compared to most of the memory foam mattresses. Besides, you won’t experience roll off even if you sleep along the edge.

The Live and Sleep Luxury mattress comes with an average off-gassing once taken out of the packaging. This is expected in almost all-foam mattresses. However, the odor will dissipate within a day.

Overall, the Live and Sleep Luxury mattress is an excellent all-foam mattress that comes with the comfort and support, all at an amazingly affordable price. It is recommended for both individuals and couples as well who want to feel the better side of a memory foam mattress but don’t want to spend much.

Is Live and Sleep Mattress Non-Toxic?

No matter the Live and Sleep mattress model you choose, you will still have a mattress that is designed and manufactures from eco-friendly non-toxic materials. Moreover, the mattress is designed to last for many years for you to reap the full benefits.

Is Live and Sleep Mattress Non-Toxic_

Unlike various mattresses available in the market, the Live and Sleep mattresses are designed and manufactured without the use of chemical flame retardants, which is part and parcel of the CertiPUR-US® certification. Nonetheless, the Live and Sleep mattresses are still flame-resistant but do not contain harmful chemicals. In most cases, chemical flame retardants are toxic to both the environment and human health.

The toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of the mattress have been associated with infertility, congenital disabilities, behavioral issues in children, and liver, kidney, breast and testicular types of cancers. Most mattress companies may not mention the use of these toxic chemicals flame retardants in their industrial process since they are not obligated to reveal their usage.

However, the Live and Sleep Mattress does not conceal the unhealthy nature of their mattress. The OEKO-TEX® and the CertiPUR-US® help us ensure that what our clients receive is an environmentally-friendly and safe mattress in every purchase they make. The Live and Sleep mattress provides that their legal label reveals all the information necessary to assure customers that their mattresses are manufactures from the only materials they claim to use!

The primary reason why Live and Sleep mattresses use non-toxic materials is due to their belief that the environment matters. They are more concerned with the quality rather than the quantity of their manufacturing, thus making sure that the mattresses they make feature the highest quality materials that are safe. Better yet, the Live and Sleep mattresses are designed and manufactured to last longer. Thus you would not be disposing of them quite frequently.

Live and Sleep Mattress Fiberglass

About 80% of the mattresses in the market contain fiberglass that is mostly blended with modacrylic in the layer right below the fabric cover you sleep on. Live and Sleep mattress does not use fiberglass materials because they are toxic and can cause serious health problems to customers.

Besides, Live and Sleep mattress uses only eco-friendly and non-toxic materials in the manufacturing process. Instead, they use eco-friendly memory foam that has been made from less harmful chemicals.


Do you want to treat yourself to a better night’s sleep? Then consider the Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-inch Review. This mattress comes with a great body contouring gel mattress that provides an amazing pressure relieving benefits of memory foam and a deep down right support of HD foam. It is ideally designed and manufactured for all types of sleepers and can offer you a great night’s sleeping experience.

This memory foam mattress from Live and Sleep features a 3-inch thick layer of breathable HD Air Infused Memory foam that provides a comfortable and supportive platform for a great night’s sleep. The top layer is made up of 1-inch of premium Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam.

The premium memory foam material used can support each part of your body evenly regardless of your sleeping style. It provides a slow, conforming response for a complete, luxurious and stress-free support. Whenever you move in bed, the memory foam will gently fill in and reshape itself to your new sleeping posture while cradling every contour of your body.

With the latest Air Flow Technology and the exclusive gel memory foam material that complements the visco-elastic memory foam, they create a more exceptional contouring and fresher sleeping material. Both the gel foam and the memory foam are porous, meaning the cells are interlinked, unlike the closed-cell foam hence creating a more breathable and comfortable platform. The open-celled structure of the foam is self-ventilating and allows the dissipation of body heat to regulate your body temperature.

It comes with a soft flex cover that is made from world-class linen that is easy to care and works on any home bedroom, box spring or futon. It is comfortable with a cloud-like sensation. With over 72% of 5-star reviews on Amazon, the Resort Ultra Twin mattress effectively relieves pressure points, leads to less tossing and turning. It will also help sore shoulders and hips while relieving your back pain.

If you look for a mattress that comes with just the right amount of softness and firmness with reliable support for great night’s sleep and no morning aches and pains, the Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-Inch Mattress is the ideal choice.

The Live and Sleep RV Mattress is designed and manufactures with breathable materials that ensure you have a relaxed, comfortable and supported sleeping environment. The breathable, luxurious and high-quality materials provide ultimate comfort that not only relaxes but also cools your body.

It is made from a memory foam material that supports every part of your body evenly while slowly and automatically adjusts to your body shape, weight and temperature.  Moreover, this mattress’s slow and conforming response provides a wholly luxurious and hassle-free support and comfort. Regardless of your sleeping style, the memory foam of this mattress reshapes itself to cradle every contour of your body.

It also features Air Flow foam, which combines with the memory foam to disperse body heat, thereby creating a cooler sleeping surface while retaining the pressure-relieving properties of conventional memory foam. The fresh memory foam effectively scales down the frequent tossing and turning in bed so that you can have a quiet and peaceful night’s sleep.

It comes with a soft fabric cover that is made from flex linen that blends into any home’s bedroom furniture bedframe, box-spring or futon. The Live and Sleep RV mattress is CertiPUR-US certified for non-toxic materials, thus safe for use at home. Therefore, if you look for a luxurious, comfortable mattress that comes with dependable support, the Live and Sleep RV mattress can be your perfect choice.

What To Know Before Getting A Live And Sleep Mattress

Here are some potential topics that you might find in Live and Sleep mattress reviews:

  1. Comfort: Many reviewers will discuss how comfortable the mattress is, including whether it is too firm or too soft, and whether it provides good pressure relief.

  2. Support: Reviews may mention whether the mattress provides good support for the spine and body, especially for people with back pain.

  3. Temperature regulation: Some reviewers may discuss whether the mattress sleeps hot or cool, and whether it has any features to help regulate temperature.

  4. Durability: Reviews may mention how long the mattress has lasted, and whether it has held up well over time.

  5. Customer service: Some reviewers may discuss their experience with the company’s customer service, including whether it was easy to order the mattress and whether any issues were resolved quickly.

  6. Value for money: Many reviewers will discuss whether they feel the mattress is good value for the price.

  7. Offgassing: Some reviewers may mention whether the mattress had any initial offgassing or chemical odors when it was first opened.

  8. Ease of movement: Some reviewers may discuss how easy it is to move on the mattress, and whether it is good for couples who may need to get in and out of bed frequently.


Live and Sleep Mattresses are mainly designed to provide excellent cooling, comfort, quality back supports and a stylish design that blends into any of your bedroom designs. They are designed with a removable cover; therefore, they are pretty easy to maintain as the cover is washable.

Moreover, the Live and Sleep Mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified with a 20-year warranty to ensure that you are getting the best out of your mattress. Besides, once you purchase any Live and Sleep mattress, you are guaranteed a 30-night trial with a hassle-free return policy.

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