Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers

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Choosing the best pillow for combination sleepers will allow you to have a sound sleep while shifting from one position to another. But if you turn in bed often, it’s likely that you will strain on the quality of sleep and eventually end up waking up tired.

However, a pillow designed for a combination sleeper may help fix this problem. This pillow features a medium firmness that will conform to your irrespective of your sleeping position.

The best pillows for combined sleepers are helpful for individuals who experience bad posture and various body pains when asleep. With the many pillows for combination sleepers flooding the market, we aim to help you find the best pillow for combination sleepers. Without much ado, let’s first see what a combination sleeper is!

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What is a Combination Sleeper?

Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers Review

A combination sleeper refers to any individual that often sleeps in more than one side, back and (or) stomach position in a single night. A good number of individuals are technically combination sleepers, even though they have a preference to sleep in one particular position.

Combination sleeping is no better or more correct than singular sleeping positions and the health benefits are generally dependent on the sleeper’s unique sleeping routine. Nonetheless, sleeping in multiple sleeping positions may enhance blood circulation while reducing the risk of limb numbness.

Combination Sleeping: What You Need to Know

The critical factor for combination sleeping is spinal alignment. Regardless of your sleeping position, the spine ought to align with the pelvis and shoulders. 

Misalignment of the spine can cause pressure points to develop around the hips, lower back, shoulders and neck. 

Keep in mind the following aspects about spinal alignment in the various sleeping positions:

Stomach sleeping is often not recommended due to its high risk of future pain and discomfort. When sleeping in the stomach position the concentration of weight tends to shift to the middle sections hence causing strain to the spine and the lower back regions. Moreover, most stomach sleepers tend to crane their heads either to the right or left risking neck aches.

Back sleeping encourages natural spinal orientation. Nonetheless, individuals with a larger stomach, including expectant women, may risk developing pain in the lower back and hip owing to uneven distribution of weight around their mid-section. Additionally, back sleeping is primarily associated with snoring and may aggravate acid reflux symptoms.

On the other hand, side sleeping is the most common sleeping position and is broadly used among individuals with back pain as well as pregnant women. The main reason this sleeping position is widely used is that your shoulders and hips lie on a supportive sleeping platform, thus aligning the spine to relieve pressure.

Individuals who snore or experience acid reflux symptoms can sleep better in this position since it provides better air circulation into breathing passages. On the other hand, side sleeping is said to accelerate the development of facial wrinkles. Moreover, side sleeping will require one to get more pillows between the knees and under the legs for sufficient comfort.

Finding the best pillow for combination sleeping that provides enough support and comfort can be difficult. Below we will look at the best pillow considerations for combination sleepers.

What is the Best Pillow for Back and Side Sleepers? Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

If you are a back and side combination sleeper and looking for the best pillow, the Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow could be your best deal. It is an innovative pillow that is designed and made from a medium-firm mix of memory foam and microfiber. These materials uniquely work to provide the best balance between comfort and support for a restful back or side sleeping experience.


The Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow is fully adjustable making it the best pillow for combination back and side sleepers. The unique adjustable feature will enable you to access the memory foam fill so that you can either add or remove material to your best-suited size, shape and sleep position. With this kind of adjustment, you can sleep comfortably with your spine aligned.

This pillow comes with a luxury fabric case that is created from Lulltra fabric, which is a combination of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester for breathability. The material is soft, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant; thus, every day you sleep, you will wake up refreshed.

With more than 12,000 5-star reviews, the Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow has an excellent reputation. The quality of your sleep will entirely be improved, especially if you are a side or a back sleeper.  Ensure that you wash the outer case and fluff the pillow up in the dryer as instructed. Give yourself a week to get used to this pillow and we suspect you will never regret having this pillow.

What Kind of Pillows Do they Use in 5 Star Hotels?


T5-star hotels often do their best to provide travelers with the most comfortable living space, especially when it comes to sleeping. So what kind of pillows do they use in a 5-star hotel?

5-star hotels always want to make sure that their clients get the best night’s sleep without pain and aches. Therefore, they use pillows that come with contouring materials that provide comfort and support. They accommodate people with different sleeping positions with the best pillows for combination sleepers that have the following characteristics:

Very Comfortable

The 5-star hotels use very comfortable pillows that still provide the much-needed support to improve your sleep and wake up refreshed.

Heavy-duty and Durable

Hotels use pillows that last long as the order pillows that are made from high-quality materials.

Looks Superior

They get pillows that have a premium look that makes the hotel bedroom look even exquisite.

Have Warranty

5-star hotels use pillows that have a warranty to ensure that they have a replacement in case of anything.

Natural or Hypoallergenic Materials

5-star hotels use pillows that are often made from natural or hypoallergenic materials that prevent allergens and dust mites from causing allergies or disturb your sleep.

What is the Best Pillow on the Market? SORMAG Bed Pillow for Sleeping

With three dimensional designs for support, the SORMAG Bed Pillow for Sleeping makes the best pillow in the market for any sleep style, be it back, stomach or side. It is ergonomically contoured towards the body shape to provide general comfort, support and softness to ensure that the physiological curvature of the human neck is not deformed. Moreover, it keeps your head, shoulders and hips aligned with your spine for the best sleeping position.


The SORMAG Bed Pillows for Sleeping are filled with a delicate fiber filter and super plush gel that should help do away with backache and insomnia. 

This pillow supports machine washing, drying and even is reversible. With its concave appearance, you can sunbathe it regularly for 2 to 3 hours for a healthier use. It will save you more money and time. With over 1500 5-star reviews, the SORMAG Bed Pillow for Sleeping is no doubt one of the best quality pillows you can get in the market.


The Beckham Luxury Linens Gel-filled Fiber Pillow is designed and crafted with super plush gel fiber that stands out among the other standard pillows. These pillows are tailored to guarantee maximum comfort for all kinds of sleeping positions.

This pillow features a no-shift construction that provides a great platform to rest your head. It is stylish, comfortable and luxurious. You will fast fall asleep and stay asleep! With the superior softness, you will wake up refreshed from the super-soft and luxurious 100% sateen cotton case. The pillow case is of high-quality construction and silk-soft to the touch.

It comes with 100% gel filling that provide support custom-made to your comfort needs regardless of being a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper. The plush down-like fibers will offer the loft required to support the neck with cooling elements leaving you refreshed and re-energized from luxurious night’s sleep.

Do you suffer from allergies and asthma, among other respiratory infections and sensitive skin conditions? Don’t worry. This pillow is OKEO-Tex certified, meaning all the materials are used with your safety, health, support and comfort in mind. With over 10,000 5-star rating reviews, the Beckham Luxury Linens Gel-filled Fiber Pillow is undoubtedly one of the best choices for all kinds of sleepers.


Buying the best pillow for combination sleepers can be tricky because it requires you to think about which pillow will work for all your sleeping positions. If you usually toss and turn all night long, then perhaps you need the best combination pillow from the market regardless of your sleeping position.

These pillows will effectively help you alleviate many of your discomforts so that you get a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.

As you head to the market, you might want to consider our favorite combination pillows we have reviewed above. All these pillows have significant 5-star review ratings, and a long history of happy customers. Best of luck in your search for the perfect pillow, and have a peaceful night’s sleep!

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