Where to A Put Humidifier in the Bedroom?

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Not sure where to put a humidifier in your bedroom? Don’t worry. This article will give you insights on where’s the best place to put it to help you get excellent sleep.

When it comes to comfort and health, humidifiers have been proven to provide excellent benefits. Whether you’re asthmatic or looking to make indoor air quality better, using such a product can make a huge difference. However, it’s confusing where to position these devices, especially if you’re new to them. So, where to put a humidifier in bedroom?

Where Do You Place a Humidifier in Your Bedroom?

Where to Put Humidifier in Bedroom

The proper placement is essential when using humidifiers at home. Some people put them on the nightstand while others position them near their baby’s crib. Knowing where you should place your humidifier can help enjoy the most benefits of these gadgets.

One of the most important reminders of a humidifier in your bedroom is never to put it near your bed. It also applies to other occupied rooms or areas due to water spills. However, if you are suffering from sinus problems, flu symptoms, and severe congestion, it’s good to place a humidifier a few feet from the bed.

Placing your humidifier near your bed temporarily during severe congestion is OK, but not all the time. To be safe, make sure to keep it several feet away from the bed, large bedroom furniture, and other items that can be affected by the mist.

Is It OK to Sleep Next to a Humidifier?

Aside from reducing dry skin and acne problems, sleeping next to a humidifier also improves sleep quality by increasing the humidity level in your bedroom. To determine how close this product should be to the bed, you need to consider important factors such as the room, location, and size.

Under normal conditions, it’s highly advised to place the humidifier away from the bed when sleeping. That way, the mist is well distributed across the room while getting a good night’s sleep. Some humidifiers make sounds during operation, hence it could affect your sleep.

How Close Should Humidifier Be to Me?


For heavy sleepers, there’s no problem placing their humidifiers near the bed as the sounds won’t quickly wake them. On the other hand, some models create pleasing sound while operating. For instance, a model may produce a bubbling sound while retrieving water through the valve.

If you’re a light sleeper and aspire to sleep with a humidifier nearby, it’s better to choose a noise-free model to avoid interrupted sleep. Just make sure it’s not near your window where sunlight can directly hit and cause bacteria and algae growth, which can spoil the water tank.

Determine the perfect distance between you and the humidifier. It’s essential to use a hygrometer device. It calculates how much humidity is present in your room, specifically in every area. The key is to place the humidifier in an area where there is less humidity. By doing so, you can ensure that it is perfectly positioned in the right spot.

Will a Humidifier Work in a Large Room?


The effectiveness of using a humidifier depends on the size of the room and the number of people in it. If more people are sleeping in one bedroom, a large humidifier should be used. However, large models must be positioned in one corner that is three feet away or farther from the bed.

Now, if you have a small humidifier in a spacious room, there are some hacks you can do to make it work. Ideally, it would help if you positioned it close to your bed so that the mist will reach you during sleep. It may not reach other areas in your room, but the important thing is it reaches you. Simply make sure there are no cords or cables you might step on when getting out of bed.

The size of your bedroom is an essential factor in choosing the best type of humidifier to use. The compact, heavy-duty humidifier, for instance, can be used in a larger room and place it wherever you want. However, the only exception is putting it over a cabinet or table because it’s huge and bulky.

The majority of the humidifiers available in the market are ideal for medium-sized bedrooms. You can measure your bedroom before purchasing a new humidifier so that you will know which exact model you should buy. Also, it’s essential to consider if you have kids sleeping with you.

Are Ultrasonic Humidifiers Safe?

Currently, ultrasonic humidifiers or cool mist types are more popular to buyers. They are relatively safer than thermal humidifiers or warm mist types as they work a bit differently. An ultrasonic humidifier can easily be placed near the bed for those who are suffering from allergies and colds.

If you want to use a humidifier on regular days, it’s safe to position it three feet from you while sleeping. Besides, it’s good to maintain a safe distance between the device and the wall to avoid function problems. Remember, some humidifiers need adequate circulation so that it can operate properly.

Typically, cool mist humidifiers use a low-power method like an ultrasonic device to release super-fine mist. If you’re looking to save from energy consumption, this is the perfect solution you need. This product is also appropriate in dry climate areas with its refreshing mist.

Here are fascinating tips to make sure you get all the benefits that a humidifier in the bedroom offers:

So, where exactly can you put a humidifier in your bedroom? The decision will depend on the room size, humidifier model, and the purpose it must serve. You can place it near your bed if you want to benefit from respiratory relief, god-skinned, and peaceful sleep.


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