How To Sleep After A Vasectomy

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Are you worried about how you are going to be able to sleep with the pain of having a vasectomy? Is there a way to sleep easily?

If you are having invasive surgery of any kind, it’s understandable that you may be worried about how you will sleep after the surgery and how much pain you will need to endure. However, by following simple steps like taking your pain medication, the pain can be managed, allowing you to sleep.

How do I sleep the night after a vasectomy?

It may be difficult, so make sure you take your medications as prescribed. Having surgery anywhere on your body can be a hellish prospect, but when you have your testicles cut and snipped, it can bring a whole new dimension to the meaning of pain.

But the trust is a vasectomy is a minor surgery, albeit in a sensitive part of the anatomy, so the recovery period is quite fast, say two weeks if you are fit and healthy.

So how do you deal with the post-operative pain in the balls?

Rest, you will need to rest as much as possible and, ironically, sleep as best you can as sleep speeds up the healing process.

If possible, lie down for the first 24 hours and take your painkillers as prescribed. You may find it hard to climb stairs for a couple of days, so plan to sleep downstairs for the first couple of nights after surgery.

If possible, sleep on your back. This will be the best position for draining fluids that are causing swelling. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow between your legs.

It is important not to crush the incision area when side sleeping, so a substantial pillow will keep your incision open to the air.

Can you use ice after a vasectomy?

ice after a vasectomy

It may be essential to use ice after a vasectomy to help reduce the swelling, which is the main cause of your discomfort.

There are some important rules to follow when using ice to reduce swelling.

  • Only ice for twenty minutes to avoid getting frostbite. You can do this hourly if you wish but for no longer than the 20 minutes
  • Never apply ice directly to the wound. You need to make crushed ice cubes and wrap them in a handkerchief or possibly a couple of handkerchiefs before applying the ice to the swelling.
  • Take pain killers in conjunction with the ice, as ice can be a painful experience on its own.

Should you sleep with ice after a vasectomy?

No, If you sleep with ice, you could cause frostbite and or reduce the blood supply sufficiently enough that you cause permanent damage to your testicles.

If you find ice gives the best relief, you will need to stick to the regime of 20 minutes every hour.

Don’t forget, do notice directly onto the skin at any time.

When should I exercise

After a few days, you can go out walking but nothing more strenuous than walking. Walking will help to reduce the swelling so take a walk every day.

Avoid the gym, and avoid riding a bike or lifting weights for at least two weeks post-surgery.

Should I sit or lay down after a vasectomy?

Lie down with your feet elevated. Regardless of how you feel post-operatively, you will need to rest and put your feet up. Laying down is the best way to recover in the first 48 hours.

If you feel wonderful with hardly any pain, there is still a healing process taking place, and the only way you can heal fast and get back to your normal routine is to rest.

Can I drive myself home after a vasectomy?

Yes, it takes a little time for the local anesthesia to wear off entirely, so it’s normally fine for you to drive home without any problems.

If you feel unwell and stressed, you will be kept for observation for a short time. A taxi home will be a better option if this is the case.

Can I drive 2 days after vasectomy?

Possibly, If you are fit and healthy and you are not having bouts of dizziness, and you feel comfortable getting in and out of the car (which is the difficult part), then go ahead.

But keep in mind the recovery period is meant to allow you to recover as fast as possible fully, and the more you do, the less your resting, and you will extend your recovery period.

How soon can I shower after vasectomy?

24 hours. It is important to keep the incision area clean and dry, so it is permissible to shower 24 hours after the surgery.

If your partner is assisting you, it is also essential to refrain from sexual activity for at least a week until the swelling has reduced and the tissue around the vas deferens has started to heal.

Can I drink alcohol after vasectomy?

drink alcohol after vasectomy

No, Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite tipple? You can’t wait for the first 24 hours, which is not a big sacrifice.

Alcohol increases blood pressure and may cause the wound to start bleeding and increase swelling in the groin.

When you do drink alcohol, take it easy. 

What should I eat after a vasectomy?

Anything within reason. It would not be prudent to head to the local Indian restaurant and order the hottest curry known to humanity, as this may upset your stomach, causing your bowels to strain.

Eat traditional food like chicken, pork, beef, and fish, and add some healthy vegetables to fill you up and add these vital nutrients.

How long after a vasectomy until you feel normal?

1 to 2 weeks. Recovery from surgery is a personal experience, and cant be compared to someone else who has had the same procedure.

On average, you will be fully recovered and feeling brand new after two weeks from the day of the procedure.

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