How To Sleep After Keratin Treatment

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Are you worried that sleeping might undo all the benefits of keratin treatment and make your hair have a kink if you sleep in the wrong position?

Sleep on your back with your hair laid out straight if possible. You may need to slide down the bed to allow you to flick your hair beyond the pillow while it remains straight. You will need to sleep in this position for at least 3 nights after the keratin treatment.

How should I lay down after smoothening?

On your back with your hair straight out so you are not laying on your hair.

Sleeping after keratin treatment can be a challenge, particularly if you have long hair say to your waist.

Finding the perfect position for sleeping after keratin treatment can be frustrating and if you can get a little help from your partner or relative, then take it.

You will need to sleep on your back with your hair spread straight on the bed; sounds difficult? It is if you have exceptionally long hair.

For the average person with shoulder-length hair that reaches midway down your back, it’s not so bad.

Prior to bed, smooth your hair, so it’s shiny and straight, place your pillow in a position that will allow you to strategically flick your hair back above the pillow while you lay your head down.

It would be a good idea to have a mirror to hand to check that your hair is free of kinks and will remain straight.

The problem comes when you have been lying on your back for a couple of hours, it’s not the most comfortable position to sleep the whole night in.

How can you make yourself more comfortable? Well, make sure you have a soft, comfortable pillow that supports your head and neck through the night.

Sleep with one or two pillows under your knees. It’s surprisingly comfortable, taking the tension off your lower back muscles.

The secret to sleeping soundly is often more than just jumping into an inviting bed. If you want to sleep soundly through the night after your keratin treatment, don’t drink coffee or any caffeine drinks that day, caffeine keeps you awake.

Have a light evening meal with more protein than carbs, don’t eat anything that can cause gas or heartburn when you get to bed.

Keep your room cool and free of screens. Don’t be tempted to use your smartphone if you struggle to get to sleep.

The light emitted from smartphone screens and laptops are very similar to daylight and will make you feel more awake.

How to sleep after keratin treatment (Reddit advice)

keratin treatment

There is nothing better than reading real-life experiences from folks who have had a keratin treatment and have the same worries as you do.

If you check Reddit, you can find a wealth of information from people who have had the keratin treatment and what their real experience is.

However, it does not substitute the information your hairstylist has supplied, but it does make for fun reading and helpful in gaining a few tips on how to look after your new hairstyle.

How do you shower after a keratin treatment?

Carefully, just because you have had keratin treatment does not mean you can’t shower, but you can t get your hair wet for the next 72 hours if you want the very best results.

Thye care regime for your hair during the 72 hours is pretty rigid; the keratin on your hair needs to harden to stay effective. While it’s in its soft stage, it can wash out.

Also, while the keratin is in its soft stage, it is easy to create your hair or inadvertently introduce kinks.

So, it’s strictly no pins in your hair, no ponytails, even no pinning your hair behind your ears in the first 3 days.

Sleeping is restricted to your back, with your hair flicked straight out to avoid kinks and curls.

The less shampoo you use, the longer your hair will remain straight, and the keratin will remain in your hair longer.

How to sleep after applying extenso

You can sleep any way you wish after applying extenso to your hair. Extenso is set in place by straightening irons to set the product on your hair, unlike using keratin.

Unlike other hair products, there is no need to find a special way sleeping after using extenso.

However, it is good practice to keep your hair straight while sleeping in the early stages despite setting the product with heat from your straightening irons.

Is keratin and extenso the same?

Keratin nourishes the hair at a micro-level and is better for your hair, keratin gives a long-lasting healthy shine to your straight hair.

Extenso provides volume to straight hair and is entirely different from keratin. Extenso allows you to have curls if you wish; after you apply extenso and rinse with clear water, you dry and then iron the hair with curling tongs or hair straighteners, depending on your style looking for.

Is Xtenso permanent?

No, but it can last for up to 12 months if correctly managed. The long-term problem with extenso is your new hair growth tends to be dry and frizzy, and you may need to look for nourishing keratin to fix the problem.

There are other extenso products on the market from brand leaders that wash out in a four-month period.

What’s the best keratin or extenso?

You would have to say they are different products that do different jobs, so choosing is difficult as both have their own merits and place in the hairstyling industry.

With respect to nourishing your hair, you would be forced to say that keratin is a superior product and outperforms extenso.

For adding volume to straight hair, extenso is the clear winner as keratin only leaves you with straight, shiny hair.

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