How To Put A Baby To Sleep In 40 Seconds

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Is it possible to get a baby to sleep in 40 seconds? Does a baby need a lot of sleep?

Newborns sleep a lot but never at the times you would like them to sleep, but as they get used to the world, sleeping can become more of a challenge. Some babies can sleep very fast, while others need some extra time to settle. You can use certain techniques, like making sure your baby is clean and fresh and has a full belly.

How can I put my baby to sleep instantly?

Don’t get uptight. Your baby can sense when you are agitated and frustrated, and the situation can become tense as you try to get your baby off to sleep.

Babies tend to respond to different stimuli, so the key is to find what makes them relax instantly and feel secure enough to drift off to sleep.

Of course, this is not a magic trick to get your baby off to sleep whenever you feel like it. If your baby has recently slept and the schedule is out of sync, the baby will stay awake no matter how much coaxing you do.

Here are some suggestions on how to get your baby to sleep within 40 seconds.

  • Swaddling. Your baby has been used to being in a restrictive environment in your womb, so feels comfortable when warm and compact. You should start swaddling from day one, so your baby knows when it’s time to sleep.

How do you swaddle a baby? Get a suitable baby blanket and spread it flat with one corner folded downwards.

Place your baby face-up on the blanket with the head over the flooded corner. Gently straighten the baby’s left arm and then wrap the corner of the blanket over the baby and tuck it between the right arm and then the right side of the body.

It is essential to use a breathable blanket and set your room to a cool temperature. You don’t want your baby to overheat.

Does massage help a baby to sleep?

massage baby

Yes. Try to establish a routine for sleep as your baby is growing. It’s difficult at first as your baby acclimatizes to the world and your home.

When bedtime is approaching, run a lukewarm bath and clean your baby, this should be a relaxing time and not an opportunity to play.

After bathing your baby, dry the baby off and massage with light strokes. Your baby will like this very much, so expect some delightful baby cooing noises.

After your baby is relaxed, get the baby dressed and swaddle, you may like to hold your baby close to you for extra comfort. The baby should drift off to sleep easily.

Dads can take on this task as easily as moms.

Repetitive movement

Isn’t it just wonder how your baby drops off to sleep when placed in the car seat, and you pull off the drive?

Baby’s love and gentle repetitive motions are just the tickets for getting a baby off to sleep in a hurry.

Now you can’t always jump in the car to get your baby to sleep, but there are ways you can simulate that motion of the car. 

There are baby rockers explicitly designed for this purpose, and they emulate the ups and downs and way of riding in the back seat of the car.

Alternatively, your baby will enjoy being held and swayed from side to side gently as an aid to make them drift off.

In conjunction with this method, have you noticed how your baby becomes relaxed when you gently stroke their forehead, particularly at the top of the nose or across the eyebrows?

This can be the perfect solution for a fast sleep response.

Feed your baby

It’s always a good idea to feed your baby just before sleep. It’s not advisable to feed until they fall asleep. Babies tend to gorge and will vomit, which will make them wake.

If you breastfeed or bottle-feed, your baby will become drowsy as they start to feel satiated. This is a good time to stop, bub and then let them sleep.

Keep the lighting dim

Like adults, babies are aroused by bright light and wake up. It is just part of being human. So, dim the lights and have a pleasant environment for your baby to sleep in.

The room does not need to be pitch black. On the contrary, you need some light to check on your baby while sleeping, and your baby matt becomes unsettled if the room is very dark.

Play some tranquil music

Your baby will respond to tranquil movement. Maybe you played music during your pregnancy and noticed that the baby was not active and relaxed to certain sounds or music.

Try to avoid any noises that could be startling. It’s a good idea to turn the TV off and play music. If your baby is a dancer and responds to music by waking, you can try pink noise, that’s the sound of rain on a window or the sound of waves gently lapping on the beach.

There are many apps available for you to try this technique.

Make sure your baby has a safe sleep environment

Your baby should be sleeping on a ventilated, firm mattress on their back, don’t place your baby to sleep on their belly or side.

Have the crib in your room and always be close to the baby. Keep the crib clean and tidy. Your baby does not need toys in the crib; indeed, they could be hazardous.

The only thing that should be in the baby’s crib is a tight-fitting mattress cover and a swaddled baby.

It’s ok to use a pacifier at bedtime. Babies often need that teat in their mouth to suck on before they can sleep.

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