Blackout Curtains Vs Blackout Blinds Which Are Better

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In our quest for a good night’s sleep, many of us have come to the crossroads of blackout curtains or blackout blinds. 

It’s a choice between two sides: one that stops the light from entering through glass panes, and another that creates a barrier of fabric to keep out the sun’s rays. 

When it comes to choosing between blackout curtains or blinds, you’ll want to consider style and practicality.

Blackout curtains or blinds? Blackout curtains offer an elegant look with their thick fabrics that add texture to any room. On the other hand, blackout blinds are quickly becoming popular due to their ease of use and adjustable slats that can be adjusted according to how much sunlight you want inside. 

Let’s jump into the details.

Types Of Blackout Curtains And Blinds

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Blackout curtains and blinds are like two sides of the same coin. 

They’re both designed to block out light and, in many cases, provide privacy. 

But there are differences between the two that make them better suited for different applications.

Blackout curtains are made from thick fabric, usually with a lining to prevent light from entering through the cracks. 

They’re usually hung on a curtain rod or rail and can be pulled open or closed depending on how much light you want to let in. 

Blackout blinds, on the other hand, are mounted directly onto a window frame and feature slats that can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of light into a room.

The main difference between blackout curtains and blackout blinds is in their installation process. 

Curtains can typically be installed without professional help but blinds often require drilling into the window frame which can be time-consuming and costly. 

However, blackout blinds have an advantage when it comes to being able to adjust the amount of light that enters a room without having to open or close them completely as you would with curtains.

Choosing between blackout curtains and blackout blinds depends on your needs and preferences – some may prefer the ease of installation that comes with curtains while others may prefer the ability to adjust levels of darkness offered by blinds.

Benefits Of Blackout Curtains And Blinds

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Blackout curtains and blinds both have advantages. They can provide privacy, reduce noise, and keep a room cool. But which is better?

Curtains are more aesthetically pleasing than blinds. They come in many colors and patterns to match any style of home or office. Curtains also block out more light than blinds as they cover the entire window frame.

Blinds are easier to clean than curtains and don’t collect dust like curtains do. Blinds come in different materials, sizes, and colors so you can find something that fits your budget. Blinds are often cheaper than curtains and take up less space when fully open.

It depends on your needs when choosing between blackout curtains and blackout blinds. Consider how much light you want to block out, ease of cleaning, cost, space requirements, and aesthetics when making a decision.

Cost Comparison

Cost is an important factor when choosing between blackout curtains and blinds. Prices vary, depending on size and type. 

Blinds tend to be more expensive than curtains. 

But there are ways to save money with both.

For curtains, look for a thicker material: it’ll block out more light and last longer. Also, buy online or shop in bulk stores. They usually offer lower prices than retail outlets.

Blinds can be pricier, but they also come in a range of styles that can fit any budget. 

Consider vinyl or aluminum blinds: they’re cheaper than wood or other materials, yet still provide good light blocking benefits. 

And don’t forget the hardware: it can add to the cost if you don’t shop around for deals.

So, when it comes to cost, both blackout curtains and blinds have options that won’t break the bank – provided you know where to look. 

Now let’s look at installation requirements for these two window treatments.

Installation Requirements

Installation requirements for blackout curtains and blinds can vary. It’s important to understand the differences before deciding which one to choose. Here’s a quick overview.

Blackout curtains: 


  • Easy to install, usually with rod pockets or clips 
  • Needs more space behind the curtain than a blackout blind would require 


  • Simple to take down and replace if needed

Blackout Blinds: 


  • Requires drilling into the wall/frame for mounting 
  • Needs less space than a blackout curtain does 


  • Can be difficult to remove without damaging walls or frames

Both products require some effort for installation, but blackout curtains are simpler and easier to take down. 

However, blackout blinds offer better light control when installed correctly. 

So it’s important to weigh your options before deciding which one is best for you.

Pros And Cons Of Blackout Curtains

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Blackout curtains are a great way to block out light and sound. They come in different styles, colors and materials, so you can find something to match your decor. 

But before deciding on blackout curtains, it’s important to consider the pros and cons:


  • Easy to install 
  • Affordable 
  • Variety of colors and styles 
  • Blocks out light and sound
  • More aesthetically pleasing than blinds


  • Not as effective at blocking out light as blinds 
  • Difficult to clean due to their size 
  • May not fit in all window frames depending on the size 
  • Can be more expensive than blinds for some sizes and styles 
  • May require additional insulation for complete blackout effect.

Blackout curtains offer many advantages when it comes to blocking out light and sound. 

However, they may not be the best option for everyone due to their cost and difficulty of installation. Now let’s explore the pros and cons of blackout blinds.

Pros And Cons Of Blackout Blinds

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It’s like trying to decide between a rock and a hard place. Blackout curtains and blackout blinds both have their pros and cons that need to be weighed up when choosing the best option. 

While they both serve the same purpose of blocking out light, they have different advantages that must be considered.

On one hand, blackout curtains are great for creating a sense of seclusion and privacy. 

Their thick material allows them to block out almost any amount of light and sound, creating a peaceful oasis in any room. 

They also come in various colours and designs which can add an aesthetic touch to the décor.

On the other hand, blackout blinds offer a more versatile solution as they can be rolled up or down depending on how much light is desired. 

They don’t take up too much space either, making them an ideal choice for smaller rooms or apartments where space is at a premium. 

However, these tend to be less effective than curtains at blocking out light and sound due to their thinner material.

Both options have their benefits but it’s ultimately important to consider your own needs before making a decision. 

Factors such as price, size, convenience, privacy needs, and style should all be taken into account before settling on one option over the other.

Factors To Consider 

When it comes to choosing between blackout curtains and blinds, the decision can feel like a mountain. 

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of choices and options available. 

But, just like climbing a mountain, if you take things one step at a time you’ll soon reach the peak with confidence.

The first factor to consider is light control. 

Blackout curtains tend to be more effective in blocking out light than blackout blinds, making them ideal for those who want total darkness when they sleep or need a dark room for watching movies or presentations. 

However, blackout blinds are more efficient in controlling the amount of light let into the room during the day while still providing privacy.

Another point to think about is cost-effectiveness. 

Generally speaking, blackout curtains are usually more expensive than their counterparts due to their higher quality materials. 

On the other hand, cheaper options exist in terms of blackout blinds which may provide good enough light control for your needs at a lower price tag.

Finally, there’s also aesthetics and personal preference involved when making this decision. Do you prefer the classic look of curtains or would you rather have something modern like blinds? 

This is something that only you can answer based on your own tastes and desires.

Ultimately, taking into account all these factors will help you find the right solution for your home so that you can enjoy peaceful nights and bright days without worrying about too much sunlight pouring through your windows.

Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining blackout curtains and blinds is essential for keeping them in top condition. 

Interestingly, a survey by Home Improvement Magazine found that more than half of people didn’t know how to maintain their blackout curtains or blinds. 

It’s essential to understand the differences between the two when it comes to maintenance requirements. 

Let’s take a look.

Blackout curtains require regular cleaning. Dust can accumulate on their surfaces much like other fabrics, so they must be vacuumed or brushed with a lint roller regularly. 

They also need a deep clean every couple of months – this can be done in the washing machine with a mild soap and cold water. 

Make sure to hang them up right away after cleaning as they are prone to creasing if left damp, which would ruin their effect altogether.

Blackout blinds don’t require as much maintenance as curtains do, but they still need some looking after. 

Their surfaces should be wiped down regularly with a damp cloth – this will help keep dust at bay and prevent any buildup of grime on hard-to-reach parts of the slats. 

The occasional deep clean is recommended too; brush them down outside with an old toothbrush and some warm soapy water before wiping them off with a dry cloth afterwards makes sure they stay in tip-top shape!

Both blackout curtains and blinds offer great light control, but there are alternatives available too; from solar shades and window films, to shutters and motorized shades – all suitable options depending on your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blackout Curtains Or Blinds More Energy Efficient?

The darkness of night engulfs us, like a blanket of comfort. But the sun can be oppressive during the day and it’s best to have a way to keep out its rays. 

Blackout curtains or blinds could be a solution but which one is more energy efficient?

Curtains can provide an elegant, luxurious look that adds charm to a room. 

They come in different colors and textures, allowing for personalization and style enhancement. 

Furthermore, curtains are lightweight and easy to hang up. However, they may not block out as much light as blinds do and may also be less energy efficient since they are made with thinner fabric.

On the other hand, blackout blinds are usually made with thicker material that better blocks out light. And since they cover more area than curtains, they provide better insulation from heat and cold air, making them more energy efficient overall. 

Additionally, blackout blinds come in various sizes and shapes to fit all window types so you can customize your window treatment without sacrificing efficiency.

Blackout blinds provide superior efficiency when compared with curtains due to their thicker material and larger coverage area. 
With these features combined you get maximum light blocking benefits with minimal effort – no wonder why people often choose blackout blinds over curtains!

Do Blackout Curtains Or Blinds Provide Better Sound Insulation?

When it comes to sound insulation, blackout curtains and blinds both offer a great solution. 

As a result, it’s important to consider which one is best in order to create the ideal environment. Let’s take a closer look at how each of these products can help keep sound out.

For starters, blackout curtains are made with thick fabric that helps absorb sound waves and minimize noise pollution. 

An added bonus is that they come in various colors and styles, so you can customize your space according to your taste. 

Additionally, these curtains are easy to install and maintain; simply hang them up and you’re good to go!
On the other hand, blackout blinds also provide excellent sound insulation. 

Plus, they come in different shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for any window size. With their adjustable slats, they also give you more control over how much light comes into the room.

Undoubtedly, both blackout curtains and blinds can provide effective sound insulation for your home or office space. 
So when deciding which option is right for you, consider the different factors such as cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and style preferences. 

Then make a decision that suits your needs best!

Are Blackout Curtains Or Blinds Better For Blocking Light?

Light blocking is an important factor to consider when choosing between blackout curtains or blackout blinds. Blinds are a better choice if complete darkness is your goal. 

They block out light more effectively than curtains, as the slats create a thicker barrier that prevents any light from coming in at all angles. 

Curtains, on the other hand, block out light but may allow some beams of sunshine to come through if not made with thick enough material.

When it comes to aesthetics, both options have their own merits. Blinds can be opened and closed for precise control of light and privacy levels. 

They can also come in different colors and patterns which makes them easier to match with existing décor. 

Curtains provide a softer look and feel, plus they can be tailored for custom sizes and lengths.

So when it comes to deciding between blackout curtains or blackout blinds, it’s best to consider the level of darkness required and the desired aesthetic for the room. 

Blinds provide greater control over incoming light while curtains offer more flexibility in terms of design choices.

Are Blackout Curtains Or Blinds Easier To Clean?

When it comes to blocking out light, blackout curtains and blinds both do the job well. But how do they compare when it comes to ease of cleaning? 

Let’s take Sarah for example. She spent hours searching for the right window coverings for her bedroom. 

She wanted something that would block out the light, but was also easy to clean.

Sarah chose blackout blinds over curtains because they are easier to keep in pristine condition. 

Blinds don’t gather dust like curtains do and can be wiped down with a damp cloth in no time at all. 

Plus, many of them come with a built-in dust repellent coating, making upkeep even more effortless.

Curtains may require occasional dry cleaning or steam cleaning if they become heavily soiled, making them less ideal when it comes to convenience and cost-effectiveness compared to blinds. 

In addition, curtains can be damaged by strong sunlight over time whereas blinds are less likely to suffer from such damage.
So if you’re looking for an easier way to keep your windows looking great, blackout blinds might just be the best choice for you.


Blackout curtains provide better sound insulation than blackout blinds, while the latter are more energy efficient. Blackout curtains are also better for blocking light, but blackout blinds are easier to clean.

Blackout curtains create a complete seal around windows so no light gets in – perfect for those who live near street lights or businesses that leave their lights on at night. 

Meanwhile, blackout blinds can be adjusted so you can control how much sunlight enters your room during the day – ideal for rooms with large windows facing east or west! 

The verdict? Both options are great – it all depends on what kind of darkness you’re looking for!

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