Do Sleep Aids Break a Fast?

Do Sleep Aids Break a Fast

If you are intermittent fasting, are you worried that sleep aids will break your fast and lose the benefits of fasting? We have the answer below along with some requested questions below. 

If you are taking melatonin to help you sleep, you should continue. Melatonin pills do not contain any calories or carbohydrates. However, sleep gummies can break your fast because of the sugars in the form of glucose.

Do Sleeping Gummies Break a Fast?

Technically the answer is yes; sleeping gummies contain ingredients with sugar and carbs. Although, in real terms, the quantity is minuscule, it does effectively break your fast.

However, why you are fasting is a pertinent question. If you are fasting to lose weight, it would be reasonable to suggest you have broken your fast regardless of the small number of calories consumed.

It’s an outstanding achievement to fast for a few days, and the health benefits are immense over the long term. But you need to consider what a lack of sleep is doing to your body.

Not sleeping causes your body to stress, and stress leads to higher levels of cortisol. Cortisol is the enemy of everyone who is dieting as it makes you hold onto the weight you already have.

So, yes, gummies break your fast but consider the balance of what you are trying to achieve before you cease taking sleep supplements.

Can You Take Medicine While Intermittent Fasting?

Yes. Most medications do not use sugars or carbs, so they will not impact your fasting regime.

If you are taking prescribed medication, under no circumstance should you stop unless you have consulted with your doctor?

Medications are prescribed for good reasons, some are to maintain life. As much as the benefits of intermittent fasting can be immense, do not stop taking medications.

Over-the-counter medications and supplements are a different story, you will need to check the labeling carefully and decide if the sugars contravene your fasting regime.

Will Tylenol Break a Fast?

Tylenol contains taxes of cellulose, and cellulose is a carb. But the quantity is so insignificant that it can’t be deemed that Tylenol will break your fast.

If you have aches and pains or a slight fever during your fast, you can take Tylenol and avoid Tylenol syrup, which has high sugar content.

How do I Stop Insomnia When Fasting?

It’s normal to have an initial bout of insomnia when fasting, and it’s hard to sleep for a couple of days when your stomach is empty.

You can try some light exercise to make your body tired, followed by a nice warm bath with your favorite fragrances at hand.

Aromatherapy oils are calming and induce sleep. Try lavender oil; it’s been used for centuries to aid in sleep.

Keep your bedroom cool. Warm bedrooms keep you tossing and turning all through the night.

Read a book, select a book that is not heavy going and not a horror story. You just want to make your eyes feel heavy so you can drift off to sleep.

Do Olly Sleep Gummies Contain Xylitol

Do Olly Sleep Gummies Contain Xylitol

If you are looking for something to help you sleep but are worried about Xylitol in the ingredients, read on as the ingredients are unveiled.

 No, Xylitol is not an active ingredient of Olly Sleep Gummies. The ingredients in Olly Sleep Gummies are naturally occurring and enhance sleep.

What is the Active Ingredient in Olly Sleep Gummies?

Melatonin is the main active ingredient in Olly Sleep Gummies. Melatonin is naturally produced by the body and is the hormone that makes us feel sleepy.

Melatonin can also be purchased over the counter at most pharmacies in tablet form should you be concerned about the ingredients of Olly Sleep Gummies.

Olly Sleep Gummies also use L-Theanine in their sleep gummies. L-theanine is an amino acid that helps calm our bodies.

There are other ingredients used, such as botanicals, that make us feel calm. These may have a placebo effect, but don’t worry if you can get a good night’s sleep.

Are Olly Sleep Gummies Safe?

Yes, the ingredients are naturally occurring in nature and are proven to make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Some of the ingredients in this supplement may be problematic to some of you, so let’s look at the two main ingredients, melatonin and L-Theanine.


Also known as the sleep hormone is produced in the pineal gland. When released into the bloodstream, it makes us feel sleepy.

Since 2012 melatonin has been widely used in supplements to help solve sleep problems.


You have likely consumed L-Theanine millions of times as it is found in tea and mushrooms. It is proven to reduce stress. 

L-theanine is an amino acid, and as a result of consuming L-theanine, you will feel relaxed.

All of the other ingredients in this supplement are equally inert and will not cause you any harm, hopefully, Olly Sleep Gummies will make you sleep like a baby.


It’s worth mentioning that Olly Sleep Gummies do a great job of labeling and are transparent with the ingredients incorporated into the sleep gummies.

Are Olly Melatonin Gummies Safe For Dogs?

Dogs have a similar circadian rhythm to humans, so they should need Olly Sleep Gummies to sleep, but dogs being dogs they will see your Olly gummies as a treat and eat them if they can.

Melatonin is sometimes used to treat dogs for certain conditions, so in general, melatonin is safe for dogs to consume.

What Happens If My Dog Eats a Melatonin Gummy?

Here is the problem, have you ever known your dog to eat one of anything? Olly Sleep Gummies taste pretty good to us, so your dog will eat them all if he gets the chance.

Your dog will become sleepy, but if the dog has an upset stomach like diarrhea, the dog is reacting to sleep gummies.

If your dog is losing coordination, this could be a worrying sign, and you should speak with your Vet without delay.

Can You Watch Doctor Sleep Without Watching The Shining?

Can You Watch Doctor Sleep Without Watching The Shining

Is it a good idea to watch a sequel before watching the original movie? Will you lose the overall gist and the intended theme if you watch the sequel first?

There was no love loss between Stanley Kubrick’s film and Doctor Sleep’s sequel, written by Stephen King. This is well documented, and you should watch The Shining know the whole story and judge for yourself which is better.

Do You Need to Watch The Shining Before Doctor Sleep Reddit?

For purists, it’s a must to watch The Shining before Doctor Sleep. The Shining is a classic movie, and Stanly Kubrick’s wild imagination was something to behold.

However, some critiques on Reddit have a valid point. They say the two movies are only loosely intertwined, if at all.

According to Stephen King, his book and movie make The Shining look like a better movie.

Putting creative rivalries apart, you could take the view that Doctor Sleep is a sequel, and if that’s the case, you should see the first movie, The Shining, before watching the sequel, Doctor Sleep.

Do I Need to Read The Shining Before Reading Doctor Sleep?

An interesting question. Well, Danny (Jack Nicholson) is the main protagonist in The Shining, and without knowing his story and what he experienced at the Overlook hotel could or should make Doctor Sleep a little less gripping.

At times, The Shining is gripping and tense and well worth reading, but you shouldn’t forget they are two different authors that are unusual for a sequel.

However, In Typical Stephen King’s style, Doctor Sleep’s sequel is only loosely connected to the original The Shining.

It would be acceptable to read Doctor Sleep and maybe not ever set eyes on The Shining despite being a fantastic read.

Is Doctor Sleep a Sequel to The Shining?

To all intents and purposes, Doctor Sleep is the sequel to The Shining. But for some of you, the connection between the two stops at that point.

Having a sequel authored by a different writer is bound to see different incarnations and the development of the character in a different way from the original.

Is Stephen King’s incarnation any less worthy than Stanley Kubrick’s? It’s all down to preference at the end of the day.

This is why it is challenging to define Doctor Sleep as a true sequel. Yes, it’s set in the exact location, and it’s Danny’s son this time.

The truth is both books and movies have to share some DNA, and you can thread that DNA into both adaptations of the books.

The absolute bottom line is you should see or read The Shining, Kubrick was a master of his craft, and the movie has become a classic horror story with possibly some of the best actors of all time.

No one can dispute Stephen King’s accolades, and Doctor Sleep is a terrific movie and very enjoyable. Is it a sequel? You decide.

Can You Use a Queen Mattress Without a Box Spring?

Can You Use a Queen Mattress Without a Box Spring

If you don’t use a box spring, will your queen mattress be damaged? Are there alternatives to give the same level of comfort as a box spring?

You can use your mattress without a box spring. A box spring is mainly there to keep your mattress off the ground. If you need extra storage, opt for slatted bed bases, which work very well with queen-sized mattresses.

Is It Bad To Use a Mattress Without a Box Spring?

Box springs were designed to be used with innerspring mattresses. With most new mattresses, the box spring can cause damage to the mattress.

Indeed you may find it beneficial to ditch the box spring and use a more modern alternative, particularly if you are using latex or memory foam mattresses.

How Do You Support a Queen Mattress Without a Box Spring?

It’s simple. You use a standard bed frame. Most new bed frames come with slats, and these slats are convex and absorb the weight with the slat’s flexing slightly.

Box springs are considered old technology these days, and there are a lot of attractive bed frames to fit your room and make it look beautiful.

For something more durable over time, you can choose a bed foundation, they are comfortable, usually a little lower, and have a modern appearance.

Whichever you choose, there is no need for the traditional box spring. However, some of you love the extra comfort the box spring offers, and the transition to a bed frame may take some getting used to.

What Happens if You Don’t Use a Box Spring?

If you sleep on an innerspring mattress, then you may experience some loss of comfort. However, you can overcome this quite easily and use a mattress topper.

A decent mattress topper will compensate for any loss in comfort from the box spring with the added advantage you no longer have this bulky box in your bedroom.

Your innerspring mattress will perform just fine on a bed frame, and you will soon adapt to the new sleeping arrangement.

There are so many advantages to using a bed frame. You lose the cumbersome look of the old spring box and free up some space in your bedroom.

Cleaning becomes more straightforward as you can now reach under the bed.

On the downside, your bed frame will need some maintenance, generally in the form of re-tightening screws and bolts to prevent squeaks and noises.

Can I Put a Mattress Directly on a Bed Frame?

Yes and no! You need to have enough support for the mattress. Queen size mattresses can be heavy, and the proper support is needed, so you do not experience any dips in the mattress.

Speak with your bed frame supplier and check that the queen mattress is suitable for the support offered by the bed frame.

In most circumstances, you will not experience any problems, and the standard frame will have adequate support for the queen mattress and you.

How Much Sleep Do You Need To Grow?

How Much Sleep Do You Need To Grow

Do taller people sleep more? If the premise is you need to sleep to grow, then surely teenagers who sleep a lot should be taller than teens who sleep less?

Sleep is necessary for growth and development. A teenager needs approximately 9.5 hours of sleep every night, which is one hour more than they need at the age of 10. Sleep is also associated with the second stage of cognitive development.

How Can a Teenager Get Taller?

Sleep, Diet, and exercise. The formula for growth is simple. It’s based on good nutrition, an active lifestyle, and a healthy amount of sleep.

Having a diet high in nutrition and minerals is very important, and we all know how much some teenagers can pack away at mealtimes.

A diet high in calcium and lean proteins provides the building blocks for growth with all needed.

Teens need to develop strength and endurance from playing sports. Running is excellent for all-around fitness, and some light resistance training is also needed to maximize growth potential.

Is joining a gym necessary for growth? Teenagers are not advised to start pushing heavyweights, but light resistance training is ok. The developing bones and muscles are not suited to exercise, and over-exertion can lead to problems like Osgood Schlatter Disease.

Some studies show that teens who overexert when exercising grow slower than teens who have regular exercise routines.

Have you ever noticed that many gymnasts are shorter than average? It’s not genetics; it’s stressing the body at a young age that stunts growth.

Can You Stunt Your Growth?

It can stunt your growth, and teens should be aware that a continual diet of fast food will prevent growth.

If your teenager is a couch potato, then you can expect growth to be slower and may not reach the full height potential due to inactivity.

If your teenager lives with stress, this will negatively affect the body, and growth may be stunted.

Studies show that teens growing up with high levels of stress mature into shorter adults. Stress wreaks havoc on hormones that are vital to be in balance for maximum growth potential.

Other factors to stunt growth are the use of drugs, making teenagers lazy, and neglecting diet and exercise.

Teens who prefer to play video games and lose out on sleep tend to grow at slower rates and develop into shorter adults.

Can Melatonin Help You Grow Taller?

There is a connection between melatonin and an increase in growth hormones. However, melatonin is a hormone that induces sleep.

Normal sleep of 9 to 9.5 hours for a teen would have the same effect. It does not seem customary or reasonable for a teen to need to take melatonin.

You will know most teens have a hard job getting out of bed, and once sleeping, they sleep soundly.

Melatonin is crucial, but studies show that light resistance exercise produces the same growth hormone level as a melatonin pill.

Its sleep and exercise combined with a good diet make you tall.

Does Milk Help You Grow?

You can consider milk the number one food source for growing teens; milk is full of calcium and other vitamins essential to growth and well-being.

Milk contains high-quality fats and proteins that are easily digested. Milk also contains vitamin D that is essential to growth and health.

Proteins provide your teen body with the ability to repair torn muscles and tissue; calcium and vitamin D help maintain strong bones and teeth.

Milk also contains Vitamin B12. B12 helps your body convert food into fuel to keep you active.

Does Rice Stunt Your Growth?

Rice doesn’t stunt growth, rice can be part of any diet when eaten in reasonable portions, and rice is a carbohydrate and gets a bad press.

Rice contains essential amino acids that are important for our digestive system and overall performance.

Brown rice and rice variants are reported to be better for you than standard white rice. High levels of vitamins are found in darker grains of rice.

Do Bananas Make You Taller?

No, bananas will not make you taller, but they should be included in your diet. Bananas are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are essential to bone health.

Bananas are an excellent food for developing teens.

Does Junk Food Make You Taller?

Junk food will make you gain weight, not height. Junk food is ok in moderation, but a balanced healthy diet is needed to support growth for growing teens.

What Should a Teenager Eat Every Day?

A balanced healthy diet that supports bone and muscle growth. The diet needs to include proteins for muscle repair and growth. Calcium for bone health and vegetables and fruits for vitamins and mineral,s

Does Hair Grow Faster If You Sleep More?

Sleep alone does not impact your hair growth, and it would help if you had a combination of sleep, a well-balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Can Anything Help You Grow Taller?

Unfortunately, it is all down to genetics. If your parents are tall and your grandparents are tall, then in all probability, you will be tall.

However, you can improve your chances by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising. Of course, you need to get the 9 hours of sleep needed to put you in the best situation for growth.

Does Sleeping and Stretching Make You Taller?

Yes, it does, but not for long! When you sleep, your vertebrae decompress, and we all become a little taller. Stretching has the same effect. We stretch out the backbone, expanding the joints.


Teens need a good diet of healthy foods, enough exercise, and plenty of sleep. Your genetics determines your height, and there is little you can do about it other than put yourself in the best situation to grow and develop to your full potential.

How Do Mattress Stores Stay In Business?

How Do Mattress Stores Stay In Business

Is owning a mattress business a mystery to you? How is it possible these mattress businesses make a profit and stay in business?

The current population of the United States of America is 333,685,997. Considering everyone uses a mattress that is replaced every ten years, this translates into more than 33.5 million mattresses being sold every year at substantial profit margins.

Is Owning a Mattress Store Profitable?

Owning a mattress business is all about gaining market share. If the mattress business has a small market share, then it is hard to survive.

This is why you see chains of mattress stores across the country attempting to take a bigger slice of the cake of this lucrative industry sector.

Suppose we accept that a mattress is changed on average every ten years. In that case, a yearly market of 33.5 million mattresses across the country is a hugely profitable business to be involved in.

Part of the key to gaining market share is being visible to the public, which is why we see so many mattress stores dotted around the country.

Of course, these stores are located in areas where it is possible to receive high foot traffic. You may not enter the store, but you certainly know it’s there and has even become part of the fabric of the community.

How Much Money Do Mattress Sellers Make?

There is a factoid on the internet stating that a mattress selling for $300.00 has a manufacturing cost of $300.00. That’s a massive 900% markup! The factoid is not disputed.

We need to reasonably consider that the mattress store owner is not making a 900% contribution to profit on each mattress it sells unless the mattress store owner is also the manufacturer of the mattress.

However, after the business’s overheads, the salaries in a mattress business are not fantastic, with salespeople making a base salary of 15k and managers 55k.

So, if you are considering working in a mattress store, you will need to be an excellent salesperson to have high earning potentials.

I guess the real question here is how much do the store owners make? It’s a kind of impossible question to answer, but one thing is for sure they are not on the bread line.

If you are familiar with Mattress Mack, his reported yearly revenue was 200 million every year and dropped in recent time to 150 million. He has a reported net worth of 300 million.

All in all, it looks as if the mattress business is very profitable, and maybe those 900% markups are an actual figure!

What Is The Profit Margin On Mattress Sales?

There are all kinds of indexes to view, but the truth is whatever you look at is based on averages. This is how investors look at the market, averages across seasonal sales.

The answer is because there are so many variables to factor into the equation. How much is your rent, how many staff do you hire, and on and on, you get the picture.

However, the reported profit margin for the store owner is approximately 50% which is a pretty good profit when you consider some mattresses are more than $3000.

However, not every mattress is high-end, so that the actual margin may remain the same, but the incoming revenue is significantly less. Hence, it’s vital to understand mattress store owners also need to sell high volumes of mattresses.

Selling a large number of mattresses every month needs marketing which usually is in the form of discounts.

Every mattress store has a sale that never seems to end, and discounts are offered frequently to attract more people through the doors.

Don’t forget if you have your mattress store. There are opportunities to extend profitable product lines. You may wish to extend into bedding and pillows.

Most of you know Mike Lindell and how profitable his pillow company has become.

The opportunities are vast for a mattress store owner to add revenue to the bottom line.

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Mattress Firm?

The first thing you need to do is due diligence. Is the store viable in the location you are proposing? You will need to make sure your store is visible, and the potential for foot traffic is high.

Many mattress stores are located in shopping malls. This is not by accident, and the Mattress retailer is located in the shopping mall to offer potential customers a one-stop shopping experience.

However, the rental will be higher, and the lock-in periods may be prohibitive for the first-time mattress store owner.

In some cities like Chicago, IL, you could set up your mattress store for as little as $ 50,000.00, and the mattress demand is just as high.

You will need to set up your mattress business in a city with a large population. The more affluent the city will attract higher rental payments for the store.

However, if you head down to Houston, Texas, the cost of entering into a mattress business will be significantly higher, and the competition will be much more challenging.

Don’t view competition as being a bad thing. In some ways, they have blazed the trail for you to enter the market and have done advertising on your behalf.

Business Plan

Regardless of whether you need finance or not, you will need to create a realistic business plan. Your business plan should include all of your expected outgoing and all of your expected sales. Try to project over a few years to have a realistic picture of what you can expect in terms of revenues.

Along with your business plan, write an executive summary. This is simply why you think it’s a good idea for a mattress retail outlet in a particular location.

Don’t forget to include competition analysis. Understand where your competition is located and their selling prices.

Marketing should be a significant portion of your business plan. You need to know how to get some market share without entering into a price war.

Always keep in mind why you are going into this business, and that’s profit.

There are many other aspects to a business plan, but it’s essential to have one.

So, it seems as if you can start your own business for as little as $50,000.00.


There is more than one way to start a mattress firm. You could consider franchising, and franchising has many advantages for the first-time mattress firm franchisee.

You could buy into an established brand and a mattress firm with brand equity. What do I mean about brand equity?

The name is recognized, the business is established. However, there are some disadvantages.

You will be locked into specific sales figures and the products that the franchiser is selling.

It could make entry into a profitable market sector easier for the less experienced entrepreneur.

Box Mattresses

One of the fastest-growing mattress sectors throughout the country is the box mattress sector.

We all shop online more and more and get everything delivered to our front door. It’s convenient and so many times cheaper than buying from a retail outlet.

If you get tired of salespeople trying to strong-arm you into making a purchase, then box mattresses are well worth considering.

The box mattress industry is growing exponentially, and for a good reason. Box mattresses are great value for money and provide some of the best comforts to be found in the mattress market.

Can you become involved and make a profit from selling box mattresses? The answer is yes, and the entry-level is easy in comparison to being a mattress store owner.

The system can be lucrative once your web pages gain momentum and orders are placed through you. The box mattress seller does everything else, including transferring cash to your bank account.

Mattress Life Cycles

Whatever mattress you choose, they have a natural life cycle if used daily, and the average life of any mattress is around 8 years, and they get replaced on average every ten years.

The US market is enormous in this industry and will only grow in the coming years for both traditional and box mattresses.

How Do Mattress Stores Stay In Business?

Mattress stores stay in business because they make healthy profits. It may seem as if the store is empty every time you drive by, but this is all part of the business and is accounted for.

Profits of 50% and higher can be expected on the bottom line, and with a burgeoning market, there are no shortages of sales.

Location is important to the successful outcome of the mattress store, and this is why we have seen so many at our local malls. The number will keep growing.