How Safe Are IKEA Mattresses?

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Do you feel the lower cost of IKEA mattresses makes them less safe and possibly toxic?

IKEA mattresses are safe, do not worry, the company has a strict environmental policy that has seen it move away from toxic chemicals in the manufacture of its mattresses. Even flame retardants are being replaced with materials that are less prone to burning.

Do Ikea Mattresses Have Toxic Chemicals?

IKEA has been on a quest since the year 2000 to achieve environmental guidelines and exceed the guidelines wherever possible. IKEA has phased out toxic and potentially carcinogenic chemicals from their soft furnishings like mattresses.

However, some elements still have some chemical use in manufacturing, such as stitching and piping.

The stitching and piping is a small percentage over the whole materials used in a mattress, and no impact from these traces should be expected.

Are Ikea Mattresses Greenguard Certified?

Not all Ikea mattresses are Greenguard certified. Their budget mattresses do not have this certification. But before you jump to a conclusion, you need to know IKEA has a chemical transparency policy.

Any consumer can look up what chemicals have been used in the manufacturing of their mattress. Furthermore, IKEA has the policy to remove all toxic chemicals from its mattresses.

So, even without the Greenguard certification, IKEA budget mattresses are still worth a serious look at, and you will find that they are not toxic.

Are IKEA Mattresses Fire Retardant?

Ikea mattresses are required to meet the same flammability standards as all other mattresses sold in the United States. In order to meet these standards, it is likely that some Ikea mattresses may contain flame retardant chemicals.

However, IKEA’s strict environmental policy has seen them move away from brominated flame retardants.

Rayon and other natural flame retardant materials are used to meet and exceed flame retardant standards in the US.

How Toxic Are Mattresses?

In general, mattresses are not toxic. If you purchase any type of foam mattress, including memory foam, they are synthetic and hydrocarbon-based.

New foam mattresses off-gas, and you are advised not to use them for a few days until the VOCs (volatile organic gasses) and keep the room well ventilated, like having the windows open. After this period, they are safe.

Regular mattresses are not toxic. However, if the mattress needs to comply with a state regulation for fire retardant, it can’t be sold in that state unless it complies with the law.

In many ways, IKEA is ahead of the game and leads the way in removing toxic chemicals from their production facilities.

Ikea Off Gassing

Off-gassing is the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from products, and it can occur with a variety of household items, including furniture and other household goods. VOCs are emitted as gases from certain materials, and they can have a strong, unpleasant smell.

Ikea, like many other furniture manufacturers, uses a variety of materials in its products, and it is possible that some of these materials may release VOCs when they are new. The smell of off-gassing is typically most noticeable when a product is new, and it should dissipate over time.

If you are concerned about off-gassing from Ikea products, you can try airing out the room where the products are located and opening windows to help ventilate the space. You can also consider using an air purifier to help remove VOCs from the air. If the smell persists or if you experience any other unusual symptoms, you may want to consult with a doctor or other medical professional.

Do Ikea mattresses have fiberglass?

Ikea does not use fiberglass in its mattresses. Fiberglass is a type of man-made fiber that is made from extremely fine glass strands, and it is commonly used in a variety of products, including insulation and reinforced plastic products.

Ikea is committed to using materials that are safe for its customers and the environment, and it does not use fiberglass in any of its products, including its mattresses. If you have any concerns about the materials used in Ikea products, you can contact the company directly for more information.

What Are the Safest Mattresses?

Latex is a natural product, and the mattresses are safe, and comfortable too! Many companies are offering “green” mattresses, all at a premium price.

Choosing a mattress is a minefield and being “green” is very expensive, so if you are adamant, you want a natural but affordable look at some hybrid latex mattresses.

The combination of springs and latex could be the solution you are looking for in comfort and safety.

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