How to Sleep After Curling Hair?

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Women love to change their hairstyles now and then. Changing hairstyles like curling entails a little sacrifice. If you want to look gorgeous and dazzling for the next day or two, you have to be extra careful when you go to bed. 

Saving your curls frizz-free determines how you sleep. Use silk scrunchies to hold your hair in a pineapple while sleeping on satin or silk pillowcases. To avoid tangles, condition your hair with almond oil and leave it overnight or spray with your favorite conditioner.

Below are the different methods for styling and tools to help maintain your curly hair while you sleep. 

How do you sleep after you curl your hair?

After curling their hair, any woman can either sleep sideways, sleeping on the back, or sleeping on their stomach as long as their newly curled hair is protected and preserved from being tangled or in a frizzy mess.

 It is better to pay attention to applying precautionary preparation. Use a sizable amount of serum from top to bottom to avoid messy knots because curls need moisture to look their best.

 If you desire to wake up with your curly hair still intact, twist your hair well and secure it in a top knot so that the hair will dry into those curls. 

How to sleep on curly hair?

curly hair

If you’re not keen on washing your curly hair every day, you will get up with a defined curl that is easy to revive. The following morning, a silk pillowcase is just the perfect tool to avoid uncurly and messy hair.

 A silken surface allows your curly tresses to remain as is without tangles and knots. Also, you can condition your hair overnight by applying a leave-in conditioning spray. A little spritz will provide a barrier against frizz while you sleep.

 Multiple braiding also keeps curly hair all night. Wrapping a satin scarf around your head is a better match for curly hair as well. 

How to sleep with curly hair? 

Expert hair stylists have different ways of keeping curly hair while you’re asleep. 

  1. Messy Bun: favorable for longer curls. By simply twisting your hair into a loose, messy bun on top of your head with a scrunchy.
  2. Twists: preferably for tighter curls. By dividing your hair into two sections and wrapping each section around each other with a hair tie, like braiding can preserve your curls while you sleep. 
  3. Loose Braids: this will keep your curls secure all night long. One or two French braids or multiple braids, whatever you choose, will have the best results the following morning. 
  4. Pineapple: for shorter and medium curls, pineapple is flipping your hair over and gathering it into a very high ponytail, and securing it with a soft hair tie. 
  5. Plop It: plopping is good if you’re sleeping with wet or damp curls. Twisting a towel or cotton t-shirt or pillowcase around your hair to dry your wet curls in a self-contained mound on top of your head. 
  6. Buff: use a scarf or fabric to encase your hair on top of your head to form a buff. The buff guides the hair upward while you sleep without creating a scrunchy indent.

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