Are Sleep Streams Allowed On Twitch?

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Do you enjoy watching pro gamers battle their opponents and wondering how they develop their skills and tactics? Or maybe you just want to start a channel to livestream or even to sleep?  

Yes, sleep streams are allowed on Twitch, as long as they follow the platform’s community guidelines and terms of service. In Feb 2021, Twitch changed its policy on “unattended content,” which is now allowed without restrictions.

Twitch is a live streaming platform primarily used for video game streaming, but it also allows other types of content, including creative content, talk shows, and even sleep streams.

If you are interested in streaming your sleep on Twitch, it is important to follow the platform’s guidelines and terms of service, which include requirements such as not engaging in any illegal or harmful activities and not streaming copyrighted material.

It is also a good idea to consider the audience you are targeting and whether your sleep stream will be of interest to them. If you are planning to stream your sleep on Twitch, it is a good idea to have a clear concept and plan for your stream, and to engage with your audience and interact with them during the stream.

Is Sleeping Allowed On Twitch?

Depending on your time zone, some games take a long time to play, and you might be consuming this content throughout the night.

Inevitably if your favorite gamer is in the throes of an enthralling game, then it is hard to switch off. There are many who drift off, and this was deemed unattended content, which isn’t allowed under permissible content.

However, your fears of being disconnected are gone forever. With the new policy, unattended content disappears, and if you drift off to sleep, it’s no longer an issue.

What Is The Point Of Sleep Streams?

There are some savvy folks out there who earn a lot of cash by sleeping when streaming.

It is reported that a guy called Rinaudo enabled a bot to let his committed viewers upload spurious videos that provided exciting content. These videos kept playing at the top of the screen while Rinaudo went to bed and slept soundly.

After many hours of Rinaudo getting his much-needed rest and dozens of cringe-worthy videos being broadcast to hundreds if not thousands of viewers.

Hours later, when Rinaudo woke, he found he was $5.600 better off than when he went to sleep.

You must admit that getting paid to sleep must be one of the savviest moves any tech guy can make.

Slumber Parties

The slumber party phenomenon has created many Twitch streaming videos where all you do is focus your camera on your bed then head off to sleep.

While sleeping in the slumber party, you receive small 2 to 5 dollars donations through the Twitch donations function.

So, who knew that sleeping could be so lucrative?

The growing trend has made this unusually dull pass time profitable, and the phenomenon continues to grow. Some sleepers are more aesthetic than others, and these are the guys drawing decent incomes.

Is Twitch A Free Streaming Service?

You may be surprised to read that Twitch is a free streaming service, so why would Amazon ever consider giving anything away for free?

Well, in the world of streaming eyes on the screen and views equals cash. Advertising revenues increase as viewers increase.

Twitch is poised to become a significant service and is starting to diversify its content from gaming to live sports streams, music, and more.

Twitch is gaining momentum as a younger generation decides to cut the cord and break away from traditional cable shows for entertainment.

Are 24/7 Streams Allowed On Twitch?

The most popular games have been streamed 24/7; however, Twitch is cracking down on the activity and has changed their policy guidelines stopping beta invites.

The problem has come about by devious streamers uploading pre-recorded video and claiming it’s a live stream, a dodgy practice, to say the least, and defeats the channel’s purpose.

The new guidelines are somewhat open to interpretation and vague enough to get around should you wish to.

Do You Have To Stream For 8 Hours On Twitch?

If you are a casual user and not interested in earning from Twitch, then you can stream for a few hours without a problem.

However, If you are looking to generate some additional income from Twitch, you will need to join their affiliate program.

One of the prerequisites of becoming an affiliate is you stream for a minimum of 8 hours.

The good news is if you are a budding entrepreneur under the age of 18 with lots of excellent or crazy content ideas, your parents can give consent and sign the affiliate program agreement on your behalf.

Is Twitch Safe For My Kids To Use?

You need to be aware that live streaming is difficult to control, and sure there are guidelines for streamers to abide by, and if they don’t, they can be kicked off the platform, which offers some comfort.

But, if your kids are of an age where they could be traumatized easily, then you need to be careful and monitor and set limits to what they can view.

You need to know the streamer can say and do anything while live streaming, and it’s out of your control.

Access can be granted based on a streamer’s reputation from their past live streams, but there is no guarantee a child will not be exposed to profanities and lewd acts during the stream.

There is nothing you can do to prevent vulgarities, and the long-term impact on the child may have already taken place.

The damage is done by the time you have reported the incident, and the streamer is kicked off the platform.

Twitch Consent

Your child needs to be at least 13 years old, and if under 17 years old, needs to have parental consent to proceed with opening an account.

The parents receive controls to restrict certain streamers.


Be aware that your child will use a chatbox, and anyone can chat with them during live streams.

To prevent unsolicited contact with your child, access the setting menu and limit the chatbox function. This will prevent unwanted and potentially criminal contact. 

Twitch Is More Than Video Games

When twitch first started, it was an excellent platform for hard esports fans to attract some of the world’s best esport gamers.

The platform is evolving into something else and now streams live sports and music, plus many other obscure videos.

Is it the answer to cutting the cord and moving away from more traditional entertainment?

It has its niche at the moment and appeals to the younger generation who search for alternatives to sitcoms and run-of-the-mill movies.

The gaming genre can be incredibly violent and, with the development of graphics, extremely life-like.

It’s almost inevitable that Bezos has plans for twitch to become a rival for YouTube. You can see the writing on the wall at this early stage.

And who wouldn’t want to see a more edgy YouTube with fewer restrictions and becoming less politically correct.

Social Community

Like the other social platforms, Twitch is a great place to meet like-minded people and exchange messages and ideas.

This is an invaluable tool for hardcore gamers, and Twitch is leading to delivering what its subscribers are asking for.

Did Twitch start as a social network? No, not, but over the years, it has developed into its niche. You could argue with intention, as it uses features of many other social media platforms, making the process seemingly seamless!


Twitch is not the platform for watching movies, amazon has amazon prime for movies, so I doubt if they will start competing with themselves in that arena.

Having said that, Twitch would be an excellent space to show more edgy cult movies with a lower viewing number but a vital market sector when it comes to advertising.

Twitch Prime

Whatever you do, you can’t escape the big corporate companies, and Twitch Prime is a clear amazon spin-off that had previously not interfered so much with Twitch after they acquired the business in 2014.

But now, with Twitch Prime, you get advert-free content that is an excellent thing if you want to pay for the subscription.

With Prime, you receive video game discounts and free downloads. It’s worth giving prime a look for the discounts.

Does Twitch Have Competition?

Make no bones about it Twitch is going to compete with YouTube, and Youtube is responding in kind.

You can now view gamers on youtube competing at a high level, but youtube has some way to go in catching up. However, they have the resources and the will to remain number one in the market.

Will it happen? I’m not so sure; despite the deep pockets of Google, a perfect they are a long way behind and seem to be losing ground with their bread butter as more traditional media is pushing live streaming as they see the way content is evolving. 


Well, who would have thought you could make money by using a sleep stream? It seems as if twitch has forged a way for many of us to jump on this bandwagon and potentially earn a decent amount of cash.

There are some concerning aspects to Twitch when it comes to letting children use the service, The settings and controls can be changed, but the truth is that there is no controlling what is being broadcast with any live stream.

Right now, Twitch is the best palace for the hard-core gamer to live stream.

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