Do Firm Mattresses Get Softer Overtime

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A mattress is like a loyal companion, providing comfort and support when needed. But what happens when that trusty mattress turns out to be too firm? It’s a question that many have asked, do firm mattresses get softer over time?

Many potential buyers consider whether their mattress will soften up over time before investing in a firm one to relieve back pain and other ailments.

In this article, we will explore the answer to this question and examine how long it takes for these mattresses to break in and become more comfortable.

Benefits Of A Firm Mattress

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Firm mattresses offer many benefits. 

They are durable, designed to last longer than other mattress types. They also provide great back support and even distribution of weight across the surface. 

This can help reduce pain and promote good posture when sleeping.

Firm mattresses also limit motion transfer, which makes them ideal for couples or anyone sharing a bed with another person. 

These mattresses won’t sag over time and won’t need to be flipped or rotated like some other mattress types. 

When choosing a firm mattress, it’s important to consider its type.

Some materials may require more maintenance than others or may not provide the same level of comfort as other materials. 

Memory foam, for instance, is an excellent option for those looking for firmness but still want support and comfortability from their mattress. 

Latex also provides great durability and breathability while still providing a firm feel.

Understanding these options will help you find the right fit for your preferences and needs, making sure you get the most out of your purchase.

How Long Do Firm Mattresses Last?

A firm mattress is like a rock, unmovable and unyielding at first glance. But over time, it can become softer and more comfortable to sleep on. 

Here are five ways that your mattress can last longer: 

  • Regularly rotate the mattress so that it wears evenly.
  • Use a good quality mattress protector to prevent moisture and staining. 
  • Avoid exposing the mattress to direct sunlight. 
  • Vacuum the surface regularly to remove any dirt or dust particles that may have accumulated over time. 
  • Make sure you get enough support from your bed frame or foundation.

With proper care and maintenance, a firm mattress can last for many years. 

However, when exposed to certain elements such as heat or humidity, it can start to soften sooner than expected. 

Also, if you don’t provide adequate support for your mattress, this will cause it to wear out faster as well. 

Finally, the type of material used in the construction of your mattress will also influence how long it lasts before softening up.

What Causes Firm Mattresses To Soften?

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Irony of it all – what causes a firm mattress to soften when the intention is to have it remain firm forever? 

It’s an interesting concept, but one that few people think about before making a mattress purchase. 

From wear and tear to humidity and even body heat, here are three ways that a firm mattress gets softer over time:

  1. Wear and Tear: As with any physical object, everyday use can cause wear and tear on the surface of a mattress. This can create dips in the surface of the bed, causing it to become less firm over time.
  2. Humidity: The amount of humidity present in the air affects how quickly a mattress will soften. If there is too much moisture in the air, then this could cause a firm mattress to become softer quicker.
  3. Body Heat: As you sleep on your mattress each night your body heat will be absorbed into the material and make it softer. The more often you sleep on your mattress, the more likely it is to soften over time.

It’s clear that there are many factors which can cause a firm mattress to become softer over time. 

If you want your mattress to stay as firm as possible for as long as possible then you should look for one which has been designed using high-quality materials and construction techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Softer Will A Firm Mattress Get Over Time?

Studies show that the average mattress softens by up to 17% over a period of ten years. This is due to the natural compression of materials within the mattress, as well as how much use it gets.  Firm mattresses may soften more or less than this, depending on their quality and construction.

Firm mattresses are typically made of firmer materials like latex and polyfoam. Over time, these materials will naturally soften and compress, making the mattress feel less firm than it was when new. 

This process can be accelerated if you sleep in the same spot every night, or if you move around often while sleeping.
The best way to keep a firm mattress from softening too quickly is to rotate it regularly. 

This helps spread out any compression that has occurred over time, making it easier for the mattress to maintain its original level of firmness. Additionally, using a mattress protector can help protect against dust mites and other allergens that can make a mattress softer faster.


For many, choosing the right mattress is a difficult decision. It can be hard to decide between a firm or soft mattress for comfort and support. 

Depending on personal preference, either type of mattress can provide a restful night’s sleep. 

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to determine what works best for them.

A firm mattress may soften over time due to wear and tear, but it is possible to make it softer without replacing it. 

It is important to understand how quickly a firm mattress will soften so that you can adjust accordingly if needed. 

Although many prefer a softer mattress for its comfort benefits, if properly cared for, a firm mattress can still provide great support and restful sleep.

In the end, comfort and support are key when deciding between a firm or soft mattress. 

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their bedding so taking the time to figure out what works best for you is essential in getting the best night’s sleep possible. 

With patience and trial and error, you’re sure to find the perfect fit that will have you sleeping like a baby in no time!

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