Can You Use Sleep Cycle Without Charging?

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Are you worried you may lose the benefits of the sleep cycle if the battery loses its charge?

Sleep cycle could use 30% of your battery through the night. You need a fully charged phone or enough battery life to compensate for the 30% battery drain to maintain the sleep cycle. The app recommends that you charge your phone while using it.

Does Sleep Cycle Kill Your Battery?

The sleep cycle uses a lot of battery power, and if you don’t have more than 30% available, you might run out of charge.

Sleep cycle recommends that your phone is kept on charge when using the app, which may raise the question of your phone overheating.

With so much adverse publicity of phones spontaneously combusting due to the spike in battery, is this a concern you should be worried about?

Fortunately, these instances of phones bursting into flames are few and far between. However, if this is a concern for you, simply charge your phone 100% before using the app.

Can I Turn My Phone Off With Sleep Cycle?

No, it is recommended that you keep the sleep cycle app running in the foreground. You can lock the screen, but this will turn off your alarm, so it defeats the object of using the sleep cycle.

The purpose of the sleep cycle is to track your sleep patterns and wake you at the very best time closest to your alarm settings.

Unlike setting your alarm and turning your phone off, the sleep cycle relies on real-time data to function within its specifications. Any loss of battery power renders the app non-functional.

Does Sleep Cycle Work On Airplane Mode?

Sleep cycle is dependent on a WI-FI signal. When you select airplane mode on your phone, the WI-FI is switched off on your phone so that the connectivity will be lost.

However, on many flights now, the request to turn off your phone or use airplane mode only applies to take-off and landing.

If this is the case on your long-haul flight, then you can resume using the sleep cycle as soon as you are informed the Cell phone network is available to use.

For the convenience of other passengers, you may wish to plug your headphones into your phone. This will make sure the only person here your alarm is you.

Unless you are a sound sleeper or flying in business or first class, your sleep is likely disturbed on a long flight. There can be many interruptions and strange noises.

To avoid being woken by the cabin crew if you are sleeping, use your secured seat belt over any blanket, or you will be woken at the slightest sign of turbulence.

Do I Need The Microphone Switched-On Using Sleep Cycle?

The sleep cycle algorithm utilizes your microphone and not an accelerometer to record movements when you are sleeping, and any time you are restless.

The advantage of using the microphone is that you don’t need to have your phone in bed to record movements. You can simply place your phone on the bedside cabinet, and the app will do the rest while you rest.

Another great advantage of this method is that it makes it easy to leave your phone on charge overnight.

We have already established that the sleep cycle app is greedy for power, and it is recommended to leave your phone on charge while using the app.

At least this way, you can be confident you will wake up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep and, at the same time, will have 100% battery life when you wake.

Does the Sleep Cycle Work?

Sleep is a science, and if you are having long-term sleep issues, you may need to see a doctor and enter a sleep lab. Sleep labs are the gold standard when it comes to monitoring the quality of your sleep.

However, if you monitor your sleep to find out when the best time to wake is, then sleep cycle provides an adequate solution.

The sleep cycle app measures your sleep patterns using unique technology; sleep cycle listens to you while you are sleeping and then presents you with a representation of how you have slept through all of your sleep stages.

If you feel using the microphone is a little intrusive, then don’t worry. No one is listening to you other than an algorithm that is continuously monitoring your sleep patterns.

The information gathered by the sleep cycle is not shared with anyone and belongs to you only.

Sleep Cycle Anti Snoring

At some point in your life, you will snore, male or female it’s just something we all have to contend with.

Sleep cycle records and plots your snoring habits so you can see just how bad the issue is.

This will allow you to take the necessary steps to reduce your snoring, such as not drinking alcohol before sleeping or slimming down a few pounds.

Snoring has a much more significant impact on daily life. You can feel tired at work due to interrupted sleep, and snoring can be something more sinister and indicate sleep apnea.

Identifying sleep apnea in its early stages can help prevent many medical disorders directly connected to sleep apnea. Some are very serious.

Does Sleep Tracking Drain The Phone Battery?

Not all sleep trackers are the same and require less power consumption to work well. However, in the sleep cycle, the app offers unique user features, and you do not need to wear a bracelet or smartwatch to gather the sleep tracking information.

Yes, the sleep cycle is greedy for battery power but, it’s not an issue as your phone is placed on a bedside cabinet next to you.

You can either use a sleep cycle using your battery, providing it has more than 30% life remaining, or charge through the night.

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