What Is A Bamboo Pillow Made Of?

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Looking for the trending bamboo pillow that is getting raves from problematic sleepers? Well, you will get to know more here. Please read on.

There are so many false claims about bamboo pillows on the internet today. Some shady marketers say that these pillows are a cure-all and eco-friendly solution to getting better sleep. Misleading websites also claim that they are made of 100% organic materials. So, what is bamboo pillow made of?

Most bamboo pillows offered in the market are made of memory foam, which is proven to be toxic and unsafe for sleepers. This material is primarily known to retain body heat so users usually experience uncomfortable sleep. However, this does not mean that bamboo pillows are no good. Some good options provide the ultimate comfort for a good night’s sleep.

What Is Bamboo Pillow Made of and Why It Is Called That?

Bamboo pillow derived its name from the main material bamboo-based viscose used to manufacture the product. However, most of its content is shredded foam to provide great support and superior comfort. The bamboo viscose material offers stronger support than other fabrics used in typical pillows.

The cover is usually made of various fabrics such as organic cotton, polyester, cotton, bamboo and rayon, or any combination of these. On the other hand, the filling may include substances like latex, buckwheat, cotton, wool, down filling, memory foam, poly-fill, or other related synthetics.

Where to buy bamboo pillows

Bamboo pillows are a popular choice for many people due to their hypoallergenic properties and ability to regulate temperature. There are several places where you can buy bamboo pillows:

  1. Online retailers: There are many online retailers that sell bamboo pillows, including Amazon.com, Wayfair, and Overstock. These retailers offer a wide selection of bamboo pillows at various price points, making it easy to find the perfect pillow for your needs.

  2. Specialty bedding stores: Some specialty bedding stores carry bamboo pillows, along with other natural and organic bedding products. These stores may offer a more limited selection, but the staff may be able to provide more in-depth knowledge and advice on the products they sell.

  3. Department stores: Some department stores, such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s, carry bamboo pillows in their bedding departments. These stores often offer a wide selection of pillows from various brands, making it easy to compare options and find the right pillow for you.

Overall, Amazon.com is a great choice for buying bamboo pillows. The retailer offers a wide selection of bamboo pillows at various price points, making it easy to find the perfect pillow for your needs. Additionally, Amazon.com often has customer reviews and ratings available, which can be helpful in making a decision.

What’s So Special About Bamboo Pillows?

Given the shady advertisements on bamboo pillows, it’s understandable why people think it’s a scam. But if you search for reliable websites with honest marketing agenda, you will know that there’s something special about these currently on-trend pillows.

In reality, only 10% of its content is bamboo while the other 90% consist of overly-processed cotton materials with chemicals and other toxins. This is why it’s important to buy bamboo pillows from a trusted brand. When you do, you can enjoy an authentic pillow with bamboo-based materials that are naturally hypoallergenic.

Bamboo fiber also provides lightweight material that is breathable and delicate to touch. It’s an ideal option during warm weather, especially on hot summer nights. Also, bamboo pillows have antimicrobial properties that help keep bacteria, fungus, and other harmful microorganisms at bay.

The memory foam of the pillow makes it conformable to the movements of the neck and head to prevent upper back pain as well as stiff neck. The fabric can absorb moisture while neutralizing the unpleasant smell. Meaning, your pillow stays fresh and clean even if you use it for a longer time.

Can you be allergic to bamboo pillows

It is possible to be allergic to bamboo, although it is not a common allergen. Bamboo is a type of grass, and some people may develop allergies to grass pollen. Symptoms of a grass allergy may include sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and skin rash.

If you think you may be allergic to bamboo, it is best to consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment. They may recommend allergy testing or suggest avoiding products made with bamboo to see if your symptoms improve.

It’s also worth noting that some people may be allergic to the materials used to make the pillow, such as the filling or any chemicals used in the manufacturing process, rather than the bamboo itself. If you are allergic to other materials commonly used in pillows, such as feathers or down, you may want to consider using hypoallergenic pillows made with synthetic materials.

Is A Bamboo Pillow Good?

Most pillows in the market have a strong chemical odor because they usually contain memory foam. However, if you carefully choose your bamboo pillow, this won’t be much of a problem for you. Also, it’s important to consider how the bamboo fiber is made.

Due to the nature of bamboo raw products that are rough and stiff, the process can be labor-intensive as it needs a lot of chemicals to produce worth-selling finished products. Again, the quality of the bamboo pillow you will depends on the materials and manufacturer you are choosing.

To say that bamboo pillows are good and safe to use will need some research work before you can make an informed decision. The best way to find out is to check the background of the brand you want to buy bamboo pillows from. More importantly, know the features of the product to make sure you’re investing in the right pillow.


The following are some of the benefits of using bamboo pillows:

The kind of pillow you use has a huge impact on your overall sleep experience. Therefore, you should know your options before spending your hard-earned money on a pillow.

How Long Do Bamboo Pillows Last?

Typically, bamboo pillows can last up to a year or so before they need replacement. The durable fibers they contain help in creating long-lasting pillows, unlike regular pillows. One of the most common signs that your pillow already needs to be replaced is the decreased support.

After one year and 6 months, bamboo pillows tend to lose their original strength. As a result, you may notice some sleep issues including sore neck and shoulder pain. You will also observe some wear and tear in the fabric. Don’t worry because it’s easy to find a new replacement for your bamboo pillow by simply making a purchase online.

Bamboo Pillows: Conclusion

The main difference between bamboo pillows and regular pillows is the bamboo fiber material. It can help in improving the quality of your sleep while making sure that your upper body is well supported no matter your sleep position. Other reasons to invest in this product include more breathability, better support, adjustable, and easy to clean.

With proper care, you can enjoy using your bamboo pillow for a longer period. Also, it’s important to consider the pricing before you buy this product because some bamboo pillow brands are more expensive than the others. Overall, it’s a worthy investment and surely provides value to your money.

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