How Much Do You Tip Mattress Delivery?

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Are you concerned about how much to tip the delivery guys? There is no set formula, so how do you decide what a good tip is?

It’s all about service and politeness! If you like how your delivery guy has gone the extra mile, then $10 to $15 is a great tip. Keep in mind if there are two delivery guys, you should tip equally.

Are You Supposed To Tip a Mattress Delivery?

Deciding on a tip that’s not going to offend can be difficult, but we live in a tipping culture so let’s get into it and see how we should decide how much is enough.

We know that we have to tip a minimum of 20% in a restaurant, whatever the service, but outside of that environment, giving tips can be somewhat of a minefield.

So, you can only go on how you feel about the service. If the delivery driver brings your mattress in a box to the front door and takes a signature, is there any need for tips?

However, if he has carried the mattress up flights of stairs, a tip seems for the delivery guy. If he goes further and offers to take the mattress into your bedroom, then he has gone above and beyond what is required of him, and a decent tip of maybe 20 bucks is in order.

How Much Do You Tip For Bed Delivery and Setup?

Keep in mind this is the delivery driver’s job before you dig deep into your pockets.

It’s all about if the delivery guys have gone the extra mile to do an excellent job for you. If your delivery driver sets up your new bed and leaves you a mess to clear up, do you want to give a good tip?

However, if the delivery guy is attentive and diligent in his work, cleans up, and leaves your bedroom looking like he had never been there apart from your new bed, then a tip of $25 would be a great trip, and he would be grateful.

But what happens if there are two delivery guys? Well, Tip them both equally, and you may decide to give them fifteen bucks each or even ten bucks.

If there is nothing specified on the invoice for service, a delivery guy will be happy with your gratuity.

 $5 a Good Tip For Delivery?

If you have a box delivered to your front door in a house, then yes, $5 is ok. If your delivery man has climbed stairs and negotiated tight twists and turns, then $5 seems a little low.

If you have asked a favor of the delivery driver to bring a heavy box in your home, that must be considered good service if he complied with your request and a bigger tip would be appropriate.

Put yourself in the delivery guy’s shoes for a minute. Was his job easy or difficult? Did he go the extra mile for you?

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