Puffy Lux Hybrid Vs DreamCloud

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You’ve narrowed down your options to two great choices but is the Puffy lux hybrid or DreamCloud Luxury better for you?

We go over:

  • Highlights
  • Drawbacks
  • Deals and Coupons

And much more!


Puffy Lux Hybrid

puffy lux hybrid

The Lux has 4 foam layers and a pocket spring layer. 

The layers are:

  • Base layer:  Foam, contour-adapt coils, and edge support (7-inches).
  • Transition layer: Climate comfort foam (2-inches).
  • Comfort layer: Dual cloud foam (1.5-inches).
  • Cooling layer: Cloud foam (1.5-inches).

It’s suitable for:

  • If you want pressure relief.
  • Light and average-weight sleepers (under 230 lbs).
  • Sleepers who prefer a plush cloud comfort.

Not suitable for:

  • Heavyweight sleepers.
  • Stomach sleepers.
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DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

dreamcloud luxury hybrid

The DreamCloud luxury hybrid also has four foam layers.

The layers are:

  • Base layer: Essential base foam.
  • Coil layer: Individually wrapped coils. 
  • Transition layer: Polyfoam layer.
  • Comfort layer: Gel-infused memory foam.

It’s suitable for:

  • All sleeper types.
  • People who suffer from back pain.
  • Those who prefer a medium-firm mattress.

It’s not suitable for:

  • Lightweight individuals.
  • Those who prefer a soft mattress.
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These two luxury hybrid models vary in many aspects, such as their feel and firmness, construction, materials, price, etc. Let’s dive into the details.



Both Puffy and DreamCloud come with a lifetime warranty. Which not many brands offer.

Mattress in a box

They are vacuum-packed and delivered in a box, making it easier to maneuver and get around tight corners.


All foams are CertiPUR-US certified, making them free from harmful chemicals.

Motion Isolation

Both Puffy and DreamCloud mattresses absorb motion exceptionally well as the memory foam layers prevent the movement from spreading across the bed. Since they both feature a layer of pocketed coils, it might cause minimal motion transfer, but because they’re individually wrapped, it helps in reducing the transfer of movement.

Pressure Relief

Since these mattresses contain layers of memory foam, which is known to relieve pressure, it provides proper contouring around sensitive areas and reduces aches or pains.

Temperature Regulation

They feature breathable coils and a cooling gel foam comfort layer that helps regulate temperature.



DreamCloud is 14 inches and the Puffy lux hybrid is 12 inches. Although we don’t think this makes too much of a difference most people want to know. 

Trial period

DreamCloud has a longer trial, 365-nights. A whole year! Whereas the Puffy comes with a 101-night sleep trial. 


Puffy is softer than the DreamCloud mattress, which is a pro or con depending on what’s best for you.

Firmness and feel

When choosing between the two, you should also consider their firmness and feel. In this way, you can determine which mattress is best suited to your body type. 


The Puffy lux hybrid is 5/10 (medium). The DreamCloud luxury is 6.5/10 (medium-firm).


The Puffy lux has a soft plush feel, and the foam layers help your pressure points. 

The DreamCloud has a combination of plush and luxurious comfort that contours to your body shape, but also gives you a little bounce.

Do they come with free shipping?


Shipping to all 50 states is free, however, charges start at £150 for orders going to Hawaii or Alaska.

It’s delivered in 2-7 days. White glove delivery is not available. 


Shipping to all 50 states is free, however, charges start at £150 for orders going to Hawaii or Alaska.

It’s delivered in 2-5 days. White glove delivery is £149 in the US and £298 in Alaska and Hawaii.

Sleeper Analysis

Side Sleepers

Both are great for side sleepers, but since the Puffy lux is softer, it will be more suitable for side sleepers who require contouring around the shoulder and hips to relieve pressure. 

Back Sleepers

Both work well for back sleepers, but it depends on your body weight. If you’re lightweight, the Puffy can provide adequate support. However, if you’re on the heavier side, DreamCloud’s medium-firm can offer better support.

Stomach sleepers

When it comes to stomach sleeping, both can provide enough support with proper spinal alignment if you’re average weight. However, if you’re on the heavier side the DreamCloud would be the better option.

Type Analysis

Lightweight Sleepers (Under 130 lbs)

They work well for lightweight sleepers regardless of your sleeping position. You will find comfort and feel adequately supported in these mattresses.

Average Weight Sleepers (130-230 lbs)

Average-weight sleepers will find appropriate comfort and support with both the Puffy lux hybrid and DreamCloud mattress. They’re well-suited for this body type and are ideal for supporting your back and shoulders, keeping your spine aligned.

Heavy Weight Sleepers 230 lbs

Though these mattresses have a layer of pocketed coils, making them better than an all-foam mattress. However, if you weigh over 230 lbs, you might find the puffy too soft. 

What’s the price difference?

When compared, the price of the DreamCloud is lower than the Puffy. 

  • Puffy price range is $1449 – $1999.
  • DreamCloud price range is $1,198 – $1,798.

Be sure to check the deal button to find the latest coupons or discounts on the current price. 


We see how you are struggling to pick between these two awesome mattresses. They both come with great trial periods so if the mattress isn’t right for you, it can be returned.

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