How Do I Know When I Need a New Mattress

How to Tell When You Need a New Mattress

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Looking for answers on how to tell when you need a new mattress? Well, this post shares great insights on the top signs your mattress needs a replacement. Please continue reading.

One of the most essential parts of our daily lives is sleeping in a comfortable mattress. It’s important to consider all the important factors when choosing the best mattress for your exact needs. But how do you know if it’s time to replace your mattress?

Ideally, it’s easy to know when you need a new mattress by the sudden change in your sleep pattern. The lumps in your mattress may be interrupting your sleep, especially when changing sleep positions. However, there are other ways to tell if you already need to buy a new one.

How to Tell When You Need a New Mattress

If you’re asking whether it’s time to upgrade your mattress, chances are you need a new mattress. There’s no standard rule in terms of when to change your mattress, but the best way to determine when to purchase a new one is the noticeable wear and tear that often leads to uncomfortable sleep.

Typically, mattresses can last up to 8 years or even longer depend on certain factors including the type of sleeper, body weight, materials, and firmness level. Below are the different types of mattresses and how long before they need to be replaced:

  • Waterbed mattress. There are two types of waterbed mattresses namely: soft-side and hard-side. The soft-side waterbed is covered by a box-shaped foam just like a typical mattress, while the hard-side waterbed is made of traditional vinyl material. This is not a popular choice, but waterbed mattresses can last up to 10 years.
  • Pillow-top mattress. This type of mattress provides additional support with an extra layer of foam. However, this added cushion layer can wear out over time, leaving you with a chunky surface during sleep. Pillow-top mattresses don’t last long unlike other mattresses.
  • Hybrid mattress. This mattress is a combination of innerspring and foam mattresses. It contains a foundation foam, top layer foam, and coil support. Although it seems a sturdy mattress, it doesn’t last longer than other mattresses. However, its durability will depend on the coil type and base foam grade used to make the mattress. Usually, it can last up to 6 years.
  • Latex mattress. This mattress can be durable depending on the specific material used, either organic or synthetic latex. According to most manufacturers, latex mattresses can last up to 25 years and they also offer warranties to guarantee quality and durability.
  • Memory foam mattress. There are different densities and materials used in manufacturing memory foam mattresses. To know how long this mattress can last, it’s important to consider these factors. Typically, this type of mattress can hold up for 15 years when given proper care such as regular rotating.
  • Innerspring mattress. This contains a coil support system to equally distribute body weight across the innerspring mattress. On average, this type of mattress can be used for 10 years or even longer depending on the type of maintenance you give your mattress.

Once your mattress reached the number of years it is expected to last, finding a new replacement is the best way to maintain the quality of your sleep. Other than that, you may also consider obvious sagging, reduced support and bouncing ability, inconsistent firmness, lumpy areas, and active allergens.


How Do You Tell If A Mattress is New or Refurbished?

Not all mattresses sold in the market are brand new, some of them are only refurbished items. If you want to get a quality mattress, then it’s important to understand how to distinguish these two. Here are some tips to help you tell if a mattress is new or refurbished:

  • A new mattress is perfectly smooth and firm to touch while a refurbished mattress has visible stains and damages on its surface.
  • There are labels and tags attached to a new mattress while refurbished mattresses don’t contain any information including the manufacturer’s brand.
  • New mattresses come with warranties as proof that they are brand new and durable while refurbished mattresses don’t provide any warranties.
  • A brand new mattress is more expensive than refurbished models. If you are offered quite a cheap mattress, chances are it is an old one.

Should I Get a New Mattress?

There are different reasons to get a new mattress, but the most common reason is reduced comfort. Eventually, your mattress will start to sag and lose its original shape which can lead to lumps and dips on the surface. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable with your mattress, don’t compromise a good night’s sleep by getting a new mattress.

The following are the ultimate signs of a mattress that needs a new replacement:

  • Noisy springs, if you’re using the innerspring mattress.
  • You suddenly have allergies or your asthma symptoms have worsened.
  • Your muscles feel stiff upon waking up.
  • Motion isolation no longer seem to work, you can feel every movement of your partner.
  • The mattress feels less comfortable when you lay down, especially for heavy sleepers.

What to Do When You Get a New Mattress?

There are proven ways to make sure your new mattress will last longer than the previous one. Check out the following tips:

  • Clean the mattress as instructed by your manufacturer.
  • Get a mattress cover or protector to avoid dust and spills.
  • Use the right foundation or box spring.
  • Open your room to allow your new mattress to off-gas better.
  • For even wear, rotating your mattress every three months is important.
  • Remove mattress covers and sheets from time to time so the foam can air out.
  • Make sure pets don’t sleep on the mattress to avoid damages from chewing and claw scratching.

The Bottom Line On Deciding To Buy A New Mattress

The telltale signs of a mattress needing a new replacement include sagging, reduced comfort, wear, lumps and dips. If you’ve noticed these when sleeping on your mattress, it’s about time to get a new mattress to maintain comfortable and quality sleep. So, do you think you need to replace your old mattress?