How To Sleep Comfortably With A Sore Throat

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Do you find getting a good night’s sleep with a sore throat almost impossible? Is there a solution to help you sleep through the night with a sore throat?

It is possible to sleep with a sore throat. Gargle with a saltwater solution before bed, and take your medications such as paracetamol to reduce the pain. Sleeping in an elevated position will help mucus run past your tonsils. Keep your room cool and have a glass of water at hand to moisten your mouth when needed.

Why is a sore throat worse at night?

sore throat

It’s a good question, and a few factors can make your throat seem worse at bedtime.

When you lay in bed at night with a sore throat, there is an increased potential for mucus to drain from your nose into your throat, negatively affecting your tonsils.

At night your cortisol levels drop, so pain levels increase! If your nose is blocked, you will be sleeping with your mouth open, and now your tonsils are exposed to any allergens that could be in your bedroom.

All of these factors contribute to your throat feeling much worse at bedtime.

There are ways of how to sleep comfortably with a sore throat, so you wake up to feel slightly better.

Does sleeping with the window open give you a sore throat?

It depends! Sleeping with a window open can help relieve a sore throat because the room is cooler through the night.

However, it depends on the air quality. If you live in an urbanised area, the air quality may not be so good and contribute to your sore throat rather than being a potential remedy.

If you live in an area where traffic is less and air quality is better, sleeping with a window open can help your sore throat.

Should you use a fan if you have a sore throat? Fans are plentiful in the bedroom to keep the air circulating, and combined with the gentle hum of the fan cutting through the air. The fan can be soothing.

The problem with using a fan in the bedroom is that fans can lead to dry air, potentially making your throat feel worse through the night.

If you have a sore throat and are struggling to sleep, you can learn how to sleep with a sore throat without using a fan but by using a humidifier to add moisture to the air in your room.

Is it hard to sleep after a tonsillectomy?

Yes. Your throat will be swollen, and your uvula may be swollen to the extent it touches your tongue, causing a gag reflex.

The good news is the recovery time after a tonsillectomy is only around four days until you start to feel better. In between, you will be eating cold foods like ice cream and yoghurts to soothe your throat.

Finding a way of how to sleep after a tonsillectomy can be challenging, but with the use of pain relief, you can get through it quickly.

Sleep with your head elevated. It’s best to elevate the mattress. It’s more comfortable. Sleep on a 45-degree angle for the best results.

What is the fastest way to recover from a tonsillectomy?

Like most post-surgery instructions, the best way to recover fast is to rest and sleep well. Strangely chewing sugarless chewing gum is said to expedite the healing process. You can guess the sugarless gum creates saliva and keeps the throat moist.

Despite the pain of the tonsillectomy, it is vital for the throat not to dry. This will cause additional pain. You will produce some pretty thick mucus, but you can spit it out. It’s part of the healing procedure.

Can I drink tea after tonsillectomy?

Well, you could, but surgeons would advise you not to as the pain will increase, you will be given cold drinks and even avoid food. If you love your tea go for iced tea as a substitute for the hot beverage.

How should I sleep with a stuffy nose?

Finding a way to of how sleep with a stuffy nose should be easy. Over a lifetime, how many times do we get a stuffy nose from a slight cold and yet we still struggle to sleep?

You should drink lots of fluids; this is the number one remedy for colds and stuffy noses. Infusing the room with essential oil will help. Menthol oil will help you breathe easier.

If you don’t have a diffuser, no worries, the ubiquitous Vicks gel is always somewhere at hand. A generous smear under the nose and even on your throat and upper chest will free your stuffy nose symptoms.

For adults, only a good shot of whisky in a tumbler of hot water with half a fresh lemon squeezed into the concoction, and a heaped teaspoonful of honey always seems to do the trick in most cases.

Of course, sleeping with your pillows propped up to help you have clear airways and breathe easier is a must when you have a stuffy nose.

Keep your bedroom cool. A hot bedroom will stop you from sleeping and make you feel worse. Cool air and a nice dark bedroom are conducive to sleep, and you will feel better in no time.

How do you get a good night’s sleep when you have a cold?

Sleeping with a cold can be tricky, so coming up with the best solution for sleeping better with a cold should be your priority.

Sleep and rest will aid your recovery quicker than any medications, but with some cold/flu meds before bed, you should be able to sleep soundly through the night.

Nasal decongestants work well and keep your nose from blocking, forcing you to breathe through your mouth.

Keep the room cool and dark to aid a good night’s sleep and a clear nose.

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