Do Baby Mattresses Expire?

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Do we ignore the fact that our baby’s mattress may have expired? How do we tell if we need a new baby mattress?

The majority of baby mattresses are manufactured from low-density, breathable foam. Low-density foam loses its shape over time, becoming deformed and less comfortable for children. Check the comfort and safety of baby mattresses periodically, but they don’t have an expiry tag.

Can You Use An Old Baby Mattress?

Using an old mattress for your baby is never going to be a good idea. Old mattresses needed to meet old out-of-date specifications that have changed for good reason over the past years.

Your old mattress may have been manufactured using chemicals that are now banned in the production of mattresses. Why take the risk?

An old baby mattress can be contaminated and not sanitary, diaper leaks, spilled milk, whatever substances on the mattress should be enough to put you off using an old baby mattress.

Unfortunately, baby mattresses are not tagged with expiry dates which would be easier for parents to decide whether to replace them or not.

When Should You Change a Baby’s Mattress?

There are tell-tale signs when you should change your baby’s mattress. If there are any tears in the fabric or damage that could be considered a choking hazard, remove the mattress immediately.

If the mattress is heavily soiled and beyond spot cleaning, then change it for a new mattress. Soiled mattresses are a breeding ground for bacteria and need to be disposed of correctly.

If the mattress is sagging, then ask yourself how comfortable it is that for your baby. Change the mattress.

If there is any question or doubt about the integrity of the mattress, buy a new one.

Should I Replace My Crib Mattress?

There should be some fundamental questions to ask yourself. How old is the mattress? Was the mattress new when you first had it or used it previously?

Does the mattress look dirty? Has the mattress got visible signs of wear and tear?

The main factors are comfort and safety, and there should be no compromise when it comes to babies.

You need to consider that your baby may spend many hours in the crib alone, and the crib firstly needs to be safe. And then comfortable.

If you start afresh with a new mattress, you know that your mattress has met today’s safety standards regarding manufacturing integrity and will be harmful chemical-free.

A new crib mattress will have the built-in safety features required by law, for example, flame retardant and breathable should your baby flip on their stomachs.

Can I put two Mattresses In a crip For extra comfort?

Under no circumstance ever place two mattresses in a crib, and the crip is designed for one mattress only.

Adding a second mattress could be dangerous for the baby. We know how much they wriggle, and if the mattress flips on top of the baby, the consequences could be dire.

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