How To Sleep After Varicose Vein Surgery

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Sleeping after varicose vein surgery can be challenging. Does the prospect of struggling to sleep after varicose vein surgery put you off getting the operation?

Elevate your legs so blood does not pool in the legs. Elevated legs will help your heart pump newly oxygenated blood to your legs. Wear compression stockings. They help with scarring and the recovery process. Walk for at least ten minutes every day to keep the blood flowing.

How do I sleep after vein surgery?

Finding the correct way to sleep after varicose vein surgery can be a challenge and off-putting to some patients.

Sleeping with your legs elevated will help. Elevating your legs takes the pressure of the new veins in your leg and helps the heart circulate blood back to the legs.

Your doctor should have prescribed meds for you to help with pain management and assist in sleep.

Icing your legs after surgery is a must to reduce swelling. Apply ice for only ten minutes every two to three hours, make sure you have a clean dressing between the ice pack and the skin.

It’s challenging to sleep after varicose vein surgery and combined with constipation. It can make sleeping impossible. Frequently after surgical procedures, constipation becomes a problem.

You can eat whatever you want to, including lots of fiber in your diet to keep your bowels moving.

How long does it take for sclerotherapy to work on veins?

It can take up to seven weeks before you can go and get more treatment.

After surgery, you will need to develop a plan of how to sleep after sclerotherapy. Sleeping with compression stockings will inevitably help with the healing process.

To aid sleep, your doctor should have issued a prescription for painkillers. Use the pain killers as prescribed at the frequency prescribed.

Elevating your legs is always a great idea, but it’s not essential. Sleeping with your legs slightly elevated can be a comfortable way to sleep.

Doctors often recommend that you wear compression stockings for the duration of the recovery period, only removing them to bathe.

How to sleep after varicocele surgery

You will know that sleeping can be difficult for you guys who have undergone varicocele surgery. Your testicles are bruised and tender, which makes moving uncomfortable.

Your doctor will have prescribed some painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain. Take the pain killers as prescribed and at the frequency required. This may include waking in the night to keep the regime complete.

Support your testicles rather than let them hang loose. You may wear underwear that is not reactive but supports in the right area. 

To help with recovery, avoid exercise. Exercise strains the testicles, as you will know if you have ever been lifting heavyweights.

Avoid sex and masturbation for two weeks or until your doctor gives the go-ahead to resume your sex life.

If you experience excessive pain, refer back to your doctor.

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