Do Mattress Protectors Make You Hot?

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Are you waking through the night hot and sweaty? Have you recently started using a mattress protector?

Yes, mattress protectors can make you feel hot, some of the more affordable mattress protectors do not allow your mattress to breathe and traps your body heat. However, you can purchase breathable mattress protectors that will allow your body temperature to regulate.

Some mattress protectors can make you feel hot while you sleep, especially if they are not breathable. However, there are many mattress protectors on the market that are specifically designed to be breathable and keep you cool while you sleep.

If you are concerned about feeling hot while using a mattress protector, you may want to look for one that is made of a breathable material, such as cotton or a moisture-wicking fabric. It may also be helpful to look for a mattress protector with a low profile, as thicker or padded protectors can trap more heat.

Why do mattress protectors make you sweat?

Your mattress protector is doing a fantastic job protecting your mattress from spill stains, skin sheddings, and general residues found in the bed.

So, in most cases, your mattress is protected from all of the above, but the downside with some mattress protectors is they do such an excellent job of protecting the mattress they do not allow any airflow.

If your mattress protector has any type of vinyl coating or is impregnated with a synthetic barrier, then you will be hot when you sleep.

Your body temperature needs to regulate itself from heat, and when we experience a lack of cooling, the only way the body can cool is to sweat, causing evaporation to cool the skin.

However, sweating through the night is uncomfortable and reduces the quality of your sleep.

Do mattress protectors make beds warmer?

The mattress protector does not necessarily need to make your bed warmer, but you get what you pay for like most things in life!

Budget mattress protectors use synthetic artificial fibers and coating on the mattress protectors. The fibers and coatings are not breathable; hence, you wake up very hot during the night.

More expensive mattress protectors will allow you to sleep cooler due to their ability to breathe and let air flow through the protector.

The more expensive mattress protectors still provide excellent protection for your mattress with the benefits of being breathable.

Can a mattress pad make you hot?

Yes, budget mattress pads can make you feel hot through the night. However, there are some great mattress pads available that will make you sleep cool.

If you are the type of person who sleeps in a warm to hot state, then you will need to choose a mattress pad that is breathable and made from natural products without incorporating artificial fibers.

Some mattress pads do incorporate cooling technology for the user’s extra comfort, they sell at a higher price, but you will sleep cool, increasing the quality of your sleep.

Does a mattress protector affect cooling?

Unfortunately, mattress protectors are not all made the same, and budget mattress protectors affect how the mattress cools.

If you want to sleep cool, then purchase a breathable mattress protector; there are lots available.

Choose natural fibers such as cotton to allow your mattress to breathe, and the mattress protector will still do an excellent job of keeping your mattress clean.

Any mattress protector with a physical barrier will make you sweat through the night, even in cool ambient temperatures. Your body temperature needs to regulate, and a physical barrier will prevent this from happening.

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