How To Sleep After IUI

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Is the prospect of sleeping after an IUI procedure causing you sleepless nights? Will you be able to sleep normally, or do you need to learn a special way of sleeping?

After IUI, you will be required to lay flat on your back for ten minutes. After ten minutes, your cervix will have closed completely, and you can go about your business usually. You can normally sleep when you get home and resume sexual intercourse if you wish.

How do you sleep, positions?

Research shows that sleeping on your side or back is more beneficial for pregnancy rates after IUI.

Learning how to sleep after IUI procedures is simple, avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Only 7% of adults sleep on their stomachs, so it’s unlikely this is your preferred sleeping position. If it is, then you can sleep this way if you wish, but it is thought to be better to sleep on your back or side.

The main factor for pregnancy success after IUI is to lay on your back for at least ten minutes. After ten minutes, your cervix will have constricted back to its normal state.

Once you arrive home after the procedure, put your feet up and relax. Having procedures can be quite stressful, so relaxation is essential.

Keep your activities to a minimum, such as strenuous exercises like a long run or bicycle ride.

Do I need bed rest after IUI?


Medically no, because it only takes sperm 5 minutes to reach your fallopian tubes and sperm outside of the uterus can survive for up to five days.

Having said that, if you feel like resting, then rest. Is there an urgency to get back to work?

Becoming pregnant can be precarious at times, so take all the rest you need. There are a couple of very important factors you must understand fully.

Smoking will diminish your prospects of a successful pregnancy.

Alcohol is off-limits. Not only is it detrimental to you, but it will also affect your baby. A developing baby needs nourishment, and the placenta will absorb alcohol.

A baby’s liver is one of the last organs to develop and can be severely affected by alcohol.

Many associated prenatal effects are caused by alcohol; it’s not even worth drinking just one small glass.

Avoid radiation, and you don’t have to work in a nuclear power plant to be exposed to radiation. After your IUI procedure, avoids spending too much time in the sun, definitely do not be tempted to sunbathe.

Should you need an x-ray, inform the radiologist of your treatment and that you could be pregnant.

What to do after IUI to increase chances?

There are so many things you can do, and the good news is it’s all easy and doesn’t cost much.


Sleep and rest are essential at any time of your life, but resting and sleeping will improve the chances of a positive result after IUI treatment.

Are there any special requirements regarding how to sleep after IUI treatment? No. Usually, sleep and rest if you feel slightly fatigued. If you have a favourite sleeping position, sleep that way but avoid sleeping on your tummy.

Maintain a healthy sleep pattern, sleep at regular times and ditch the binge Tv nights to rest in bed with a book.

Eat healthily

How many times do you read or hear about the importance of a balanced diet? Well. It’s vital now for a successful outcome. A balanced diet will provide the nutrients required to support a pregnancy for both you and a growing baby.

Add more protein to your diet in the form of nuts and seeds. Eggs are an excellent form of protein and are easy to digest; you can save the sweet foods for your cravings later into your pregnancy.

Moderate exercise

Moderate to light exercise is excellent for circulation and gets the blood flowing to your uterus. Ditch the triathlon training or heavyweights. A walk in the park swimming with friends will work perfectly.

Positive attitude

It’s essential to keep a positive attitude to life in everything we face. We all face hurdles and can overcome what seem to be insurmountable problems. Good mental health is essential to a successful outcome after this procedure. 

What not to do after IUI treatment


Avoid sunlight as much as you can, it doesn’t mean you have to become a nighttime shopper, but too much sunlight is not suitable for you after IUI treatment. Avoid all kinds of radiation exposure while going through IUI treatment and pregnancy.

Junk food

You deserve better than fat and salt-laden burger from your favourite fast-food chain. Choose healthy food where possible. Avoid fish, and fish can contain many chemicals that can be detrimental to your pregnancy.

Raw foods like sushi should be avoided at all costs, clean salads yourself and do not rely on pre-washed salads from the supermarket, supermarkets salads are washed in mild chlorine solutions!


If you have a headache, do not reach for the medication, taking pills can be dangerous when pregnant. If you need medicine, let the doctor prescribe it for you.


Avoid stress. Stress has a major impact on IUI treatment, so do your best to keep chilled and happy for the best possible outcome.

Why do I sleep better after ovulation?

A spike in progesterone. Do you need to learn how to sleep after ovulation? Not really, after ovulation, you head into a soporific zone, meaning you can feel drowsy as you enter this luteal stage.

Progesterone spikes directly after ovulation. There is an increase in non-rem sleep, meaning you sleep soundly are unlikely to be perturbed by dreams.

Conversely, a few days before you ovulate, your sleep becomes less, leaving you feeling fatigued during the day.

The best way to sleep after ovulation is to take a warm shower, get into a clean, comfortable bed in a cool bedroom, and enjoy the zzzs.

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