How Bad Is Sleeping On An Air Mattress?

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Are you considering an air mattress for long-term use? There are some things you will need to consider before making this decision.

 Air mattresses usually are considered temporary because they don’t offer adequate support. The air in the mattress is unlike other mattresses; it does not transfer weight evenly and can lead to restless sleep and poor posture.

Is it safe to sleep on an air mattress every night?

In terms of safety, will it kill you in the long term? Then it’s safe, but it will be tough to get a good night’s sleep. If you sleep with a heavier partner than you, you could be in for a rough, sleepless night.

If you sleep with a partner on a double airbed, you will know how awful sleeping on an air bed can be. If your partner is heavier than you, you will be tossed around through the night like a small boat on a rough sea.

Airbeds are useless at transferring weight and if you consider using an airbed long-term, then sleep on it alone for the best result.

Becoming comfortable is an issue; how much air is enough or too little? Too much air and you may as well sleep on the proof, too little air, and you will be sleeping on the floor.

You may need more bed coverings, the air is a poor insulator, and cold transference can keep you awake all night.

Is sleeping on an air bed harmful?

If you have a decent air bed, then no, it’s not harmful. If you have a budget airbed, it’s not harmful to your health other than stiffness from poor posture.

Let’s consider why you want to sleep on an airbed? If it’s because your regular bed has passed its sell-by date and you need a new mattress but are financially challenged at this point, then an airbed can be a good choice.

Air beds have limitations like they are not very comfortable and can frequently spring an annoying slow leak that leaves parts of your body touching the floor in the middle of the night.

Air is not a suitable medium for supporting posture, and it’s either too squidgy or rock solid! It’s better than a saggy old mattress.

Can you get sick from sleeping on an air mattress?

You will inevitably experience body pain using an air mattress long-term. Air mattress does not give the support you need to your body and causes your spine to curve in a place that it was never meant to curve.

But for other illnesses, air beds do not make you sick.

If you can keep your air bed off the floor, you may sleep better as the floor temperature will be transferred into your mattress’s air pockets, making you relaxed.

In the absence of any other mattress, the air mattress is ok to sleep on.

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