Will a Mattress Firm Negotiate Price?

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How do you get the best price on a new mattress? Is it possible to negotiate, and will the salesman have the authority to give a better price?

If you buy a mattress from a store, then yes, you can negotiate and possibly buy your new mattress for lower than advertised. The markup on mattresses in stores is higher than buying online, and you could make a significant saving.

How Do I Get the Best Deal on a Mattress?

For some of you, the thought of negotiating makes your blood run cold. But, hold on, if you could get a considerable discount isn’t it worth trying? What would you have to lose?

Before you step into the mattress store, know what you want to buy and do your homework. It’s so easy to check online for special offers and make price comparisons.

Forearmed is forewarned, and if you have the ammunition to negotiate, then go for it. The salesman may just give in straight away and agree to your offer. 

However, seasoned salespeople will try to hang out for the ticket price, so be prepared to walk out of the door.

You can let him know that you have the option to buy online if he is not going to play ball with you.

Keeping the negotiation friendly. Insults or rudeness will end the negotiation quickly. Negotiating is about give and take. Maybe you will accept a small delivery charge.

What Is the Average Markup on a Mattress?

There is a factoid floating around the internet (that’s not disputed) that a mattress costing $300 to make is sold in a mattress retail store at $3000! That’s one heck of a markup. 

The truth is mattress retailers make more than 100% and more as a markup on mattresses, So there is plenty of wiggle room when you negotiate significant discounts.

Now you know that the markups are enormous, it should make you feel more invigorated when asking for a discount.

There is some merit in buying online, and the margins are smaller mainly due to the manufacturer not needing to support the infrastructure to retail mattresses through a store.

However, your chances of negotiating a discount online are slim to none as the manufacturer is selling at a much-reduced margin.

What is the Best Month to Buy a Mattress?

You can get great deals during late winter and early spring. The retailer may be waiting for new models and will discount heavily to sell his existing stock.

Holiday weekends are also the ideal time to buy a new mattress. The trailer will be geared up for more foot traffic across a holiday weekend. They will entice potential customers with discounts to move stock.


Negotiating has nothing to lose, but if you’re not successful, walk out of the store and try another retailer. There is a margin to give big discounts, and if the salesman refuses, you can always order online and save some money.

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