Are Sleep Masks Bad For Your Eyes?

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Do you need to block out light so you can sleep well? Have you heard sleep masks can be dangerous?

It’s true, sleep masks can be bad for your eyes. When worn too tight, it causes pressure on the eyeballs, leading to blurry vision and other complications. Besides that, they are great for uninterrupted sleep when it gets light.

Is it good to sleep with an eye mask?

If the eye mask is not tight, sleep masks are a great tool to block light from keeping us awake.

Your partner may like to read at night, and you just can’t sleep with light in the bedroom, a sleep mask is perfect in this environment.

If you travel a lot and need to catch up on sleep, the eye mask can be your best companion allowing you to catch some much-needed sleep during daylight hours.

If you sleep with your eyes slightly open, you will know how irritating dry eyes can feel. Sleep masks can prevent you from waking with dry eyes.

Do you know sleep masks are great for preventing eye makeup from smudging? When you sleep, it’s normal to move around, and your eyes rub against the duvet cover or pillow, smudging eye makeup, try an eye mask and notice the difference.

If you want to catch up on sleep at the weekend, then you can trick your circadian rhythm by keeping the eye mask in place while you sleep in later. Don’t forget your alarm clock.

Eye masks only present problems when the elastic is so tight it puts pressure on your eyeballs.

Do sleep masks cause eye wrinkles?

It’s hard to say definitely, but the consensus is a quality eye mask may prevent eye wrinkles rather than cause them.

If you are using a standard airline eye mask issue, you can expect some friction from the cotton on the inside of the eye mask.

Buy premium eye masks and keep them clean. They are easy to wash and relatively cheap to buy, so keep them fresh at all times.

Apart from the elastic lines on your temples that are unavoidable if the mask is to stay in place, eye masks are thought to prevent wrinkles from occurring.

Do sleep masks damage eyelashes?

Yes, and No. Ill-fitting budget masks will probably crush your lashes! But decent eye masks and keep your lashes looking good. Prevention is better than cure.

Good masks equal good results, and a good night’s sleep will always make you look good and feel better.

Are sleep masks unhealthy?

If you feel pressure on your eyes, there is something wrong with your sleep mask, maybe too tight, or the design is incorrect.

If you keep your sleep mask clean and free from bacteria to avoid eye infections, then your sleep mask is a healthy thing to have to aid your sleep.

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