Are Podcasts Good For Sleep?

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Is listening to a podcast a good way to combat short-term insomnia? Will a podcast make you more alert, making sleep more difficult?

Podcasts can be the perfect way to induce sleep and get you into a routine of sleeping naturally. We need to harness the biology that causes sleep, and sleep cannot be forced; it happens naturally. 

Can listening to podcasts help you sleep?

It depends on what you listen to, but podcasts are a great way to induce sleep if you select the right podcast.

Some news podcasts that give an opinion on daily news can be controversial, opposite the calming effect we desire. However, there are many podcasts out there that are easy to listen to.

Unlike listening to music when we lie awake at night where we tend to drift off and think deeply as certain music triggers emotional responses that make your insomnia worse.

Podcasts act on a different level, it’s usually a subject we are lightly interested in, and the conversation can draw us in without getting emotionally involved.

The soft tones of speakers and friendly subjects can make you feel drowsy in no time.

How do podcasts improve sleep?

Insomnia can feel like a never-ending nightly battle with ourselves. But sometimes, the brain needs to learn how to relax.

The podcast is a way of telling our brain to switch off before it becomes overwhelmed and exhausted.

Some podcasts are specifically designed for sleep and designed by a doctor called Sleep With Me by Dr. Drew Ackerman.

Good for Dr. Ackerman, and good for us. A whole sleep podcast cottage industry has sprouted to help insomniacs sleep across the world.

Podcasts calm the mind as we listen intently and divert our worrisome thoughts away, allowing us to drift off into gentle slumbers.

What is the best podcast to fall asleep to?

In many ways, it’s a personal choice, and some of the choices are surprisingly interesting. You may like tales from the past that remind you of a happy childhood. Or Sleep With Me that is widely listened to.

Sleepy with Otis Grey Otis Grey has that type of voice that almost hypnotizes you into sleep. He reads old books, a real treat/

Or the ever-popular transcendental meditation podcasts that take you away from the troubles that you are experiencing.

Check out this mega list of the best podcasts for sleep, these will help you drift off to sleep.

What’s the best thing to listen to while sleeping?

A listening list is subjective, so it’s recommended you listen to what relaxes you. Choose a long podcast, maybe a couple of hours long. The soft tones of a sleep podcaster will relax your mind and send you off to sleep quickly.

Keep the earphones in place, and the dulcet tones will help you keep you in your slumbers. If you listen to stories on the Sleepy podcast, they are repeated.

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