What Does a Box Spring Do?

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So you have just bought a new mattress, and you’re wondering what type of foundation it needs for better comfort and longer-lasting functionality. Well, experts would recommend you to use a box spring to extend the lifespan of your mattress. But what does a box spring do?

Box springs are designed to serve as a stable foundation for mattresses while increasing their height for more convenient use. However, using this type of foundation depends on your mattress’s warranty and what is recommended by the manufacturer. Generally, using a box spring is a personal choice for users.

What is a Box Spring?

A box spring is one of the best foundations you can find in the market to support your mattress. This popular bed base contains innerspring that are mainly used to provide a more supportive platform for innerspring coil mattresses. Box springs are placed on top of metal frames to ensure reliable support in the long run.

Usually, this foundation is made of wooden materials that are covered in cloth. It’s designed to absorb shock from the innerspring coils so that users won’t get interrupted during sleep. This shock absorber has a hollow beneath the box spring, which increases airflow for the mattress. It helps you stay cool even when sleeping in warm months.

Do You Need a Box Spring with a Bed Frame?

Some of the benefits of using a box spring with your mattress include reducing impact and improving airflow. It allows the sleeper to raise their mattress from the flooring. At the same time, it also creates more storage under your bed. Perhaps, you are asking do I need a boxspring if I have slats?

Using a box spring depends on the current foundation as well as the bed frame type you are using. A traditional innerspring mattress should be used together with box spring to maintain support. However, it’s not the case anymore with today’s modern beds.

If you’re using a platform bed frame with slats, you may not use a box spring. These bed frames that use slats to support mattresses don’t need box springs if the slats are closely distanced from each other. Most beds with slats offer a warranty, which does not help the use of box springs.

The general rule here is that slats should be 4 inches apart or closer from each other. They can come straight or flexed and are often made of composite materials, plastics, metal, or wood. If you want stronger slats, go for steel slats as they provide more rigid and longer-lasting support.

The gap between the slats is usually indicated on the warranty of the mattress. Before buying a new mattress, make sure it’s appropriate to the slat gaps and the warranty guidelines. There are plenty of well-made and sturdy platform frames. The challenge is finding the right model that fits your new mattress.

What are box spring substitutes?

There are several options that can be used as substitutes for a box spring:

  1. Platform beds: These beds have a solid surface made of wood or metal that provides support for your mattress. Some platform beds even have built-in storage underneath.

  2. Slatted bed frames: These frames have slats that provide support for your mattress. The slats should be close together and made of sturdy material, such as wood or metal, to provide adequate support.

  3. Adjustable bed frames: These frames allow you to adjust the angle of the head and foot of the bed, and some models also have built-in massage features. They often come with a solid base that provides support for your mattress.

  4. Bunkie boards: These are thin, lightweight boards that can be placed on top of your bed frame to provide support for your mattress.

It’s important to choose a substitute that is sturdy and provides adequate support for your mattress to ensure a comfortable and restful sleep.

Do You Need a Boxspring with a Memory Foam Mattress?

While it’s cost-effective just to put your mattress on the floor, there are some drawbacks you need to consider before doing this. It can damage your bed and decrease its longevity. Some manufacturers specify the foundation to be used along with the mattress to keep the warranty valid.

Mattresses are not universally compatible. Memory foam mattresses, for instance, that sit on the ground may limit airflow. It can lead to uncomfortable and overheated experiences during sleep. Therefore, it’s better to use your memory foam mattress with an appropriate foundation or platform bed with slats. Just make sure the slat gap is 3 inches to prevent sagging.

If you’re using an innerspring bed, you should use it with a box spring to be no sagging. Besides, a mattress foundation helps create more aesthetics in your room with an elevated bed. It’s worth finding a high-quality mattress that sits on a box spring for a longer lifespan.

Some of the mattress types that need a platform bed, adjustable base, or slatted bed frame are latex, hybrid, and memory foam. Coil-based beds like hybrid and innerspring mattresses are more relaxed than memory foam and latex because of their structure. On the other hand, a bed with spring tends to have sagging and pressure relief issues for users.

There are memory foam mattress models designed with cooling technology such as open-cell foam, graphite infused foam, and gel memory foam. The challenge for you is to find the perfect mattress that fits your box spring.

If you need to buy an alternative to box spring, you can choose from the following:

If you don’t want to use a foundation or don’t have the budget to buy a platform bed, the last resort is to put your mattress on the floor directly. Just make sure that it’s clean and free from any elements that can damage your memory foam.

Bottom Line

Now that you already know what a box spring does, you can make an informed decision whether or not to use this type of foundation for your mattress. However, if you’re using an innerspring bed, you have to get a box spring to ensure stable support and comfort during sleep.

Moreover, you can use a mattress encasement or protector to keep mites, dust, and bed bugs at bay. If your current box spring is already ten years or older, you need to buy a new one for your newly purchased mattress. It’s essential to keep your bedroom clean and organized to enjoy a good night’s sleep surely. So, are you getting a box spring for your mattress?

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