How To Sleep After Lumpectomy

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Is the prospect of sleepless nights causing you to worry about an impending lumpectomy? Is it possible to sleep pain-free?

You can sleep on your back or on the side opposite the breast that has undergone surgery. Wearing a compression bra will keep your breast supported, and with the use of the prescribed medication, you will be able to sleep pain-free after surgery.

When can I sleep on my side after a lumpectomy?

sleep on my side

In most cases, you can sleep on the opposite side of the lumpectomy without any problems. A compression bra is recommended for the first few days after surgery.

Is there a special way to sleep after a lumpectomy? You need to avoid the surgical site so sleep on your back or the opposite side to the incision in your breast.

How long do you wear a compression bra after a lumpectomy?

It depends on the extent of the surgery you have undergone. For a small incision, you may only need to wear the compression bra for two days and nights, while more invasive surgery could mean you will wear the compression bra for up to two weeks.

The compression bra plays a crucial role in your recovery, and without it, you could be off your feet and in hospital for considerably longer.

The main function of the compression bra is to keep swelling to a minimum. After most surgery, where an incision is made, fluid accumulation is expected.

The compression bra prevents the accumulation of fluids from gathering and staying in one place, your breast.

It may feel restrictive to sleep in a compression bra, but it is essential to your speedy recovery.

After the initial period of wearing a compression bra, you can switch to a sports compression bra, avoiding anything underwired.

Contrary to old wives’ tales, there is no association between wearing a tight compression bra to bed and breast abnormalities such as cancer.

How long should you rest after a lumpectomy?

You should rest as long as you need to. Sleep is a key part of your recovery, so do not feel pressured to return to your daily routine until you feel you have recovered.

Most women feel they have recovered sufficiently two weeks after being released from the hospital.

Should you ice after a lumpectomy?

You can ice to increase your comfort levels, but icing around your breast should only be for twenty minutes and not longer.

While icing may be soothing in and around the breast, icing reduces blood flow. You need blood flow to heal fast, so go easy on the icing regardless of how nice it feels.

Is a lumpectomy considered major surgery?

Yes, lumpectomy is major surgery despite being a very common surgery. Lumpectomy is performed at a given stage of the cancer formation,

There are less invasive procedures for noncancerous tumors.

Does a lumpectomy leave a dent?

A lumpectomy can leave a dent in the breast tissue and, if bothersome, can be rectified at a later stage with cosmetic surgery.

How should you sleep after a mastectomy?

SleepAgainPillows MastectomyPillow

Your surgeon will not provide a list of choices of how to sleep after a mastectomy because the best way to sleep is on your back until you are fully healed.

Sleeping on your back reduces the possibility of pulling and stretching the surgical site, which can become painful.

Your surgeon will recommend you sleep on your back in an elevated position which is the best way to sleep. Invariably you will have surgical drains from the wound site, and sleeping in an elevated position will help the accumulating fluids drain.

Do you have to sleep sitting up after mastectomy?

It’s recommended to sleep in an elevated position for at least two weeks after a mastectomy. Many women find sleeping in a reclining chair preferably.

A decent reclining chair will support the upper body and make an ideal sleeping position. Plus, it’s easier to get in and out when you need the bathroom.

How long does it take to heal from a mastectomy?

It depends somewhat on your physical fitness and age, but on average, you can expect to be recovered in 5 weeks from the surgery.

During the recovery period, it is vital to sleep and rest as much as possible. It’s a time to take it easy regardless of how well you may feel after the surgery.

So many people underestimate the importance of sleep postoperatively. Sleep is a key factor in how fast you heal, so don’t be tempted to burn the candle at both ends after surgery. 

What is the fastest way to recover from a mastectomy?

Rest, rest and more rest. Resting and sleeping are very important to recover quickly after a mastectomy.

Don’t feel you need to resume your household chores as fast as possible. When you need help, ask for it, the old saying of pride comes before a fall is very true after surgery. Do not overexert yourself.

Take your pain medication as prescribed by the dose and the prescribed frequency, even if that means waking to take your meds on time.

Pay attention to your post-mastectomy drain, and it needs to be kept clean at all times to prevent infection.

Wear a post-mastectomy bra as instructed by your surgeon and nurses. The bra is specifically made to hold a prosthesis and make you feel better about yourself, and increase your self-esteem.

Exercise when you feel ready. Walk for a short distance every day if you feel you have recovered sufficiently.

Exercise will help speed your recovery and make you feel like you are making the progress you wanted.

Join a support group, and it’s good to talk with other folks who are going through the same as you, even if they are a long way through their journey to fully recovered.

Ask your doctor when you can start to drive again. It’s a milestone to reach and will keep you motivated to regain your independence.

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