How To Sleep After Getting Ears Pierced

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If you get your ear pierced, do you need to sleep in them to prevent the hole from healing, or can you take them out overnight and replace the earring in the morning?

You need to leave your earrings in while you sleep if you’ve recently had your ears pierced. Taking your earrings out to sleep will likely close the holes up.

How to sleep with newly pierced ears

newly pierced ears

On your back or your front is the best position. If you have newly pierced ears, you may think about how you can get a good night’s sleep without irritating the newly pierced ear lobe.

It’s common sense you can sleep on your back through the night but sleeping in one position can be difficult, so you need to find a way of how to sleep after ear piercings.

The other option is to sleep on your front, but sleeping on your tummy can cause neck and backache due to the unnatural curvature of your spine. 

If you sleep on your stomach, place a pillow under your hips to relieve tension in your back. However, sleeping on your stomach does not necessarily mean you won’t tilt your head to the side and have your ear on the pillow.

Most of you are side sleepers and can only tolerate sleeping on your back for a short time, so how will you sleep on your side with newly pierced ears?

It is possible to sleep on your side with newly pierced ears, but you will need to adjust to the way you sleep.

Obviously, you don’t want to sleep with the full weight of your head pressing down onto your ear on the pillow. This will cause some soreness and discomfort until your ear heals.

So, one neat trick is to roll a thin towel or even a tee-shirt into a horseshoe shape or doughnut ring with a hole in the center.

If the supporting ring is sufficiently deep enough, this should keep your ear off the pillowcase. You will be better off using a thinner pillow with less compression so the pillow does not absorb the supporting ring.

Finding a way to sleep after just getting earrings can be tricky, so a little ingenuity will help you sleep comfortably until the soreness has gone.

Travel pillows are another helpful tool that keeps your ear from touching the pillow while sleeping. If you use a travel pillow, you may be able to discard the typical bed pillow entirely and just use the travel pillow to sleep.

Once you find a way to sleep after getting your ear pierced, you will be happy with your decision to push through with your new ear piercings.

How do you sleep with a new belly button piercing?

Belly button piercings can be sensitive, and you will need to be careful of how you sleep after getting a belly button piercing.

It’s easy to assume that sleeping on your back is the preferred position for sleeping after a belly button piercing but not so fast. Have you considered the weight of the duvet?

If your belly button feels particularly sensitive after being pierced, it’s okay to take a couple of over-the-counter painkillers to take the edge off the soreness.

Because your belly button is not so exposed to the elements and may be in contact with your clothing, you will need to take extra care and attention to this piercing to sleep comfortably.

Sleeping on your side will be the best position for you to sleep for the next two weeks while your piercing heals.

But before jumping into bed, develop a hygiene routine separate from your evening shower. Your belly button piercing will benefit from being bathed before bedtime with a warm salty water solution; The saltwater will soothe the sensitivity and help to kill any bacteria.

You could cover your belly button with a lint cover and some band-aid adhesive strips to help keep it free from debris during the day and while you sleep.

If your room is warm, you can sleep on your back with the duvet slipped down to your waist, and clearly, stomach sleeping is not an option you should explore for at least two weeks.

Can you sit down with a belly button piercing?

You know what? Belly button piercings are not for everyone, and if you carry a few extra pounds and have a fold or two, you may want to consider if a belly button piercing is the best option for you.

Belly button piercings are comfortable if you have a flat belly when you sit. The stud will not try to pierce your skin, but it can be uncomfortable if not painful if you have a fold.

How do you sleep with a nose piercing?

Do you need to find a unique way of sleeping after a nose piercing? How to sleep after a nose piercing is pretty straightforward and hassle-free.

You can sleep on your back with ease. However, if you have a little swelling around the piercing site, you can add another pillow and elevate your head slightly.

It will take a couple of weeks for your piercing to heal, so make yourself extra comfortable during this time.

If you are a side sleeper, then sleep on the side opposite your new nose piercing. You can swap and change sides if you wish but try to keep your nose from touching the pillow that may cause soreness.

To encourage healing, bathe the piercing with a warm salt solution daily. It’s important to bathe the outer side of your nose and your inner nose for faster healing.

If you experience pain in the first few days after the piercing, take an over-the-counter painkiller to take the edge off and allow you to sleep.

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