How To Move A Sleep Number Bed

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What prevents the mattress from moving on a sleep number bed? Do you need to dismantle the bed base?

You only need to dismantle the king-size split bed base for moving, which is straightforward. Six strong magnets keep the mattress securely attached to the bed base. When moving the bed, snap the magnets apart and place a towel between each magnet to break the magnetic force.

Is it difficult to move a Sleep Number bed?

Sleep Number bed

No, there are no special tools required. You will be surprised to learn that your sleep number bed is lighter than many beds of the same size, making moving the sleep number bed easy.

However, you should note that moving the sleep number bed is a two-person job, and you will need the earplugs to move the mattress successfully.

If you have a king-size sleep number bed, you will need to break down the base once the mattress is removed. It’s a simple process of disconnecting the air hoses and pressing the release tags at the head and foot of the bed base.

The bed base is heavy so take extra care when handling it.

How do I take apart my Sleep Number bed to move it?

You will need to read the instructions for dismantling. It’s pretty much like moving any other bed but without the excess weight.

However, you will need to make a game plan because the mattress is connected to a pump. It’s a great idea to have the instruction manual handy if you need a reference point.

This is the procedure you will need to follow:

  • Inflate the mattress to 100
  • Open the zippers on the mattress to expose the valves where they enter the mattress and disconnect the air hoses by pressing the tab and pulling the elbow. Some models of sleep numbers have two air chambers, so be sure the hoses are disconnected. Place the air caps over the air intakes on the mattress. You cannot move the mattress without following this step.
  • Break the magnet seals if they are fitted to your mattress. When the magnetic seal is broken, place a towel between the magnets to reduce magnetic attraction ( the magnets may damage your credit cards and cause a pacemaker to malfunction)
  • Disconnect the air hoses from the pump and remove the power cable
  • Pack the pump in a box with packaging material. It is important not to expose the pump to moisture or vibration while moving. Handle it with care
  • Remove foam pads and package them adequately, so they are not exposed to dust and grime and, more importantly moisture
  • Place the mattress in a suitable cover before transporting it

Dismantling the bed base

  • Remove the air hose that runs within the bed base. It’s a simple unclipping from the frame, rolling, and securing.
  • Remove the head and footplate from the bed base. You will need to press the securing tabs to slide out the section. Be aware these plates can bend, so handle them with care
  • Disconnect the bracing tubes, mark the position with a piece of tape to assist in reassembly

How heavy is a Sleep Number bed?

32.5 pounds. The mattress varies in size, but a queen-size mattress weighs just 32.5 pounds. Contrary to belief, the number bed is surprisingly light and can weigh less than a standard box spring bed base.

You should note that the queen-size mattress does not have handles which makes maneuvering the mattress somewhat challenging. In all cases moving mattresses and bed bases should be a two-person job.

What is the lifespan of a Sleep Number bed?

External factors will determine the lifespan of your sleep number bed. Sleep number beds are designed for comfort and tough to withstand many factors.

What affects the life of your bed? Weight: As with all beds, if you are a heavy person, the mattress will wear out quicker than those with a smaller frame. So you must buy the correct configuration of mattress and bed base.

Sleep Number offers a warranty on their mattresses. Typically, an ordinary mattress has a warranty of 8 to 10 years, but the sleep numbers 360® smart bed have a massive 15-year or more design criteria, making it an industry leader.

The sleep numbers warranty is prorated year on year, so you will never be exposed to any nightmare surprises.

What is the most common Sleep Number?

It’s a personal choice. The sleep number bed ranges from 0 to 100. The latter is the firm setting.

According to reports from sleep number representatives and resellers, the average sleep number is in the 30 to 40 range, on the soft side to medium side.

Are Sleep Number beds good for sciatica?

Yes, use the Sleep Number 360 c2 Smart Bed, Sleep number is a unique mattress and bed design. If you have sciatica, you can inflate and deflate the mattress until you find the sweet spot that allows you to sleep in comfort.

If that’s not impressive enough, you can alter the air pressure or sleep number from an app on your smartphone.

Still not impressed? Well, so you don’t disturb your partner, you can adjust your mattress side, only leaving your partner to sleep comfortably with their personalized sleep number.

What Sleep Number setting is best for lower back pain?

It’s personal. It will depend on whether you have an injury or a recurring condition that needs a softer or firmer mattress.

You can try altering the firmness of your mattress in increments until you find a number that gives your lower back pain some relief.

Often a firmer mattress setting is best suited for back pain issues and will allow you to sleep with a lumbar roll and your knees bent upwards, facing the ceiling.

However, you will need to monitor your lower back pain and find a sleep number that works for you.

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