Do Mattress Toppers Need A Cover?

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Is your mattress topper Okay to sleep on directly? or do you need to use a cover to protect the mattress topper?

Your mattress topper is an extension of your mattress. As such, it is a good idea to use a mattress cover. The mattress cover can be easily cleaned, whereas the mattress topper is not suitable for regular laundry.

Mattress toppers do not necessarily need a cover, but it can be a good idea to use one for a number of reasons.

One reason to use a cover is to protect the topper from spills, stains, and dirt. A cover can help extend the life of the topper by protecting it from wear and tear.

Another reason to use a cover is for convenience. Removable covers are easy to take off and wash, which can be helpful if you need to clean your topper or if you want to change the look of your bed.

Finally, using a cover can help create a more cohesive look in your bedroom. A cover can help the topper blend in with the rest of your bedding and create a more polished and finished appearance.

There are a wide variety of mattress topper covers available in different styles, fabrics, and colors, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs and preferences.

Do you put a cover on a mattress topper?

Although your mattress topper may be sublimely comfortable and soft to the touch, it is an extension of your mattress.

There are practical reasons to use a mattress cover even with your topper. Your topper will be exposed to sweat and spills and general dirt shed by your body through the night.

The mattress topper cover will protect the topper from unnecessary dirt and will keep your mattress topper in good shape for years to come.

A decent mattress topper cover will not detract from the comfort of the topper. Indeed it may enhance comfort if you select a premium mattress topper cover.

Mattress topper covers are easy to launder, whereas the mattress topper itself is only suitable for spot cleaning.

Do you need both a mattress topper and a protector?

This is a personal decision. Mattress protectors can make you sleep hot unless you are purchasing a mattress protector made from natural products.

You may be using a breathable mattress protector under the mattress topper. Keep in mind your mattress topper will only be 1.5 inches thick. Although the mattress toppers extend the bed mattress’s life, they can be slipped off for cleaning and maintenance.

It makes sense to use the mattress protector under the mattress topper and then use a breathable mattress cover for your topper.

Try to maintain the comfort of your mattress topper for the best sleep experience.

Should you cover a memory foam mattress topper?

Yes. You cannot clean a memory foam mattress with conventional cleaning materials and chemicals, and therefore using a mattress protector is essential.

You may feel the salesman in the mattress store is trying to boost his sales when he suggested a cover for your memory foam mattress topper. But you will thank him at a later date.

It is recommended to use a quilted mattress cover with your memory foam topper, which will protect the topper from spills and skin shedding debris.

The quilted mattress cover is easy to clean and dry and keeps your bed fresh. The quilted cover will have laundry instructions for your convenience.

If you are prone to spills in bed, you need to be more careful, and Memory foam is excellent for sleeping on but not so good for cleaning.

Although you can and should clean your memory foam mattress topper once or twice a year, regular washing will degrade the properties of the mattress topper.

You can only use very mild detergents and cold water when laundering your memory foam topper. You will need to let the topper dry naturally in a cool room. Any heat exposure could damage the memory foam.

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