Best Mattress For Hip Replacement Patients

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Sleeping habits have an impact on joints around the body, especially hip joints. High density memory foam mattresses are traditionally considered to be the most supportive. In recent sleep science research, it was revealed that universal mattress designs are needed to provide the same level of functionality. 

Prior to a few years ago, hip pain and back pain were the main reasons people bought mattresses. Today’s mattress technology and designs allow a wide range of bed types and styles, which may be right for you.

But before we cover the best mattress for hip pain, let’s go over some important questions.

The Best Mattress For Hip Pain Are:

  • Top pick: Puffy
  • DreamCloud
  • Helix Midnight Lux
  • OkiFlex (Hybrid)

Top Pick: Puffy

  • 101 night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ships for free within 2 – 5 business days
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The best memory foam mattress for hip pain is the Puffy mattress which is designed and manufactured in the USA. Using premium materials and processes, the mattress provides pressure relief and alleviate hip pain. We think it’s a softer mattress which makes it great for shoulder pain, hip pain, and different sleeping styles.

The hypoallergenic covers shield your mattress from pesky dust mites, dust, and other allergens, protecting you from irritation while you sleep.


  • 365-night trial
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping
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This is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers with hip pain. Wake up refreshed every morning with this dreamy blend of memory foam and innerspring coils that provide the best sleep of your life.

In many cases, a hybrid mattress is the best choice for a mattress since it offers the advantages of both coils and foam for a restful night’s sleep.

The trial period and warranty is the best in the mattress industry.

Helix Midnight Lux

Helix Midnight
  • 100 night trial
  • 15-year limited warranty
  • Free shipping
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This luxury mattress takes your sleep to a whole new level without harmful chemicals because it’s CertiPUR-US certified.

This mattress is ideal for side sleepers or those who toss and turn during the night. The memory foam in this mattress relieves pressure points on your hips and shoulders.

The mattress has a medium-feel, which is the most popular choice – not too firm, not too soft. It is perfect for couples with different preferences in firmness.

OkiFlex (Hybrid)

OkiFlex Hybrid
  • 365-night return policy
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free shipping
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Individually wrapped pocket springs provide complete support and buoyancy support for your body, they respond independently to pressure. The springs are also designed to dissipate heat.

The mattress was designed in California and the materials were sourced globally. This mattress’s Ice Yarn cover is cool to the touch, and its air holes allow cool air to flow through so you don’t overheat.

What causes hip pain?

Hips are the most important joints in your body. As far as joints go, it is very sturdy. Normally, the leg bone moves in the hips with the help of cartilage. 

It is possible that over time the cartilage that supports your hip bone may wear out, causing discomfort and limiting your mobility. Hips and knees can be affected by irritable and inflamed joints. Your hips can become more damaged as you age.

There could be a factor of injury that will also cause hip pain.

How does mattress construction affect hip pain?

The materials and design of the mattress are critical to how the body feels while sleeping. Experts recommend firmer mattresses to reduce backaches. Hybrid mattresses are more resilient and offer longer-lasting comfort. 

As foam beds are easier to maintain, provide better pressure relief, and they can reduce movement transfer. If you are experiencing a little pain from a mattress, a foam mattress will provide you with comfort.

Why Memory Foam is the Best Choice?

Memory foam was developed by NASA to ease pressure and was initially used as seating pillows by astronauts on long space missions. Professional racers and racecar drivers also use it to protect themselves from accidents. 

Soft padding can also be made from insole abrasions and bulletproof jackets. As memory foam is shaped to the body and evenly distributes weight, it helps alleviate discomfort. The cell structure condenses under compression and transfers the weight to the underlying structure.

The top layer of modern mattresses is usually made up of memory foam, because it reduces pressure on the body. 

The firmness of your mattress

It is also important to consider the firmness when buying a mattress. You should avoid a mattress that is too firm because it can cause pain in your joints like hips and shoulders.

Choosing a soft mattress is also not advisable, since the firmer the mattress, the more your weight will sink into the mattress, causing your spine to be unaligned. 

Most mattresses are marketed and designed to be medium firm because that is generally the goldilocks zone. However, if you are taller and have an higher than average body weight it’s best to go with a firmer mattress that is a hybrid (has springs). And if you are lighter go for an all foam mattress.

If you’re somewhere in between either option is good, it just comes down to personal preference.

What should I do if I get a wrong mattress?

It is a good idea to check if the mattress comes with a trial period. Most mattresses straight from the manufacturer come with a trial period, and we list them below. It is common for websites to offer a testing period so users can see if it is suitable for them and if they are satisfied with theirs and their features. 

Additionally, many of the mattress in a box companies offer free returns where they will take a customer out of their apartment at no charge and provide a refund.

Best sleeping position for someone with hip pain?

Researchers are examining how posture in bed can affect shin pain and back pain. It has been shown that sleep position causes significant amounts of hip/back pain. It is also helpful to reduce these discomforts by adapting sleeping positions properly. After determining your sleep position, you can use that information to find the most comfortable mattress for your back or hip pain. 

If you are a back sleeper try sleeping on your side, and side sleepers, try sleeping on the side that doesn’t hurt and put a pillow between your knees to keep your hips aligned. 

Everyone is different but the go to position is on your side and with a pillow between your knees to ease discomfort.

Avoid sleeping on your front as stomach sleepers tend to sleep with unaligned spines which causes future pain. 


There is nothing pleasant about hip pain. It can hinder your ability to walk, and symptoms differ but it can also mess up your sleeping patterns. It is possible to ease chronic hip pain by buying a mattress that relieves pressure. 

Because we are not doctors or chiropractors, please consult a medical doctor for solid advice about pains. However, we chiropractors approve most memory foam mattresses for all the reasons we have mentioned. 

Our top pick is Puffy, it comes with a 101 night trial period, so make sure you try it out. 

Catch you in the next one.

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