Are Puffy Mattresses Toxic?

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If you think Puffy Mattresses are toxic, think again. Foam mattresses can be toxic and traditionally used toluene in the manufacturing process.

Puffy mattresses are possibly the least toxic memory foam mattress. They do not use ozone-depleting chemicals, toxic flame retardants, zero formaldehyde, or any other toxins. Plus, they have a CertiPUR-US Certification, environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Does The Puffy Mattress Smell?

All memory foam mattresses use chemicals in the manufacturing process, and it’s the nature of synthetic foam.

All memory foam mattresses “off-gas” when they are first unwrapped, the off-gassing can last for 48 hours, and the smell is not offensive for most folks.

However, after unwrapping your Puffy memory foam mattress, lay it flat and let the gasses dissipate in a well-ventilated room.

You should be pleased to read that Puffy useless organic chemicals in their manufacturing process make the Puffy mattress one of the least toxic memory foam mattresses available without compromising performance.

Does The Puffy Mattress Contain Fiberglass?

An emphatic no is an answer to the question. No Puffy mattresses do not contain one strand of fiberglass in their construction.

You will only find the highest quality material selected for the best sleep and comfort anyone could expect from a memory foam mattress.

How Are The Puffy Mattresses Made?

Puffy mattresses are primarily made in layers. The first layer is soft and stain-resistant; the layer is hypoallergenic, making the Puffy mattress suitable for even the most sensitive users.

Top Layer

The top layer is a polyurethane non-latex layer that offers sublime comfort. Puffy didn’t stop there! In the mattress, the layer is gel-infused for your comfort. The gel-infused foam cools your body by dissipating heating through the night.

Middle Layer

The foam is manufactured using Variable Pressure Foaming, an environmentally friendly process that sees the Puffy mattress accredited with CertiPUR-US certified foam.


If you need to give relief to those pressure points, the Lux mattress comes complete with

Cloud foam. This ultra-soft but supportive layer is designed to give support in the correct areas while absorbing the pressure points providing the best solution in comfort and rest.

The base layer is made from Puffy core support foam, and unique contour adapts coils for incomparable sleep performance.

Grip Cover

Every mattress comes with a stylish grip cover that keeps everything neat and tidy. The grip cover is suitable for any bed frame you may be using.

Where Is Puffy Shipped From?

Puffy mattresses are shipped from the United States via FedEx and arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

Unlike some memory foam mattresses, Puffy inflates and gains its shape fast. This is because Puffy only wraps and packs their mattresses for a maximum of seven days to avoid over-compressing the mattress.


Remember your new Puffy mattress needs to aerate and off-gas before using. Aeration usually takes place within a few hours, and off-gassing can take 48 hours in a well-ventilated room.

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