Top 25 Snoring Memes and GIFs to Make You LOL

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Top 25 Snoring Memes and GIFs to Make You LOL
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There probably isn’t a single person in the world who doesn’t know what snoring is.

I mean, every other person snores at some point in their life!

Good thing we live in the internet age! Those funny and endearing moments can now be immortalized through photos, videos, and memes.

If you, or someone you love, snores loudly, remember that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Everyone does it, even newborns, puppies and bears.

Here’s proof!

This newborn whose snoring keeps his brother awake


Via 9GAG

An exhausted cat who snores like an old man


Via 9GAG

A train-riding pooch who fooled other passengers


Via 9GAG

Or this kitty who has the most adorable snoring face


Via 9GAG

And this snoring bear slurping in his sleep


Via Giphy

As a kid, you probably associated snoring with sleeping based on all the cartoons you’ve seen. Snoring doesn’t always mean a good night’s sleep, though. The noise can keep other people awake.

If you have lived with someone who snores loudly, sleep is probably the last thing you would associate with it. It can even affect relationships.

When girlfriends realize their boyfriend might not be husband material



Via HugeLOL

Or when poor wives stay up all night thanks to snoring husbands



Via Giphy

Snoring can sometimes even take the romance out of the relationship


Via 9GAG

There’s also this poor man whose wife seemed to have given up on his snoring


Via 9GAG

And this wife who blames the pillow for her crime


Via 9GAG

Most people will try to fix snoring problems, though. A lot of different remedies have been invented in an attempt to eliminate snoring once and for all.

Some of these remedies, however, can be a little too far outside the box.

Like this ad that seems to suggest a drunken prank than a remedy


Via 9GAG

Or this passive-aggressive device that might stop your snoring forever


Via 9GAG

Here is another questionable remedy that involves a fork

Via Giphy

This cute puppy also tried to fix the problem by plugging the source

Via 9GAG

And this Good Guy who found a solution to his own problem


Via HugeLOL

The first step to fixing any problem is admitting there is one. Some people live in denial and refuse to acknowledge that they snore.

There are those who say they don’t snore in their sleep

Via Giphy

Others try to blame it on their genes


Via 9GAG

Some even have the audacity to get upset when others snore


Via HugeLOL

Don’t be afraid to admit when you have a snoring problem. Your loved ones will always be there to support you.

Like these bros who pretend it doesn’t bother them

Via Giphy

The sweet boyfriend who assures this girl her snoring is cute


Via 9GAG

There are also wives who resort to writing poems in the middle of the night


Via 9GAG

And girlfriends who learn to compromise in order to get some sleep


Via 9GAG

Even children try to help when they hear their parents snoring


Via 9GAG

Finally, this loving husband who got creative with a pillow to help his wife


Via 9GAG

Regardless of whether you’re able to successfully eliminate your snoring or learn to live with it, there will always be people who will accept you.

There are even those who can’t imagine life without you and your snoring


The Big Bang Theory

There you have it – the top snoring memes and GIFs of the internet. 

Hope you had as much fun reading it as I did putting it together!

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