Adult Sleepover Sleeping Ideas

Adult Sleepover Sleeping Ideas

Is the prospect of a sleepover giving you sleepless nights? Do you want to be unique and have an out-of-the-box sleepover party with your friends?

There are some great ideas for an adult sleepover, from jazzing up the bedroom to creating excellent cocktails to a pinata for some adult stress relief.

Let’s look at ten fabulous ideas to make your sleepover party a snoozing success.

Everyone loves a few drinks at a party, and your sleepover should be no different. But let’s try and jazz up the sleepover and have some great cocktails.

There is no limit to the endless list of cocktails, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Just choose a few different cocktails with just a few ingredients to keep things simple and not over expensive.

1) Fruity, boozy cocktails

Who doesn’t love a fruity alcohol cocktail? This is the perfect solution to kick off your sleepover party with your adult friends.

Of course, you can keep some all-natural fruit cocktails for friends who do not drink alcohol.

Melon ball

Delicious Midori with Vodka and orange, push the boat out and make some melon balls. These delicious cocktails are easy to make and have just a few ingredients to keep things simple.

Peachy Ice Tea

Always a favorite amongst the girls, make an excellent pitcher of iced tea with a twist! You can make a peachy cocktail by first adding vodka and then peach schnapps, adding a few slices of lemon for extra zing.

Top this yummy cocktail with some freshly brewed tea. Once cooled, add ice and enjoy with your friends.

Cocktails are a great way to spice up an evening and provide something special for a sleepover.

Fun and games

A sleepover would not be the same without some fun and games to make the experience memorable.

Below are some simple ideas that will keep you laughing the whole night long.

2) Themed Pajamas

There is nothing like sharing your taste in pajamas, you can insist that you wear matching themed pajamas and increase the bonding experience.

 It’s fun and makes for some fantastic photos. It may seem a bit juvenile, but you want to create a special occasion, and a little silliness between friends is great fun.

3) Solve a murder case

Murder mystery and suspense what better way to make a sleepover go off with a bang. You can solve who did it in traditional ways by interrogating each other (in the nicest ways).

You can buy a game with pre-printed cards, and for extra fun, you can add some freestyling to the game.

4) Makeup roulette

A simple game of roulette is great fun on its own, but when adding makeup to the game can become hilarious.

Write down the makeup ideas randomly and place them in a jar, bet on odds, evens, and colors. The losers have to pick a card, and the makeup is applied. Of course, it’s unconventional, and you can have some wacky ideas like weird lipstick colors and designs.

5) Adult pinata

Hey, we are all girls together! An adult pinata can provide some hilarious gifts and is a fun way to kick off a night full of fun and laughter.

Adult pinata can be customized, so if you prefer less saucy items, go for more booze-related gifts and ditch the sexy theme if it’s likely to offend.

6) Watch some movies

You know a sleepover party can be the perfect time to catch up on all of the movies you would have loved to have watched through the year.

Some great budget projectors would give a full-size screen in your home, you can easily connect the projector to your speaker system for an actual cinematic experience.

If you are having your sleepover during the warmer months, then take your movies outdoors! It’s easy and can be done on a small budget if needed.

You can download your favorites, a fantastic way to spend a few hours during your sleepover.

Don’t forget the popcorn! Some excellent air popcorn machines produce endless amounts of delicious popcorn to snack on while you watch your favorite movies.

7) Talent show

You always knew you had a hidden talent, now is the time to show it off! Your talent show can be anything you are good at or even bad!

You could combine a talent show with a karaoke evening, have some scintillating solos and some awesome duos.

Karaoke is always fun, and if you can lubricate the vocal cords before starting, you will lose some of your inhibitions at the same time and have a great time.

8) Make a DIY photo booth 

Your guests will love using a DIY photo booth, and by using a smartphone printer, it could not be easier to have some memorable photos of your sleepover.

9) Don’t forget the food

Choosing simple food is the key to your enjoyment. Set up a bagel table with some incredible toppings for your guests to help themselves. It will be free time for you to enjoy the sleepover.

10) Creepy tails

Your sleepover party is going to be a late-night event. Staying up into the late hours is the perfect time for reading a creepy tail from beyond.

Your sleepover guests will love the excitement of being scared but comfortable enough to stay engaged while surrounded by friends.

Creepy tails and ghost stories are a sure way you will all end up cuddled together through the night!

Final thoughts

These are just a few suggestions to make your sleepover be a spectacular event that will be remembered for years to come.

You only invite special friends for a sleepover so, the occasion is worth making a big effort and going the extra mile.

There is really nothing off limits along as no one is offended, so get creative and start planning a spectacular sleepover for you and your close friends.

Can You Sleep With A Waist Trainer On?

Can You Sleep With A Waist Trainer On

Are you going through all the effort every day to train your waist into the desired hourglass shape you desire? Can you get the benefits while you sleep?

When you sleep with a waist trainer, it restricts your breathing and deprives your body of oxygen. It can put pressure on your internal organs and prevent you from breathing deeply.

Does waist training flatten your stomach?

Hmmm. this is controversial. You can read a lot about wait trainers and how they will give you an hourglass figure by wearing these corsets throughout the day.

While wearing your waist trainer, you need to be very careful with your diet. Low carbs, low-fat keto works best for fast results.

Don’t skip an exercise routine or gym section. This will set your hourglass figure back endlessly.

So, let’s break down the mechanics of this slimmer waistline.

You are dieting hard, no cheats, and are achieving weight loss, and you are hitting the gym and pumping iron. You can only expect to get muscle tone.

You will undoubtedly be working on your upper body to build a little bulk to emphasize your slim waist. Likewise, you need to build your glutes and quads, and you are on your way to an hourglass figure.

Without diet and exercise, you will wait a thousand years to gain a flat stomach using a waist trainer.

Diet and exercise combined will trim down the inches on your waist. The wait trainer, at best, will do a few things for you.


The waist trainer may improve your walking posture; walking tall with a straight back makes you feel confident and look assured.

Fit into smaller clothes

With your waist pinched in, you may be able to wear those favorite jeans again or that amazing cocktail dress you always loved but grew out of.

Wearing smaller clothes makes you feel good and look incredible without trying too hard.

How long do you have to waist train to see results?

If you are using a waist trainer for instant gratification, the results can be instant. You can knock up to 4 inches of your waistline the first time you wear your waist trainer.

However, that’s the same as any corset so, if you are looking for permanent results, you will need to follow a strict workout routine.

If you diet hard and exercise daily, including resistance training, you will see positive results within 6 weeks.

That’s pretty fast, right? If you don’t diet and exercise, you will not see any changes other than those of the effects of wearing a corset.

Can you sleep with a waist trainer?

Under no circumstances be tempted to sleep with your waist trainer or any other corset. The ramifications of having your breathing restricted and organs crushed could be catastrophic.

Enjoy the quick fix and understand your weight loss, and the new figure is from diet and exercise, nothing else and nothing more.

Are Sleep Masks Bad For Your Eyes?

Are Sleep Masks Bad For Your Eyes

Do you need to block out light so you can sleep well? Have you heard sleep masks can be dangerous?

It’s true, sleep masks can be bad for your eyes. When worn too tight, it causes pressure on the eyeballs, leading to blurry vision and other complications. Besides that, they are great for uninterrupted sleep when it gets light.

Is it good to sleep with an eye mask?

If the eye mask is not tight, sleep masks are a great tool to block light from keeping us awake.

Your partner may like to read at night, and you just can’t sleep with light in the bedroom, a sleep mask is perfect in this environment.

If you travel a lot and need to catch up on sleep, the eye mask can be your best companion allowing you to catch some much-needed sleep during daylight hours.

If you sleep with your eyes slightly open, you will know how irritating dry eyes can feel. Sleep masks can prevent you from waking with dry eyes.

Do you know sleep masks are great for preventing eye makeup from smudging? When you sleep, it’s normal to move around, and your eyes rub against the duvet cover or pillow, smudging eye makeup, try an eye mask and notice the difference.

If you want to catch up on sleep at the weekend, then you can trick your circadian rhythm by keeping the eye mask in place while you sleep in later. Don’t forget your alarm clock.

Eye masks only present problems when the elastic is so tight it puts pressure on your eyeballs.

Do sleep masks cause eye wrinkles?

It’s hard to say definitely, but the consensus is a quality eye mask may prevent eye wrinkles rather than cause them.

If you are using a standard airline eye mask issue, you can expect some friction from the cotton on the inside of the eye mask.

Buy premium eye masks and keep them clean. They are easy to wash and relatively cheap to buy, so keep them fresh at all times.

Apart from the elastic lines on your temples that are unavoidable if the mask is to stay in place, eye masks are thought to prevent wrinkles from occurring.

Do sleep masks damage eyelashes?

Yes, and No. Ill-fitting budget masks will probably crush your lashes! But decent eye masks and keep your lashes looking good. Prevention is better than cure.

Good masks equal good results, and a good night’s sleep will always make you look good and feel better.

Are sleep masks unhealthy?

If you feel pressure on your eyes, there is something wrong with your sleep mask, maybe too tight, or the design is incorrect.

If you keep your sleep mask clean and free from bacteria to avoid eye infections, then your sleep mask is a healthy thing to have to aid your sleep.

How Bad Is Sleeping On An Air Mattress?

How Bad Is Sleeping On An Air Mattress

Are you considering an air mattress for long-term use? There are some things you will need to consider before making this decision.

 Air mattresses usually are considered temporary because they don’t offer adequate support. The air in the mattress is unlike other mattresses; it does not transfer weight evenly and can lead to restless sleep and poor posture.

Is it safe to sleep on an air mattress every night?

In terms of safety, will it kill you in the long term? Then it’s safe, but it will be tough to get a good night’s sleep. If you sleep with a heavier partner than you, you could be in for a rough, sleepless night.

If you sleep with a partner on a double airbed, you will know how awful sleeping on an air bed can be. If your partner is heavier than you, you will be tossed around through the night like a small boat on a rough sea.

Airbeds are useless at transferring weight and if you consider using an airbed long-term, then sleep on it alone for the best result.

Becoming comfortable is an issue; how much air is enough or too little? Too much air and you may as well sleep on the proof, too little air, and you will be sleeping on the floor.

You may need more bed coverings, the air is a poor insulator, and cold transference can keep you awake all night.

Is sleeping on an air bed harmful?

If you have a decent air bed, then no, it’s not harmful. If you have a budget airbed, it’s not harmful to your health other than stiffness from poor posture.

Let’s consider why you want to sleep on an airbed? If it’s because your regular bed has passed its sell-by date and you need a new mattress but are financially challenged at this point, then an airbed can be a good choice.

Air beds have limitations like they are not very comfortable and can frequently spring an annoying slow leak that leaves parts of your body touching the floor in the middle of the night.

Air is not a suitable medium for supporting posture, and it’s either too squidgy or rock solid! It’s better than a saggy old mattress.

Can you get sick from sleeping on an air mattress?

You will inevitably experience body pain using an air mattress long-term. Air mattress does not give the support you need to your body and causes your spine to curve in a place that it was never meant to curve.

But for other illnesses, air beds do not make you sick.

If you can keep your air bed off the floor, you may sleep better as the floor temperature will be transferred into your mattress’s air pockets, making you relaxed.

In the absence of any other mattress, the air mattress is ok to sleep on.

Do Mattresses Need To Breathe?

Do Mattresses Need To Breathe

Are you concerned about where the moisture from your body is going when you sleep? Is your mattress breathable to dispel moisture?

Yes, All mattresses will perform better if they can breathe. Depending on the type of mattress you are using will determine if the mattress is breathable; there are stories of memory foam mattresses becoming moldy!

How long do mattresses need to breathe?

If you have an innerspring mattress, it will just need a few hours to breathe before you dress the bed. However, it does depend on the type of mattress you have purchased.

If you have a new memory foam mattress straight out of the box, you will need to leave this mattress for 48 hours and maybe more to let the mattress off gas.

Memory foam and foam mattresses, in general, use volatile organic compounds during manufacturing. This is what you can smell when you first unwrap your memory foam mattress.

The VOCs need to dissipate before you sleep on the mattress; leave the mattress in a well-ventilated space for at least two days before using.

If you have a latex mattress, do you need to off-gas? No, latex is a natural product; it may have a smell. This is Hevea milk, the natural sap from the tree, it’s not toxic, and the smell is not offensive.

Do you need airflow under a mattress?

Innerspring mattresses are essentially hollow so, they have good airflow. When the springs are compressed, it creates a natural airflow, like a concertina drawing and expelling air.

Memory foam mattresses benefit from using a slatted bed frame. Although the mattress appears to be solid and dense, it can still breathe.

If you use a slatted bed frame for your memory foam mattress, you will notice your mattress sleeps much more excellently.

Memory foam and foam mattresses, in general, placed on solid bases have been reported to grow mold on the underside of the mattress.

Is it OK to put a mattress on plywood?

Yes, and No. Using solid plywood would benefit from some holes, say two-inch diameter, to assist the mattress breathing. This is particularly applicable when using memory foam mattresses.

It’s ok to place an innerspring mattress on plywood, you may lose some of the comforts, but the mattress will breathe and keep calm.

For latex and foam mattresses, it’s recommended to use a base that allows airflow for more excellent sleeping.

How do you air out a new mattress?

Remove all of the protective packagings, including the thick polythene covering the mattress. Leave the mattress for a couple of hours, and in the case of memory foam and foam mattresses, leave for a couple of days to off-gas the VOCs.

Your innerspring mattress may have a smell, this is unlikely to be VOCs but flame retardant to comply with state laws.

Before dressing your new bed, make sure all smells have dissipated before using through the night.

Do Mattress Toppers Need A Cover?

Do Mattress Toppers Need A Cover

Is your mattress topper Okay to sleep on directly? or do you need to use a cover to protect the mattress topper?

Your mattress topper is an extension of your mattress. As such, it is a good idea to use a mattress cover. The mattress cover can be easily cleaned, whereas the mattress topper is not suitable for regular laundry.

Do you put a cover on a mattress topper?

Although your mattress topper may be sublimely comfortable and soft to the touch, it is an extension of your mattress.

There are practical reasons to use a mattress cover even with your topper. Your topper will be exposed to sweat and spills and general dirt shed by your body through the night.

The mattress topper cover will protect the topper from unnecessary dirt and will keep your mattress topper in good shape for years to come.

A decent mattress topper cover will not detract from the comfort of the topper. Indeed it may enhance comfort if you select a premium mattress topper cover.

Mattress topper covers are easy to launder, whereas the mattress topper itself is only suitable for spot cleaning.

Do you need both a mattress topper and a protector?

This is a personal decision. Mattress protectors can make you sleep hot unless you are purchasing a mattress protector made from natural products.

You may be using a breathable mattress protector under the mattress topper. Keep in mind your mattress topper will only be 1.5 inches thick. Although the mattress toppers extend the bed mattress’s life, they can be slipped off for cleaning and maintenance.

It makes sense to use the mattress protector under the mattress topper and then use a breathable mattress cover for your topper.

Try to maintain the comfort of your mattress topper for the best sleep experience.

Should you cover a memory foam mattress topper?

Yes. You cannot clean a memory foam mattress with conventional cleaning materials and chemicals, and therefore using a mattress protector is essential.

You may feel the salesman in the mattress store is trying to boost his sales when he suggested a cover for your memory foam mattress topper. But you will thank him at a later date.

It is recommended to use a quilted mattress cover with your memory foam topper, which will protect the topper from spills and skin shedding debris.

The quilted mattress cover is easy to clean and dry and keeps your bed fresh. The quilted cover will have laundry instructions for your convenience.

If you are prone to spills in bed, you need to be more careful, and Memory foam is excellent for sleeping on but not so good for cleaning.

Although you can and should clean your memory foam mattress topper once or twice a year, regular washing will degrade the properties of the mattress topper.

You can only use very mild detergents and cold water when laundering your memory foam topper. You will need to let the topper dry naturally in a cool room. Any heat exposure could damage the memory foam.