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Have you heard of Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu?

Tom is one of the co-founders of Quest Nutrition – you know, those protein bars, powder, and chips that you see at your local grocery store? 

Go check out his podcasts and YouTube videos!

I’ve been listening to him for a few months now, and he’s always interviewing interesting guests and asking thought-provoking questions!

In this episode, Tom interviews Shawn Stevenson – the host of The Model Health Show and author of Sleep Smarter – and they discuss why sleep is necessary, how a lack of sleep impacts your every day, and what you can do to optimize your sleep.

So, who is Shawn Stevenson and why should we listen to him?

Well, you should listen to his story of healing to really understand where he comes from.

Long story short, he cured himself of degenerative disc disease, something that was thought to be incurable.

How did he do this?

Through focusing and expanding his knowledge on health, fitness and nutrition, and experimenting on himself. Since then, he became one of the most sought-after nutritionists in the country.

His take on it is that sleep is the MOST important trifecta in everyone’s health and well being. 

Sleep should be valued more than fitness or nutrition because it is the beginning of it all.

Without sleep, your muscles cannot recover and grow. Without sleep, your brain can’t learn new things or commit information to memory. Without sleep, your body cannot expel toxins from all directions of your body. 

Sleep is so fundamental that it cannot and should not be ignored. However, that is not what society believes today. 

Good thing people like Shawn are trying to do something about it and change this misconception that people who sleep more are lazy.

No, you should sleep more because it’s good for you in every way imaginable. Let’s help spread this message across the globe, so we’re all getting better quality sleep. 

Remember, the goal is one less grouchy person on this planet one sleep at a time! 

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