Guided Meditation to Deep Sleep | Christian Thomas

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Guided Meditation to Deep Sleep | Christian Thomas
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Do you ever get bombarded with annoying thoughts that keep you up at night?

It’s even more frustrating when you’re exhausted and just want to fall asleep, but your brain is active and one musing leads to the next…taunting you with an endless stream of seemingly unrelated tangents.

It’s sometimes fun to just let your mind go, but it does absolutely nothing to help you attain your nightly dose of rest and recovery.

Maybe you’re thinking about the events that happened today at work, your to-do list for tomorrow, or some argument you had with your significant other.

You’re not alone. Most people suffer from the overthinking “monkey mind” – I think we can all agree that this clutter chatter is highly disruptive to our precious sleep cycle and overall mental health. 

So, what can you do about it? 

Well, listen to this guided meditation to start!

It’s super easy. You don’t need to know how to meditate. Just play this video as you’re lying down on your bed and let the smooth, velvety voice lull you into a cosy slumber!  

Curious who’s behind the calming voice?

Christian Thomas from Meditation Vacation

A normal guy from the UK, who used guided meditation to get him through a tough stage in his life, and now he’s paying it forward for making his own meditation videos. 

He has 112,000+ subscribers on YouTube with over 15 million views on his channel collectively, while this particular video has >2 million views on its own! 

Everyone is different, so this may not work as well for you as it did for me. If it didn’t work, then no harm, no foul – you didn’t lose any money and you’re still not able to fall asleep quickly. 

Go ahead! Give it try and let me know what you think 🙂 

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