Can You Wash A Memory Foam Pillow?

What Happens When You Wash a Memory Foam Pillow

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This post will answer your question, can you wash memory foam pillow? There are vital things you need to know if you want your bedroom pillow to last long and fresh.

So, continue reading and find out what we’ve got for you.

Typically, sleeping makes up one-third of your life. It’s essential in your overall health and sanity. Having a comfortable bed and relaxing space can help improve the quality of your sleep. One of today’s most common solutions for a restful sleep is using memory foam. However, it can become dirty over time, so it’s essential to understand how to keep it clean.

What Happens When You Wash a Memory Foam Pillow?

Can You Wash Memory Foam Pillow

Some of the most common causes of a dirty pillow include dead skin cells, sweat, and dust mites. Memory foam pillows are not exempted from these elements. The challenge is keeping your memory foam clean and comfy all year round. Now, what happens when you wash it?

Cleaning your memory foam pillow involves deep cleaning, such as washing it. However, you should never wash this type of pillow on the washing machine as it may damage the foam. You can wet the foam, put some gentle cleaning solution, then carefully handwash it to remove dirt. Make sure to air dry the foam before using it again to avoid mildew and mold growth.

After washing it, you will notice that it becomes softer and lighter again just like when you first bought it. Also, there’s no more unpleasant smell due to dust mite feces, sweat, and other dirt.

How Do I Get the Sweat Smell Out of My Memory Foam Pillow?


Deodorizing your memory foam pillow is not as difficult as it seems. Just follow the instructions below and get a sweet-smelling pillow afterward:

  • Remove the cover and lay it on your bed or any flat surface.
  • Put some baking soda on the foam. Feel free to add some essential oils like lavender to make it fresher smelling. Plus, lavender oil makes sleep more comfortable and relaxing.
  • Place your pillow outside for up to three hours, so it’s naturally deodorized under the sun. The baking soda will eliminate the sweat smell from the foam.
  • Using the upholstery attachment, vacuum off your memory foam pillow so the remaining baking soda will be removed with the hairs, dead skin, dust mites, and other unwanted particles in the foam.

Baking soda is one of the essential household items when it comes to cleaning and deodorizing. It’s important to keep enough supply in your cabinet for future use.

How to Wash Memory Foam Pillow

Tough stains can be difficult to remove, especially for memory foam pillows. However, if you want to get rid of food spills and other liquid stains from your pillow, there’s an effective way to do that. The following are some expert tips on how to wash memory foam pillow:

  • Fill your sink or bathtub with cold water. Sprinkle some mild detergent, then submerge your pillow. Gently squeeze the foam so that the soapy water gets in the material and take out the stains. Don’t wring the pillow because it can lead to damage.
  • If there’s no more stain in the pillow, drain your tub and refill it with cold water. Submerge your pillow again while squeezing it until there’s no discoloration coming out of the foam. Continue squeezing gently to remove excess water.
  • Get a clean towel and put your pillow on it, then roll them up. Gently squeeze to obliterate excess water. If there’s still water, do this step one more time.
  • Unroll your memory foam pillow from the towel, put it in another dry towel. Make sure to air dry your pillow before you use it. Usually, drying time may take up to 24 hours. However, if you want a faster drying process, you can use your hairdryer on a cool setting.

You can sprinkle your favorite essential oil to make sure your pillow smells fresh after cleaning it.

How to Dry Memory Foam Pillow

When drying your memory foam pillow, there are some crucial pointers to keep in mind. For instance, you should never put it in the dryer because the heat will melt the foam. Also, never wring your memory foam pillow as it can only damage the material.

The best drying methods for memory foam pillows are air drying, sun drying, and using a hairdryer (set on Cool mode). You can use a clean towel to dry the foam by absorbing excess water. And if it’s the most convenient, you can dry your pillow in front of an electric fan.

How Often Should You Wash Pillows?

Traditional pillows need to be washed every two months to avoid accruing dead skin and dust mites. However, deep cleaning is necessary after you’ve been sick to get rid of bacteria and viruses that may infect others. It’s essential to sprinkle baking soda on the pillows when changing covers to eliminate any foul smell.

Regular vacuuming can also help eliminate dust mites that may be thriving in your memory foam pillows. Although they cannot borough in the material, keeping these pesky bed bugs from biting you while asleep is still essential. Baking soda helps absorb smell while keeping your pillows fresh and comfy. Here are some worthy tips to help you make sure you always get a good night sleep:

  • Pillow surfaces must be vacuumed weekly.
  • Spot cleaning must be performed monthly.
  • Pillowcases must be changed at least once a week.
  • Pillow covers and protectors must be washed periodically.
  • Cleaning pillows must be done during a sunny day for faster drying.


One of today’s most delicate materials used in making pillows is memory foam. Therefore, it’s essential to be careful when cleaning and washing memory foam pillows. Proper care and regular cleaning can help prolong the lifespan of your pillows. You can change your memory foam pillow after 18 to 36 months of use.

A well-maintained bedroom is a key to quality sleep. Follow the tips in washing memory foam pillows provided above to enjoy their benefits. So, are you cleaning your pillows regularly and adequately?

Best Bed Rest Pillow

Best Bed Rest Pillow

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Do you want to improve your posture while sitting in bed to read your best novel, watch your best late-night movie or series or have a peaceful bed rest? Then, you are going to need the best bed rest pillow to make your experience more comfortable.

Unlike the standard sleeping pillows, bed rest pillows are designed and created to be supportive and comfortable, enabling you to sit upright in bed. The bed rest pillows are manufactured from memory foam that molds to your body to provide you with the support you need.

They are often designed with high backs and armrests for an easy sit up in bed for an extended period. Additionally, some may feature adjustable bolsters for extra neck support or come with cup holders or pockets for storage. For more about the best bed rest pillows, read on!


The Husband Pillow – Big Backrest Reading Bed Rest Pillow is undoubtedly the best bed rest pillow you can get in the market today. It is more of a bed seat than a pillow. If it comes with a perfect backrest that is bigger and better compared to its arch-rivals. It is constructed to be sturdy and full-formed backrest that provides maximum support to the whole of your upper body than regular bed rest pillows can.

This bed rest from Husband Pillow is designed and filled with premium shredded memory foam that ensures you are comfortable and well supported. Moreover, the smooth, high-quality microplush cover provides the softest feeling to your back body. With all soft materials, this Husband Pillow makes perfect back support and comfort in bed for resting, reading, lounging, sleeping, and bed rest.
With a bed backrest pillow with arms, this bed rest pillow for Husband Pillow feels much like a warm hug. It will cradle and cushion your head, neck back and arms to keep you supported and comfortable.

This Husband Pillow features a significant dimension for maximum support. It is designed to be large enough to cover the entire area of you back for adequate support and comfort. It features with a removable and machine washable cover allowing you to keep the pillow clean. Moreover, the pillow features a zipper at the bottom that will enable you to remove extra or add more foam as required for optimum support and comfort. The neck roll also has a zipper on the cover for the same.

The Husband Pillow also features back pockets that come in handy to hold your book, magazine, glasses, removable covers or anything you may want close at hand while resting in bed. The built-in side pockets are also a great feature in this pillow that allows you to hold things like phone and remote, among other items that you would regularly need when resting in bed

So whether you want to watch your late-night movie, read the latest best-seller novel, the Husband Pillow – Big Backrest Reading Bed Rest Pillow can be the ideal dater for the occasion.

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You do not have to risk getting sore back when reading your favorite book or watching the latest movie into the night in your bed or couch because a typical sleeping pillow supports your back. However, sitting in bed with the support of a shredded memory foam bed rest pillow will not only provide you with the support and comfort you need. It also comes with cup holders for holding your drink, water, pens or even electronic devices like a phone or remote control. This bed rest pillow from Cascadia Essentials is perfect for gaming, relaxing, watching TV, or reading.

The Cascadia Essential Shredded Memory Foam Reading Pillow with Cup Holders is designed and filled with the softest shredded memory foam available. The shredded memory foam can contour to your back for exclusive support and relief when seated. The cover is made from soft grey velour that will automatically blend with your bedding in your bed. It is also durable and can withstand many years of use in your home.

The patent-pending cub holders are designed as such so that they can hold your drink away from you, thereby minimizing spills on you. The cup holders are 2.75 inches in diameter, thus perfect for holding regular cups. Moreover, they are designed to be removable for whenever you don’t need them.

Are you looking to sit in bed and relieve your back pain while reading, gaming, watching or just relaxing? The Cascadia Essential Shredded Memory Foam Reading Pillow with Cup Holders will provide you the perfect back and shoulder support you need.

Corduroy Bed Rest Pillow with Arms: Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest, Navy


The Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest, Navy is designed and manufactured from 100% Polyester to be sturdy and comfortable enough to support you while you read, watch TV, or relax on your couch, bed or even ground. The sturdy handle allows you to move the pillow stress-free around your home.

The Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest Pillow features 100% polyester fill that provides excellent support to your neck and the top and lower back areas. With the arms, your waist and arms will equally have maximum comfort as you rest on your bed or couch.

This bed rest pillow is designed with versatility for any situation in mind. Whether you want to relax in your living room, in the bleachers at the stadium, or on the natural green pasture for a picnic, the Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest, Navy will not disappoint in providing the support and comfort you need.

This bed rest pillow from Brentwood is super easy to clean as it requires simple spot cleaning with only a damp cloth. If you are searching for a supportive and comfortable bed rest pillow that is easy to maintain, then you are on the right bed rest pillow!


A peace evening with a good novel or book is a perfect way to spend your evening time. However, finding a supportive and comfortable spot to snuggle up to your story can be difficult. But with the Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam, you will comfortably read your book in a perfect position.

This pillow from Milliard is designed and filled with shredded high-density polyurethane memory foam that is best known for body contouring softness. The shredded memory foam not only provides comfort but also offers maximum support for your back even for long hours without experiencing back pains.

It features armrests that are built to provide a soft and supportive embrace while you read, watch or relax. Whether you prefer sitting on the floor, on the sofa, on the bed, on the patio or a reading nook, Milliard can guarantee you the best comfort and support experience.
The Milliard Reading Pillow comes with a velour cover that is zippered for convenient removing during filling or removing extra shreds for a comfortable yet supportive size and shape. If your Milliard Pillow catches dirt or coffee spill or needs a little refreshing, you unzip the outer cover and dip it in the washing machine for faster and perfect cleaning. The pillow comes in different colors so that you can choose the ideal color that compliments your home décor.


Do you want to redecorate your bedroom, but you are worried that your bed rest pillow will not match the new color scheme anymore? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Several exclusive bed rest pillow covers will, for sure, harmonize with your new bedroom color. Even though your bed rest pillow won’t look any more modern, it will still be supportive and comfortable in a new cover, and you do not need to replace it.

The LINESPA Soft Velour Cover can be the perfect cover you may want to use with your bed rest pillow. The soft and long-lasting velour cover comes in navy as well as in stone colors; thus could correctly work well in any room. Moreover, it requires spot clean only, therefore makes it super easy to maintain.

This bed rest pillow cover is available in both standard and extra-large sizes. This bed rest cover comes with a detachable neck roll while it features handy inbuilt pockets to hold your phone, remote and other things you may need close to your when resting, reading or watching.

It is also versatile and portable as it features a built-in handle at the top to allow you ease of carrying to whenever you want to go. Because this pillow cover is removable by unzipping it, it is machine-washable as well.


Sitting in the wrong posture for long can lead to potential back problems. Therefore, you must sit in the right posture as read or watch on your sofa or bed. Unfortunately, the typical pillow cannot provide you with comfort and support for the correct position. However, getting the best bed rest pillow can deliver you the comfort and support you need when reading or watching. Before you hit the market for shopping for your best bed rest pillow, be sure to consider the bed rest pillows we have mentioned above.

Best Back Support Pillow

Best Back Support Pillow Bed

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Nowadays, people spend a lot of time in a sitting position. Working, gaming, reading, watching TV and driving are just a few of the many things done while seated on a chair or in bed. The large amount of time we spend sitting can be detrimental to our bodies, especially those suffering from back pain.

However, with the best back support pillow, you can have good back support and added comfort when seated or sleeping in your bed. If you are looking to support your back when in bed, read on to know how you can support your back in bed and whether you need a pillow for the same.

How can I Support My Back in Bed?


Supporting your back in bed is essential since it helps stave off upper and lower back pain when sleeping or seated. However, to get proper back support while sleeping can be challenging. Many people report worse back pain when they wake up in the morning than when they went to bed. By following these few tips below, you can support your back when in bed and successfully get rid of your back pain.

Choose the Right Mattress

The mattress you choose for your bed should support your body curvatures while keeping you comfortable. If you have wider hips than your waist, a softer mattress can be ideal as it will allow your spine to stay straight. On the other hand, if your waist and hips relatively line up straight, then a harder mattress can be a better option as it will provide you more support.

Pick the Right Pillow

Just like the mattress, a good pillow should provide support to the natural curve of your neck while keeping it aligned with the chest, shoulders and lower back, thus making you feel comfortable. The kind of pillow you will pick will be dependent on your sleeping position. If you are a back sleeper, a fluffier pillow will be better than when you sleep on your side or stomach. Check the pillow you intend to buy as they come labeled as to what sleeping position they are designed for.

Keep Your Ears, Shoulders, and Hips Aligned When You Sleep

Having your body aligned in your bed is one way of supporting your back and keeping back pain at bay.  In particular, make sure your shoulders and hips are aligned when you sleep. Indeed, there is no perfect sleeping position to support your back. However, with each sleeping position, there are specific pillows to support your back.

Do Back Sleepers Need a Pillow?

Yes. It is estimated that backs sleepers make only 10% of all sleepers, thus making it the most unpopular sleeping position. Granted, the main benefit of sleeping on your back is that you significantly align your spine. For people without snoring problems, it is the most recommended sleeping position for those experiencing neck pain and poor circulation.

Do Back Sleepers Need a Pillow

Because when you sleep on your back, you may sometimes dis-align your neck, you must have a pillow that sufficiently supports both your neck and head. However, a pillow with a higher loft is perfect for back sleepers. Therefore, make sure you have a firmer pillow if you are or intend to sleep on your back.

What is the Best Back Support Pillow?

The best back support pillows include:

What is the Best Back Support Pillow

Medium Memory Foam Pillows

The medium memory foam pillows are great for back support as they gently contour as per the curvature of your neck and head while providing excellent support and comfort to your back and spine alignment in particular. Even though memory foam pillows tend to sleep hotter, you can have the option of picking the pillow with pin core ventilation design to improve air circulation while keeping a perfect temperature.

Medium-Firm Latex Foam Pillows

If you are looking for a back support pillow that greatly contours with your body and delivers a cool sleep, the Medium-firm latex foam pillow could be the best option. The latex foam pillows come with similar contouring characteristics to the memory foam, but are naturally more breathable and react quickly to movement.

Customized Shredded Foam Pillows

Shredded foam pillows are also great for back support. They come over-stuffed and are easily adjusted by taking out some foam to make the pillow softer. What is best is that they are adaptable, thus becoming a popular choice for any sleeping position.

What Type of Pillow is Best for Back Sleepers? AllSett Health Bed Wedge Pillow

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The AllSett Health Bed Wedge Pillow comes with a foldable design technology that provides support to the head, back while setting a perfect wedge pillow. It comes in a standard-size that fits on any bed to provide extra comfort and support when sleeping or sitting in bed.

It features a 30o or 60o degree angle that supports a gradual or steep slope that enables your head to get enough pressure. If you have a back position sleeping preference, then this could be your ideal pillow.
The AllSett Health Bed Wedge Pillow is designed and made with the sleeper’s health in mind. Whether you are laying or sleeping, this wedge pillow will increase your blood flow, improve your breathing, reduce snoring and heartburn. Additionally, this pillow can effectively reduce knee pain, varicose veins, back pain, and edema.

This wedge pillow is designed with a zippered cover that is easy to remove. It is designed to be not only soft but also breathable with its polyester material. You can machine wash this pillow whenever it is needed. Traveling with this pillow is easy as it comes with a carry handle and it is foldable, thus compact for easy traveling.

So if you are looking for the best back support pillow, the AllSett Health Bed Wedge Pillow can be your best bet.

What Kind of Pillow is Best for Lower Back Pain? Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow

Are you experiencing frequent lower back pain when sleeping or sitting in bed? The Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow will provide you with excellent support and a more comfortable night’s sleep while helping to reduce your lower back pain. It features a wedge-like design making it perfect for reading in bed or watching television from the comfort of your floor.

If you are experiencing acid reflux, snoring, a problem with breathing, snoring, allergies, poor circulation, back and neck pains, or any condition related to an impaired supine position, this pillow could help you. The pillow’s design can help you with digestion by posturing your torso correctly to producing a favorable anti-reflux position. You can also use it to elevate your legs for improved circulation.

The Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow comes in a removable super soft stretch knit bamboo cover. The cover is zippered to allow easy removal for washing, refilling, or removing the shredded memory foam to adjust the shape and size of your pillow for ideal support and comfort.

If you have lower back pain, this wedge pillow from Brentwood Home is highly recommended.

Should Shoulders be on Pillow When Sleeping?

Should Shoulders be on Pillow When Sleeping

Many people prefer using a pillow whenever they sleep. However, what they cannot tell is whether they should rest their shoulders on the pillow or just the neck and head.  Regardless of your sleeping position, the best pillow should provide you with adequate support and comfort for the perfect night’s sleep.

The pillow should provide support for your head while keeping your neck and spine aligned. Any unwanted pressure on your neck will interfere with your airways if your chin tilts to your chest or cause your neck pain in case it bends unnaturally for an extended period.

The best position is when your shoulders lie at the start of your pillow while the neck and head fall to the middle of the pillow. At this position, your body gets the correct posture where your neck and spine to the lower back region are aligned. As such, you will experience a more relaxed, supported and comfortable experience for a night’s sleep.

Bear in mind that when sleeping on your back, the pillow should provide support to the natural curvature of your spine, with enough support under your head, neck, and shoulders. Besides, the height of the pillow ought to be lower compared to the side sleeping position. Additionally, placing a pillow under your knees will further alleviate any back while providing the gentlest position on your back.


Indeed, no one wants to suffer from back pain because of a lack of adequate support and comfort while sitting or sleeping in bed. You need to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the best back support pillow for your bed.

With our two recommendations above, you will benefit from their support when sitting or sleeping in your bed and experience maximum comfort. Moreover, the two pillows are super easy to maintain as they come with removable and washable covers. Give these pillows a try!

Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers

Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers

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Choosing the best pillow for combination sleepers will allow you to have a sound sleep while shifting from one position to another. But if you turn in bed often, it’s likely that you will strain on the quality of sleep and eventually end up waking up tired.

However, a pillow designed for a combination sleeper may help fix this problem. This pillow features a medium firmness that will conform to your irrespective of your sleeping position.

The best pillows for combined sleepers are helpful for individuals who experience bad posture and various body pains when asleep. With the many pillows for combination sleepers flooding the market, we aim to help you find the best pillow for combination sleepers. Without much ado, let’s first see what a combination sleeper is!

What is a Combination Sleeper?

Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers Review

A combination sleeper refers to any individual that often sleeps in more than one side, back and (or) stomach position in a single night. A good number of individuals are technically combination sleepers, even though they have a preference to sleep in one particular position.

Combination sleeping is no better or more correct than singular sleeping positions and the health benefits are generally dependent on the sleeper’s unique sleeping routine. Nonetheless, sleeping in multiple sleeping positions may enhance blood circulation while reducing the risk of limb numbness.

Combination Sleeping: What You Need to Know


The critical factor for combination sleeping is spinal alignment. Regardless of your sleeping position, the spine ought to align with the pelvis and shoulders. 

Misalignment of the spine can cause pressure points to develop around the hips, lower back, shoulders and neck. 

Keep in mind the following aspects about spinal alignment in the various sleeping positions:

Stomach sleeping is often not recommended due to its high risk of future pain and discomfort. When sleeping in the stomach position the concentration of weight tends to shift to the middle sections hence causing strain to the spine and the lower back regions. Moreover, most stomach sleepers tend to crane their heads either to the right or left risking neck aches.

Back sleeping encourages natural spinal orientation. Nonetheless, individuals with a larger stomach, including expectant women, may risk developing pain in the lower back and hip owing to uneven distribution of weight around their mid-section. Additionally, back sleeping is primarily associated with snoring and may aggravate acid reflux symptoms.

On the other hand, side sleeping is the most common sleeping position and is broadly used among individuals with back pain as well as pregnant women. The main reason this sleeping position is widely used is that your shoulders and hips lie on a supportive sleeping platform, thus aligning the spine to relieve pressure.

Individuals who snore or experience acid reflux symptoms can sleep better in this position since it provides better air circulation into breathing passages. On the other hand, side sleeping is said to accelerate the development of facial wrinkles. Moreover, side sleeping will require one to get more pillows between the knees and under the legs for sufficient comfort.

Finding the best pillow for combination sleeping that provides enough support and comfort can be difficult. Below we will look at the best pillow considerations for combination sleepers.

What is the Best Pillow for Back and Side Sleepers? Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

If you are a back and side combination sleeper and looking for the best pillow, the Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow could be your best deal. It is an innovative pillow that is designed and made from a medium-firm mix of memory foam and microfiber. These materials uniquely work to provide the best balance between comfort and support for a restful back or side sleeping experience.


The Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow is fully adjustable and allows you to be in control. The unique adjustable feature will enable you to access the memory foam fill so that you can either add or remove material to your best-suited size, shape and sleep position. With this kind of adjustment, you can sleep comfortably with your spine aligned.

This pillow comes with a luxury fabric case that is created from Lulltra fabric, which is a combination of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester for breathability. The material is soft, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant; thus, every day you sleep, you will wake up refreshed.

With more than 12,000 5-star reviews, the Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow has an excellent reputation. The quality of your sleep will entirely be improved, especially if you are a side or a back sleeper.  Ensure that you wash the outer case and fluff the pillow up in the dryer as instructed. Give yourself a week to get used to this pillow and we suspect you will never regret having this pillow.

What Kind of Pillows Do they Use in 5 Star Hotels?


T5-star hotels often do their best to provide travelers with the most comfortable living space, especially when it comes to sleeping. So what kind of pillows do they use in a 5-star hotel?

5-star hotels always want to make sure that their clients get the best night’s sleep without pain and aches. Therefore, they use pillows that come with contouring materials that provide comfort and support. They accommodate people with different sleeping positions with the best pillows for combination sleepers that have the following characteristics:

Very Comfortable

The 5-star hotels use very comfortable pillows that still provide the much-needed support to improve your sleep and wake up refreshed.

Heavy-duty and Durable

Hotels use pillows that last long as the order pillows that are made from high-quality materials.

Looks Superior

They get pillows that have a premium look that makes the hotel bedroom look even exquisite.

Have Warranty

5-star hotels use pillows that have a warranty to ensure that they have a replacement in case of anything.

Natural or Hypoallergenic Materials

5-star hotels use pillows that are often made from natural or hypoallergenic materials that prevent allergens and dust mites from causing allergies or disturb your sleep.

What is the Best Pillow on the Market? SORMAG Bed Pillow for Sleeping

With three dimensional designs for support, the SORMAG Bed Pillow for Sleeping makes the best pillow in the market for any sleep style, be it back, stomach or side. It is ergonomically contoured towards the body shape to provide general comfort, support and softness to ensure that the physiological curvature of the human neck is not deformed. Moreover, it keeps your head, shoulders and hips aligned with your spine for the best sleeping position.


The SORMAG Bed Pillows for Sleeping are filled with a delicate fiber filter and super plush gel that should help do away with backache and insomnia. 

This pillow supports machine washing, drying and even is reversible. With its concave appearance, you can sunbathe it regularly for 2 to 3 hours for a healthier use. It will save you more money and time. With over 1500 5-star reviews, the SORMAG Bed Pillow for Sleeping is no doubt one of the best quality pillows you can get in the market.


The Beckham Luxury Linens Gel-filled Fiber Pillow is designed and crafted with super plush gel fiber that stands out among the other standard pillows. These pillows are tailored to guarantee maximum comfort for all kinds of sleeping positions.

This pillow features a no-shift construction that provides a great platform to rest your head. It is stylish, comfortable and luxurious. You will fast fall asleep and stay asleep! With the superior softness, you will wake up refreshed from the super-soft and luxurious 100% sateen cotton case. The pillow case is of high-quality construction and silk-soft to the touch.

It comes with 100% gel filling that provide support custom-made to your comfort needs regardless of being a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper. The plush down-like fibers will offer the loft required to support the neck with cooling elements leaving you refreshed and re-energized from luxurious night’s sleep.

Do you suffer from allergies and asthma, among other respiratory infections and sensitive skin conditions? Don’t worry. This pillow is OKEO-Tex certified, meaning all the materials are used with your safety, health, support and comfort in mind. With over 10,000 5-star rating reviews, the Beckham Luxury Linens Gel-filled Fiber Pillow is undoubtedly one of the best choices for all kinds of sleepers.


Buying the best pillow for combination sleepers can be tricky because it requires you to think about which pillow will work for all your sleeping positions. If you usually toss and turn all night long, then perhaps you need the best combination pillow from the market regardless of your sleeping position. These pillows will effectively help you alleviate many of your discomforts so that you get a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.

As you head to the market, you might want to consider our favorite combination pillows we have reviewed above. All these pillows have significant 5-star review ratings, and a long history of happy customers. Best of luck in your search for the perfect pillow, and have a peaceful night’s sleep!

How to Clean a Tempurpedic Pillow

How to Clean a Tempurpedic Pillow

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Unlike traditional pillows, Tempurpedic pillows need extra care when cleaning them due to their delicate material called viscoelastic gel. Many people are not sure how to clean memory foam. Therefore it’s essential to understand how to clean a Tempurpedic pillow. But what are the best ways to make sure your Tempurpedic pillow stays clean and comfy all year round?

Please continue reading and you’ll find out.

How Do You Clean a Memory Foam Pillow

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Since memory foam is one of the most delicate materials used in making pillows, just one mistake in cleaning can cause significant damage to the foam. Although you can wash your Tempurpedic pillow, you need to be more gentle when washing them. Also, there are important reminders before you even put your pillow in the washing machine.

The following are the most common methods of cleaning Tempurpedic pillows:

  • If you want to clean spills, prepare some cleaning towels that you will use to remove unwanted discolorations. Press one towel against the liquid to absorb it. Repeat this step using several sheets until the spills are gone. Once the pillow is clean, place it outside where there's good circulation to dry it.
  • If you want to clean the pillow cover, check the instructions on the tag to wash it safely. When drying covers, it's better to use the traditional clothesline and sunshine. However, if the weather is terrible and the only way to dry your pillow cover is through the dryer, make sure to set it on low temperature.
  • If you want to remove stains, mix cold water and gentle detergent. Get a clean cloth and damp it on the mixture. Rub the damp cloth onto the stains slowly and gently. Avoid scrubbing too hard, or the material will get damaged. If you live in an area with desirable air circulation, air dries the cover.

These are easy steps to follow if you want to clean your Tempurpedic pillows at home. However, always make sure you don’t use warm water, strong detergents, and any vigorous cleaning to keep your pillows in good condition.

How Do You Get the Smell Out of a Tempurpedic Pillow


Pet urine, food spills, and other liquids can cause your pillows to have an unpleasant smell. You can use liquid enzymatic cleaning solution or vinegar to get rid of the odor. Just be very careful when using cleaners because the memory foam is not really designed for excessive moisture.

Follow these steps to get the smell out of your Tempurpedic pillow:

  • Mix 50% water and 50% vinegar, or use the enzymatic cleaner if you have the spray solution at home.
  • Spray your memory foam pillow gently. Leave it for 5 minutes so the pillow will absorb the solution.
  • Use a clean cloth or towel to dry the pillow by pressing it against the surface where the cleaner was sprayed.
  • Sprinkle baking soda (two tablespoons) on the pillow. Leave it overnight in your room or someplace where air circulation is good. If not, you can use an electric fan so that the pillow will dry completely.
  • Vacuum your pillow the next day to sip the baking soda. After that, put the pillow covers back on.

A sweet-smelling pillow helps improve sleep while feeling fresh and cozy throughout the night. It is the key to getting a restful night’s sleep, no matter the weather.

Is It Safe to Wash a Pillow in the Washing Machine

With memory foam pillows being delicate and easily crumble, it’s essential to know that you should never wash them using a washing machine. The straight answer is if you’re wondering if you can machine-wash a Tempurpedic pillow is a big no. It will only damage your Tempurpedic pillow and make you have to buy a new one.

Other important reminders you need to know are:

  • Never rub or scrub the pillow with force. Always treat it gently.
  • Don't use strong cleaners or industrial detergents as they can make the memory foam wrinkly and damaged.
  • Since Tempurpedic pillows are not meant for washing, excess water can break the foam.
  • You should now use warm or hot water when washing the pillow because the foam will break from the heat.

Follow these guidelines to make sure your memory foam pillow will last longer. Also, knowing how to keep your pillows clean and comfy is essential in getting a good night’s sleep.

Can You Put a Tempurpedic Pillow in the Dryer

Like washing your pillows in the washing machine a big no-no, it’s also not advisable to dry your Tempurpedic pillow in the dryer. Again, the material is so delicate that it will easily break into pieces if force is used to clean memory foam. Instead, dry your pillows after washing them in an open area where direct sunlight and good air circulation are present.

In case the only way to dry your pillow is through a dyer, you may use it. However, make sure to set the dryer in a cool setting so no heat will damage the foam. The absence of high temperatures is the safest way, such as a spin dryer.

How Do You Dry a Tempurpedic Pillow

The traditional clothesline and sunshine is still the best way to dry your memory foam pillows. However, if it’s not possible in your area, you can be creative in using other drying methods such as a fan or hairdryer. Just make sure you don’t use extreme heat or strong fan to dry your pillow as they will only leave your delicate memory foam damaged and unusable.


It’s not so hard to keep Tempurpedic pillows clean and dry as long as you follow the simple steps provided in this guide. It’s easy to maintain fresh and comfortable pillows when you understand how to clean them and when to wash them. So, are you cleaning your pillows regularly? How do you wash your memory foam pillows so that they don’t get damaged?