Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 25 Presents that says ‘Thanks Mom!’

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

You know what would be the ultimate gift for any mom?

More S-L-E-E-P!!

Since you can’t really buy sleep, the next best thing is to gift mommy dearest with things that can help her snooze better.

Do you have your gift for your momma ready?

If not, don’t worry. We got your back with this top Mother’s Day gifts guide that would go into every room in the house.

What better way to say ‘I appreciate you and all you do for me!’

The Kitchen

Let’s start in one of the busiest rooms. With all the sweating and slaving away mom does inside the kitchen, it would be nice if she got something relaxing for a change.

Organic Dried Lavender Flowers

Organic Lavender Flowers | mother's day gifts in 2019

Feel Good Organic Lavender Flowers

These can be used for baking, making drinks, and added to all sorts of recipes. The kitchen will smell like a field of lavender every time she cooks. Now that’s relaxing.

Fruity Herbal Tea

best Herbal Tea for mommies

Stash Fruity Herbal Tea

Everyone knows a hot cup of herbal tea helps relieve stress and improve sleep. After all that cooking and cleaning, let mom wind down with these flavorful teas.

Mom Mug

Coffee Tea Mug Cup for moms

Mom Porcelain Blue Mug

Wouldn’t it be nice to drink that bedtime tea in a mug that reminds her how much her kids love her? Add this mom mug to your cart for hot drinks that also warm the heart.

Melatonin Gummies

melatonin blackberry for mommies

Vitafusion Melatonin Blackberry

Melatonin is known to help with better sleep. Get these blackberry flavored supplements to support mom’s quest for some proper shuteye.

Roasted Almonds

Oven Roasted Cocoa Dusted Almonds for mother's day

Blue Diamond Cocoa Dusted Almonds

Is mom always raiding the pantry for a midnight snack? Almonds are packed with nutrients that help with better sleep. Leave these dark chocolate ones in the pantry for her to find.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot gift for mom

Instant Pot DUO Plus

Anything that helps mom do less will give her more time to sleep. An instant pot will do just that. In fact, why don’t you volunteer to use this to cook dinner while she relaxes on Mother’s Day?

The Living Room

Whether she’s entertaining guests, or just watching TV, these Mother’s Day gifts will surely help mom unwind in the living room.

You even earn brownie points for finding cute items to compliment the décor!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

This compact diffuser will fill the living room with soothing aromatherapy throughout the day. The fact that it can help prevent colds and flu just helps mom sleep even better.

Movie DVD

Stepmom Movie date with mom

Stepmom DVD

A good way to relax is to watch a heartwarming movie on Mother’s Day. Let mom settle down on the couch with this Julia Roberts tearjerker before going to bed.

Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book

Is TV not her thing? Put this on the coffee table for her to fill in whenever she finds time to relax on the couch.

Appliance Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Lights and Household Appliances

Etekcity Wireless Remote Control

Just as mom is ready to settle down, a thought suddenly pops into her head. Did she turn this or that appliance off? How about the lights?

Put her thoughts to rest with this remote control that works for lights and appliances.

The Bathroom

Who wouldn’t want a relaxing hot bath after a long day? Give mom the spa treatment she deserves with these bathroom finds.

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs Gift Set

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs

Luxurious and therapeutic, these handcrafted bath bombs are perfect for mom’s hour-long bath right before bedtime.

Facial Mask

Facial Mask

PerfeCore Facial Mask

You know what would make mom’s bedtime bath even more relaxing? A soothing facial mask to use as she soaks in the tub!

Scented Candles

Scented Candles | Natural Fragrance Candles for Stress Relief and Aromatherapy

Ahyiyou Scented Candles

Complete mom’s relaxing spa experience with these adorable scented candles in colorful tin cans. If these don’t put her to sleep right after taking a bath, nothing will!

Overnight Cream

Overnight Cream

Bioelements Sleepwear Night Cream

You know what else will help mom sleep better? A beauty routine that works while she sleeps!

This overnight cream promises softer, energized skin when she wakes up the next morning.

On the Road

She’s going to have to leave the house at some point, right? Moms on the move would appreciate these thoughtful gifts.

Neck Pillow

Memory Foam Neck Pillow Airplane Travel Kit

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Traveling isn’t as fun when you can’t get any sleep on the plane. Grab this memory foam neck pillow for your jet-setting mom!

Mom Journal

Mom's One Line a Day A Five-Year Memory Book

Mom’s One Line a Day Journal

What keeps mom up at night? Thoughts about her kids, of course. This one line a day journal will help her clear her mind even when she’s always on the go.

Running Shoes

Nike Women’s Flex 2017 Rn Trainers

Nike Women’s Flex

Studies suggest that exercise helps improves sleep. Make sure you hand mom this bestselling pair of running shoes before she heads for the gym.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker HR, Activity Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

Apirka Fitness Tracker HR

Whether she’s running errands, exercising, or doing chores, this fitness bracelet will help her keep track of her health. It even has a built-in monitor for the quality of her sleep!

The Bedroom

Ahh the final stop. If all else fails, these bedroom gift items will surely help any mom get some proper sleep.

Yoga Eye Pillow

Lavender Eye Pillow - Yoga Eye Pillow Lavender

Lavender Yoga Eye Pillow

Bedtime blindfolds block out all light, helping tired moms fall asleep faster. These eye pillows throw in some lavender aromatherapy in the mix for a sure knockout!

White Noise Machine

Machine for Sleeping, Aurola Sleep Sound Machine with Non-Looping Soothing Sounds

White Noise Machine

Sometimes, it’s just too quiet to fall asleep, especially when there’s an empty nest. This portable white noise machine will play soothing sounds to lull restless moms to sleep.

Alarm Clock

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock wit voice command

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Part of establishing a good sleeping pattern is waking up on time. This programmable wooden alarm clock will look chic on mom’s side table as she gets up every morning.

Book Light

Book Light for Reading in Bed, LED Reading Light for Books and Kindles

Energizer Clip-On Book Light

Reading a good book can help mom relax and fall asleep. We’re sure she already has her favorites, so just get her this clip-on light to help her read in bed.

Bedroom Slippers

Women Winter Plush Bedroom Slippers Warm Indoor Comfortable Anti-Slip Floor House Slippers

Plush Bedroom Slippers

The key to getting better sleep is creating the ideal environment. Start with her toes by keeping them snuggled in these soft bedroom slippers.

Cotton Pajamas

Pajamas Set Long Sleeve Sleepwear Womens Button Down Nightwear

Ekouaer Pajamas Set

Nothing beats a classic when it comes to comfort sleepwear. Get this old-school cotton pajamas set to help mom settle into bed.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp Hand Carved Natural Crystal Salt | best mother's day gifts 2019

Venhoo Himalayan Salt Lamp

Night lights are great for setting the mood for a good night’s sleep. Add some Himalayan salt that clean the air with negative ions and mom will be out like a light.

And that’s a wrap!

What did you think of these presents for mom?

Share with us your favorite one. Or maybe you have an awesome gift that should be included in this guide?

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