Mattress Rating Scale Explained

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Ok, so here’s how it works!

Only 10 relevant factors were chosen to be ranked on. These 10 are broken up into 2 categories: Product (6) and Company (4).

Each factor is scored out of 100, where the higher the number the more positive the rating. A final overall score out of 100 will be assigned – this is calculated by taking the average of all 10 ratings. All ratings are in percentage (%), and half marks (0.5%) will be given.

Now, let me explain the ratings and what they mean.



Does the mattress support the body enough? No matter which position you sleep in? Does it provide the pressure point relief throughout the night that we all crave for?


For comparison sake: 10% = Marshmallow, 50% = Gummy Bear, 100% = Jawbreaker. This one may be a bit subjective as it’ll depend on…me!

Body Temperature Regulation

Will you sleep cool? Even during the hottest nights in the summer?

Isolated Motion Transfer

Will my [insert co-sleeper here] wake me up in the middle of the night with their movements?

Sustainable Material

Is the material used to make the mattress safe and certified by industry authorities? Is it natural or organic?

Variety of Options

Do you get a choice in firmness, size and material composition?


Return Policy & Warranty

How long is the sleep trial for? How easy is it to return? How long is the warranty? Is it complicated to claim warranty?

Customer Service

Do they offer white glove delivery? How many channels of communication do they offer? How fast they get back to you? How comprehensive is their answer?


Are their products only available in America? Is free shipping for the Alaska & Hawaii too? Is it available to places outside of the country? Are you able to access it physically before purchase?

Charitable Efforts

Do they donate returned mattresses? Do their employees get involved and volunteer in local communities? How else do they exercise their charitable efforts?

Bonus Points

For anything out of the ordinary, they can acquire one extra point. I’ll reserve this for special considerations only, and will let you know why!

Overall Score & Meaning

10-49% = Hmm, might not be worth your time or money!

50-59% = A decent bed that you can consider

60-69% = Solid – should meet all your needs

70-79% = What an awesome product

80-89% = Almost perfect – you can’t go wrong with this one

90-100% = Buy it NOW – you won’t regret it!

Now that we have our metrics locked in, let’s go rate some mattresses!

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